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Conservative News and Views values your privacy and has no wish to invade it. This page lists a few things that we thought you ought to know, and have a right to know.

E-mail alerts and messages

We will never “spam” you. We send e-mail only to subscribers. You may subscribe by using the public subscription form, which you will find in the middle bar. The newsletter is a product of the MailChimp e-mail campaign service. All subscribers receive one e-mail at 4:00 a.m. Eastern Time containing headlines, links, and excerpts for all articles published in the twenty-four hours before then. Any subscriber may unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time; the footer of each newsletter issue contains the opt-out link and instructions.

Registration, chiefly for contributing or for commenting, is by invitation only. Under no circumstances will CNAV register anyone as a user who does not wish to contribute articles or commentary. This kind of registration does not automatically subscribe you to the newsletter. You must opt into that separately and apart from user registration.


We carry advertising through these networks:

  • Infolinks
  • Google AdSense
  • Google Affiliate Network

We will never serve an ad to you that is Not Safe For Work. If you see any such ad, please notify us at once, and we’ll block it. We also will block any ad that causes technical problems for most users. If you ever see an ad that causes a crash or any other technical headache, tell us. We will look into it, and if we find that it creates a problem, we’ll ask the advertiser for better code.

These networks place small text files, called “cookies,” on your computer to serve ads to you based on your previous visits to our site. The Amazon Product Cloud is a cookie-based widget; its content follows your interest. In addition, we will place ads on each post for products from Amazon that we believe relate to what the post is talking about. Google AdSense and the Google Affiliate Network use the DoubleClick DART cookie to track the ad preferences of all visitors to our site and to other sites that publish ads from these services.

As a publisher, we do not collect information from any of these cookies. In addition, the vendors and advertising networks we use pledge never to collect personally identifiable information (the kind that would give them your phone number or any tax or credit-card or bank-account identifiers) through cookies. If they want information of that kind from you, they have to ask for it from you.

You may opt out of cookie placement at any time:

For a giant economy-sized opt-out, use this page by the Network Advertising Initiative.

To opt specifically out of Google cookies, follow this link.

To read the specific end-user privacy policies of our networks, follow any of these links:

  • Google (AdSense and Google Affiliate Network). In addition, Google offers this excellent End-user Ad Preferences Manager that lets you decide what sorts of ads you want to see. (We reserve the right to make sure that you never see certain types of ads that we consider Not Safe for Work or otherwise less than proper.)
  • Infolinks

Featured image: an illustration of an end-user’s concern about his privacy while browsing. Credit: user o5com/Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0 Generic

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