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Mark Falzon, Tea Party Democrat

The Republican Party did not develop the Tea Party, and now seems bent on destroying it. Just look in New Jersey.

The Tea Party and its enemies

2010-2011 has been witness to many developments in this nations’ struggle to maintain her freedom against the unconstitutional forces and policies of Barack Obama. The Tea Party Movement, Conservative groups and the so-called “alternate media” such as talk radio, Beck, etc have been struggling to turn back the tide of government largesse and anti-constitutional conditions. As one would expect, the DNC, the mainstream media, the EPA, Soros and his bankrolled legions, the Justice Department, the Journo-list, and a host of corporate cronies are the brigades in Obama’s confrontation with the Tea Party Movement.

Well, a new brigade has been added to the Obama forces these past 2 months, it is the NJ GOP.

Who are the culprits?

The same NJ GOP who wants us to believe they hold conservative principles dear to them has unleashed a nasty, deceptive campaign to thwart the New Jersey Tea Party Movement. Two main figures have emerged as the face to freedom and liberty’s fifth column brigade, Messrs Rob Eichmann and Bill Winkler. These gents have been part of the NJ GOP for decades. When not seeking or holding GOP offices, or holding appointed NJ government positions they have worked and continue to work behind the scenes for dozens of NJ GOP state legislators over the years either in their election campaigns or assisting and being part of NJ GOP elected Senate and Assembly staffs’.

When did this anti-Tea Party campaign begin?

Mark A. Falzon poses with Dr. Alveda King. Photo: Mark A. Falzon

Mark A. Falzon poses with Dr. Alveda King. Photo: Mark A. Falzon

This nefarious campaign went into high gear April, 2011. A group of Tea Party Citizen activists conducted a Tea Party/Citizens convention 4/16, . One of our original premises for the event was no elected politicians and office holders be given either publicity or an opportunity to speak to the gathering. Like you, we have heard it all before. Messrs Eichmann and Winkler quietly petitioned this group to allow a sitting GOP state senator, a conservative, to speak to the gathering. After openly discussing the request, it was decided by our group to politely decline the offer and to stay with our initial premise.

The NJ GOP under the stewardship of Rob Eichmann and Bill Winkler then went into attack mode. Turning the old axiom “If you can’t beat them, join them” and the opposition to Obama’s policies upside down , they follow a policy of “If you can’t join them, beat them”. Using the blog daily columns began appearing smearing the 4/16 convention. The Tea Party Movement on a whole and citizen activists involved with organizing/running the convention were publicly named and insulted. Specific Tea Party groups, various Tea Party leader activists and a former NJ legislator assisting our Movement all were tarred and feathered in an almost daily barrage of propaganda and spin.


Under the pseudo banner of furthering the New Jersey Conservative cause, Eichmann and Winkler were a tag team combo taking turns producing their salacious articles. The New Jersey Tea Party Movement was and is now under attack, not by SEIU or the DNC but by NJ GOP operatives. Hit piece articles are still coming. When sitting NJ legislators were politely and quietly approached for assistance in muzzling the initiators of this nasty campaign, they refused. The legislators either feigned ignorance or tried to conceal their connections to Eichmann and Winkler. Several so called GOP conservative sitting legislators continue relationships with this sad sack duo to this day.

A challenge to a debate

I have issued an open challenge (reiterated June 10) to debate the New Jersey Tea Party Movement and the so called concerns of these conservatives related to it. They ignore my numerous requests. I assume it is much safer to sit back and generate public hit pieces rather than openly debate concerns and supposed differences in a public venue.

Theoretically, the weak, those with a hidden agenda or the dishonest certainly do not want public debate with those confronting them.

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The above admonitions, statements and claims are publicly documented on the conservative blog, in the public record and in widely circulated e-mails. The million dollar question is why? Why would New Jersey Conservatives and the GOP, who hold legislative minorities in both statehouses viciously turn on a genuine, citizens activist movement under the Tea Party banner? Both factions have alarmingly similar goals and aspirations. Both see the Obama administration and by extension, the Democratic party line being adhered to in New Jersey, as opponents of liberty and freedom. Yet, the campaign against the Tea Party Movement in New Jersey by GOP henchmen continues unabated. Let it be known here today, the Tea Party Movement will not cower to leftist radicals in the federal branch, in congress, in our state legislature and certainly will not be deterred by so called GOP allies.


FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a Tea Party Democrat and the elected Vice President of one of the older NJ Tea Party groups. I am also the State Of New Jersey Coordinator for one of the largest National Tea Party Groups. Unlike our GOP critics I try to keep my eye on the ball, I realize whom the enemies of liberty and freedom are, the current Democratic Party Apparatchik. Our approach is twofold: Assault the radical leftist on their home ground and not grant safe haven to them anywhere, not even in the Democratic party and second, rally the largest ignored and overlooked voting block in this country, moderate/conservative Democrats. The Establishment’s future is gloomy for it is not just the GOP, but now the Democrats will have to start dealing with Tea Party factions in their own ranks.

(first of a series)

Featured image: Mark A. Falzon. Photo: self.

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Paul Durrant

It looks like the GOP has realised what everybody else realised some time ago: that the Tea Party movement consists largely of old white racists with not much understanding of how the world works. Taxes aren’t high, they’re lower than they have been in 50 or 60 years. The teabagger movement was interesting for a while, but since it’s now clear that it is nothing but a Koch-funded vehicle for helping the ultra rich, most people are losing interest. Give it up, wingnuts!

Terry A. Hurlbut

Not true, either of the Tea Party or the GOP. Thew GOP is under the control of its establishment. The Democrats have no establishment anymore, and haven’t had since McGovern.

Paul Durrant

Wrong. If the GOP were still under the control of people who know what they’re doing, they’d have control of the Senate. When wingnuts like Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell got picked last year instead of more moderate candidates like Sue Lowden and Mike Castle, it guaranteed that the Senate would stay Democratic. You almost lost another seat in Alaska too.

So thanks teabaggers! You’re a great laugh, and you’re doing wonderful things for the Democrats. Keep it up.


Right off you reveal yourself as an individual unable to debate specifics because you are all over the map on remarks about who lost connected with the tea party ideals but fail to realize how many won in November of 2010.

Calling people names by using the derogatory term, teabaggers which we all know is a sex act additional confirms your lack of character – it is requested you stop or I request that the moderator remove your posts with such degrading name-calling.

I would appreciate reading your evidence of ALL tea party people being white racists. Racists unfortunately exist so I don’t understand why you think it is the tea party you cite but forget about the KKK democrate, Byrd….or did that slip your mind?

In 1944, Byrd wrote to segregationist Mississippi Senator Theodore G. Bilbo: “I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side … Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds. — Robert C. Byrd, in a letter to Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D-MS), 1944


Paul’s comment about taxes remains unanswered. The Tea party name was based on the acronym for Taxed Enough Already, yet tax rates are at their lowest point in decades, and including the Reagan years.

The vast majority of Americans paid less in taxes under the first full year of the Obama administration than they did under the last full year of the Bush administration.

The Bush administration turned a surplus into tremendous deficits over eight years, yet no widespread opposition to that formed during the near-decade period. It only came up after the GOP was out of the White House, with the instigation of Fox news, conservative talk radio, and seed money from astroturfing driving the movement.

I don’t buy into the Tea-party-is-racist meme, but they are certainly hypocrites.

Mark Falzon

Sir, you are really missing the boat on the Tea Party Movement. Yes, some say Taxed enough already but it is encroachment by the the 3 branches of government onto the citizens’ constitutional, God given rights that has the overwhelming majority of Tea Party members out in force and altering the political landscape.
Further, the deficits of the Bush administration are miniscule (465B-excluding TARP)compared to what BHO and his formerly complicit congress racked up. Why do you think a Dem WH and a Dem congress purposely did not pass budgets? They were hiding something and that is deficits surpassing 1 trillion. When you hear the leftist media or lefist gov’t radicals using a figure over 1 trillion for Bush they are lying. TARP 1 was repaid but since this administration keeps rolling it over they can bellow about Bush excessive deficits. They don’t want it properly recorded to bring the Bush deficit back down to under 500 billion.
As far as your comment about the Tea Prty being racist, that is shallow deceit which could not be further from the truth.
The only hypocrites I see are radical leftist gov’t employee’s with a sprinkle of RINO’s here and there. The Tea Party says what they mean and mean what they say.


You may want to re-read my post, because I was stating that I do NOT buy into the Tea-party-members-are-all-racists stereotype.

There are a lot of things these groups stand for that I agree with, and I was expressing two specific criticisms; that the taxed-enough complaints were not based in fact, and that these people were strangely quiet during the years where Bush and a GOP-driven Congress turned a surplus into a deficit with no vetoes or spending restraint. Where was the outrage then?

Fat Lester

During last November’s elections we had an incident in which a single guy registered an LLC called the Louisiana Tea Party Association for the sake of endorsing a single candidate and making it appear as though he had the unanimous backing of the Tea Party statewide. The candidate won (and rightfully so), but no thanks to his buddy’s underhanded attempt to deceive people.

The sad part is the candidate was a legit, strong candidate who would have and should have won anyway without the water having to be muddied.

Fat Lester

Sorry, my comment accidentally submitted itself before I was ready to submit it.

Anyway, the worst part about the whole situation is that the statewide Republican Party Chairman was one of two people endorsed by the phony Tea Party organization. He was running for Lieutenant Governor at the time, and is reportedly close acquaintances with the gentleman whose name was on the filings.


I am a Democrat. I joined the tea party patriots in 2010.
I am educated, live in California and have a voting history of a straight Democratic ticket and used to be a NOW advocate. I voted a straight Democratic ticket until Clinton had an affair with an intern while president, lied in a court of law and few if any prominent Democrats voiced concern. Since, I vote for the politician I think is the most honest. I believe in following the law and making changes legally. I believe in paying off my bills and not manipulating the system at the expense of other citizen taxpayers. I expect those we elect to treat every cent of taxpayer money with care, balance our budget, and honor the constitution of the United States of America. I am an American first and realize the only way to get our country back on track is to vote in people who exhibit in action that he or she honors the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Democratic Senate has not voted for a budget in 3 years? None of us should have to accept this type of party serving and not country serving behavior.


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