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In answer to my critics



Nick Purpura, lead plaintiff against the health care reform bill

Saul Alinksy may be gone but his tactics live on. The intolerance of those on the left who preach tolerance is truly astounding. As they seek to change our laws and government, they bombastically attack those who seek to preserve our government. The latest attacks against me bear witness to this phenomena of hypocrisy. I seldom reply to negative comments by those who neither understand nor care about the laws and the system that I have spent years trying to recapture. However, in this instance I must speak up.

Judicial abuse? Really?

While leftists never tire of challenging the first principles of this nation in court, they falsely claim that for decades I have abused our judicial system. In truth, it is the judicial system that has abused not only me but the trust of the America people. It is not abusive to fight for this country; it is noble and patriotic.

That being said, I will put forth a challenge to any and all to disprove whether any of my actions were instituted without merit, or that my motives were not non-partisan.

Terry Hurlbut, the administrator of CNAV, received the following comment:

 Terry – Don’t you think your readers deserve to know about Mr. Purpura’s decades-long pattern of abusing this great nation’s judicial system? It certainly seems like it could be helpful information for anyone who is trying to gauge the credibility of Mr. Purpura’s latest foray into the legal realm. All together, approximately how many of the citizens’ tax dollars do you think the various different courts have been forced to spend in order to adjudicate Mr. Purpura’s many frivolous motions, complaints, and petitions? We The People deserve all the information!

I could not agree with this gentleman more, those that that don’t know me should be told what motivates my actions.


At the side entrance of the Grammar school, I attend over sixty-years ago are the words:

Where law ends, tyranny begins.

I grew up in a one bedroom home with Mom, Dad, and three brothers. My Mother would always say:

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

My father, instilled in me a work ethic, work hard, keep your nose clean [which didn’t always happen] and you can accomplish anything in this great country.

Well guess what? The poor kid from Brooklyn, who began work at thirteen, attained the position of General Partner and Managing Director of one of the world’s largest financial institutions, Bear Stearns and Co. You bet we are an exceptional country! Only in the United States was this possible. I used the past tense because I truly believe this is no longer possible under the current environment. And no, it’s not only Mr. Obama’s fault. Both parties are guilty of betraying their country and subverting our system of government.

In 1982, I uncovered corruption in the State of New York in Richmond County to the tune of approximately ½ billion dollars. The political leadership decided to punish and silence me. Because I had become a millionaire, they found it hard to shut me up. So they used my divorce proceedings as a weapon to bankrupt me by putting aside a legal separation agreement. Judge-switching, refusing to hold hearings, ignoring proof, and falsely claiming on three separate occasions that I was given a hearing. This tactic continued over a twenty-year period and ended up costing me over a million dollars in each instance and the loss of my homes and assets, and every dollar I earned.


This might be be hard for many to understand, other than to say,

It would be harder for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of the needle.

Instead of rolling up in a ball and playing dead, I made a promise to God that I would do all I could to uncover truth and protect those that might be subject to the same abuses I’ve endured.

Health care reform bill challenge

James A. Byrne Federal Courthouse, Philadelphia, PA, home of the Third Circuit, one step below the Supreme Court

The James A. Byrne Federal Courthouse, Philadelphia, PA, home of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. More than one health care reform bill case is on appeal here. Photo: US Department of Justice

As to my challenge of the Health Care Reform Bill, I will be short. That bill blatantly violates 19 parts of the United States Constitution and 4 statutory laws. (You can read it all in CNAV.) The Affordable Healthcare Act has nothing whatsoever to do with healthcare and everything to do with creating a socialist state. It will result in total control of the American people.

If you believe I am wrong or know of others who believe I am wrong, I will publicly debate any panel of jurist, law professors, and/or attorneys in a venue where a fee will be charged and all the proceeds will go to the charity of the winner’s choice.

I have put forth this challenge for over two years. I have yet to have any takers. The reason is simple. I repeatedly proved our constitutional rights are being abused.

Also, please feel free to make any comment you like on the Obama judges that adjudicated our Healthcare Petition.


Now you know my reasoning. So, before you attack me or my motives, I ask you to look at your children and ask yourself this:

Is it possible that Mr. Purpura is fighting for them?

Unlike the left that uses violence, smears, and ridicule against their opponents and their repeated defiance of rule of law, I will pursue the peaceful course of action to protect all our rights. While others hurl insults, I prefer to say: See you in court.

Again, I leave you with this last word, the challenge is open. Any takers?

Editor’s Note:

I, Terry A. Hurlbut, received the comment that a certain user, who shall remain nameless unless he dares comment, sent to the site. Here is the reply of the administration of Conservative News and Views:

Don’t talk to me about “We the People,” nor presume to include yourself in that body. Not so long as you support a communist who does not even qualify to be President.

Your comments regarding Mr. Purpura are libelous, and I will not publish them. I know more about Mr. Purpura’s prior legal matters than you could begin to guess. I will not violate his confidence, nor breach his privacy, for your benefit. Let it suffice that your complaint about his “wasting taxpayers’ money” (about which you now show an unwonted concern) are utterly without foundation or merit.


Comments like yours are the reason that I moderate all comments. You are within an ace of my revoking and blocking your user registration.

As Editor- and Administrator-in-Chief, I will say something that I hope I need say only once: the only reason that the above screed got any play on this site is that the target asked my leave to reply directly. I granted that leave. In future, any user who dares try to leave such an insulting, unfounded, and borderline-slanderous screed in my comment space may consider himself blocked.

On the other hand, anyone may use this comment space to accept Mr. Purpura’s challenge, so long as such user stays within the bounds of civil discourse.

Or in plain, non-Greco-Latinate English: Put up, or shut up.

To which I will add one more thing: Choose ye this day, whom ye shall serve.


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Nick…my heart goes out to you. I know you don’t need or want to hear that…but it must be said. There are so few good men left…men who have seen and understand what America is, was, should be. Men…and women willing to fight for what was…and must, for the sake of their children and the future of our great country, must fight back. Silly, senseless, hurtful words will never stop us. And the pity goes out to those who were short changed in their family life, in their education and poisoned by lies of the left. It’s sad to think that anyone would criticize someone for approaching their grievances through the judicial system. And try to turn it into something underhanded. It tells you how little faith they have in anything. I have asked many a people to hold their tongue and read and study the constitution before they attempt to argue or debate it. It is obvious that the person who criticized you…has never taken the time to do exactly that. To not know your rights…is to not have them at all. You keep on your path…as I know you will. We will always be right beside you with support and faith that one day, things will change. Hopefully sooner…rather than later. God Bless.


I’m curious. Given how Terry is so upset at people questioning Purpura, who – let’s face it – does seem to spend a lot of time losing court cases, how do you feel about fellow birther Orly Taitz calling for the state officials who ruled against her to be “hanged for treason?”

Is that a sentiment you agree with? Or should she be arrested for threatening a public official?


Is it not treason to refuse to uphold your sworn oath? Is the judicial system not to be held to a standard? Does she not have an expectation to a constitutional influenced decision from the court? You obviously are looking to mince words and hopefully twist this into something it is not. We all have our responsibilities… and must work towards a restored, limited government. And representatives that abide by written law….not re-write it. If you can’t see that….God have mercy on you. Those who fight for truth, justice and upholding the written law will prevail. Those who continue to push us down the path of self-appointed law, mob rule and totalitarianism will one day regret their un-willingness to self educate and study what the basic principles and core values our country was founded on and have been very successful at abiding by for hundreds of years. This too shall pass and Patriots like Nick will prevail. My favorite quote from GW Bush, at a time when we needed great leadership…and probably his shining moment in office: We Will Not Tire, We Will Not Falter, We Will Not Fail….September 20, 2001. OUR mission is mostly based on that exact premise. Keep throwing the rhetoric….we’ll keep marching forward!!


Except that the birthers’ attitude is “Wah! They didn’t agree with me! They must be wrong! Wah!”

It’s called reality. Maybe one day the birthers will face it.

Although, I’m wondering in which reality are people in the US still hanged for treason? Still, I’m sure her comments will come back to haunt Taitz in her Senate run.


Terry (and Nick), although it wasn’t me who made the submission you quote, it’s difficult to see how you can call it libel. Quoting the ruling of a court can never be libel – it’s covered under qualified privilege. Drawing inferences from a judgement can indeed be libel, but the fact is that a court has called Mr Purpura’s actions “frivolous”; indeed, “frivolous and abusive” and “abusive and vexatious”.

Try looking at Purpurs v. Bushkin, Gaimes, Gains et al, and at Purpura v Sebelius and the word jumps out. The former case is notable, given the appearance of what Mr Purpura deems to be a conspiracy of almost the entire New York judicial system against him.

The same behaviour demonstrated in these earlier cases is being shown again. There’s nothing wrong with pointing this out.

Terry A. Hurlbut

What do you think Nick Purpura is alleging? A conspiracy of the entire New York State judicial system is exactly what happened to him.


I’m going to take the fact that you didn’t address the main thrust of my post as acceptance of the fact that describing Nick Purpura as having as history of frivolous claims is not libelous. That’s good.

Let’s move on to your reply. I have previously criticised you for posts that veer dangerously close to paranoia. In this case, you’ve sailed well over the boundary. The simple fact is that no Birther case in any state has got beyond the laugh test. Please, please can you outline the mechanism by which elected judges, Republican- and Democratic-appointed judges and everyone else can be converted to my cause?

The fact is that Nick Purpura is… wrong. There’s no other way to put it.

Terry A. Hurlbut

One word on conversion mechanisms: Blackmail.


And you wonder why I call you paranoid. The idea that every judge in every court in every state that has ruled on this has been blackmailed, and that none of them have gone public to the smallest degree is utterly ludicrous.

Terry A. Hurlbut

That diagnosis is untenable so long as the ideas have any probability of truth. Sheriff Joseph Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ, has show a definite probability of truth of the things that those courts have assiduously ignored.

And one who benefits from the scam, if scam there be, has no business making such a diagnosis, on account of the obvious conflict of interest.


Wow… isn’t accusing people of blackmail a bit libelous?

Let’s not forget that the entire Georgian and Californian and every other state that’s throw out these sad cases judiciaries must be in on the same conspiracy. Not to mention the doctors in a Hawaiian hospital back in 1961, and the members of the HLR in 1981, including the conservatives, who voted for Obama, over Goldberg, realising their own candidate had no chance of winning (which also explains Schlafly’s hatred of Obama… see, journalistic research can be fun!)

It’s all one big conspiracy theory stretching back 50 years, to replace one shape-shifting lizard, with another. Of course, the previous lizard was Cheyney, GWB is just a hand puppet.

Terry A. Hurlbut

Not the doctors in any hospital. The evidence that Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s team has developed (and in some cases, confirmed after someone else brought it up), is far more consistent with a few people in the Department of Health photocopying or scanning someone else’s birth certificate and then sending that in to whatever cabal at the White House who finished ginning up that document. Same with the draft card. The forgeries are just too crude to assume that anyone was planning anything that far back.

They mocked up those forgeries in the last three years, or maybe only last year. They also sanitized the landing records for August 2-7 inclusive, 1961.

So it wasn’t too difficult. As to the rest, they followed Joseph Goebbel’s advice about telling Big Lies.


2 words: Prove it. 3 more: Beyond reasonable doubt. Otherwise, I’ll just file your paranoid rantings away behind “grassy knoll.”

Even Sheriff Joe doesn’t have proof. He’s saying a lot of “if’s” “but’s” and “maybe’s”… and he hasn’t even seen the original certificate. All his team have worked with, is a copy they downloaded off the net. Still, anything to detract attention away from his corruption, cronyism and ignoring sex crimes against children…

Very thorough, very professional. These sound like guys I’d want handling my investigation.

You also skipped the bit about the entire country’s judiciary being in on the deal. What was offered to them? They can’t all become AG. Oh! Oh! I know! They’ve been replaced by exact replicas, grown in pods that only do Obama’s bidding!

Terry A. Hurlbut

Obama could settle everything by having the Department of Health supply a true copy that wasn’t full of spelling mistakes, pixelation, and all the other flaws with that document. (And by the way: the safety-paper texture was a rather silly touch. Most Bureaus of Vital Statistics print birth certificate true copies in white text on a black background.)

As to what is offered? We’re not talking about bribery here. We’re talking extortion.


Amazing… they go to all this effort to steal the Presidency… and they can’t even forge a certificate properly. Do you even read the stuff you write?

They’re extorting the entire judiciary (by the way, you do realise that by saying extortion you’re implying that Obama is demanding money from the judiciary, in return for them covering up his birth certificate, right? Sweet deal!), they’ve controlled everything since the HLR election, they got ACORN to rig the ballot… and they can’t even forge a little piece of paper properly.

And you wonder why you get laughed out of court.

Terry A. Hurlbut

Well, as Mario Apuzzo said, you can’t exactly put out a Help Wanted ad for an experienced forger. Especially if you’re the White House.


Nobody got laughed out of court. The courts are corrupt…as are every of aspect of our government. Straight up corrupt and intimidated. Not to mention most judges are leftists….placed by leftists…much like the media, the Dems and quite a few Repubs. If you don’t see that….coming from both sides…you simply have got to be blind. Forget the birth certificate if you can’t grasp it. Mr “O’s” father was NOT born is the United States of America. Plain and simple: He is not qualified to have run for president….let alone win an election and fill the position. Oops! Forgot that little fact about the so called “president”, now did you? You’ll go on & on…about how crazy we are…and what nutjobs the conservatives are. But I say…start opening a few books….and reading about your “president”. By all means don’t take my word…or anyone else’s….just open your mind…and open a book. Try to do that before you’re dragged off to some FEMA camp…begging for cold soup. That is of course…if you can deal with the truth.

Nathan Bickel

JT: Re: Your April 14, 2012 at 8:08 am comment:

You say:

……..2 words: Prove it. 3 more: Beyond reasonable doubt. Otherwise, I’ll just file your paranoid rantings away behind “grassy knoll.” …… [Your words]

It’s people such as you that are the conspiracy theorists. You and others are, CTDAS – Conspiracy Theorists of Denial, Arrogance and Silence over Obama’s eligibility requirements to be legitimate US president.

You and others keep on dishing out the old Saul Alinsky type ridicule towards birthers, Constitutionalists and Conservatives who are pointing out Obama’s forgery deceptions and his non natural born citizen status. You dishonestly continue to demonize those Americans who want more than a usurping White House occupier.

In short, it is you and all your CTDAS who need to evidence that Obama has a legitimate right to be Commander-in-Chief.


That is truly a thing of beauty – call me a conspiracy theorist… and then you launch into a conspiracy theory. Not to mention ol’ CJ up above. FEMA camps? Really? Hey, how’s your armored compound coming on?

It doesn’t matter that Obama’s President was not born in the US (neither was Romney’s… and his grandfather renounced his citizenship so he could live illegally in Mexico with his harem) – as much as you want it to me, and as much as you rely on some 18th century historian and since-superceded SCOTUS cases, it’s never going to be a reality.

Oh yes, and pastor Bickel – let him who asserts prove. So far, all I hear is a lot of whiny assertion going on.


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