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Nick Purpura, lead plaintiff against the health care reform bill

Let’s pray this story was an elaborate hoax. But ever since the story broke about the U.S. and Russian military exercises here in the United States, I’ve been trying to understand how Congress and the American people are not up in arms? Surely this is not just an act of stupidity. If true we are experiencing an intolerable act of treason. It is a dress rehearsal for a “Red Dawn.”

An open mike on Red Dawn?

Obama’s words,

I’ll have more flexibility after the next election.

should frighten every American. Only an idiot or Quisling would allow such exercise at strategies location. Be surely Mr. Obama is no idiot, and anyone believing as such is a fool or living in denial.

A Drastic Scenario: Inside Obama’s Mind

It’s like a bad dream. Is Mr. Obama is saying to his Russian comrades,

In case I’m not elected or unable to steal the election, let me show you the strengths and weaknesses at two critical national security facilities. We can disguise our plan by calling it an anti-terrorist exercise.

He thereby lets Russian Airborne troops and intelligent agents study the facilities in what he and they can describe as a mock attack at our CIA facility. Americans are too stupid to realize the true purpose of this exercise.


These facilities house our main computer in Buffdale, UT, and our main computer facility in Denver, CO. An elite unit will be able to control the main runways and terminal at the Denver International Airport. This would cut the United States in two parts and give our American enemies an airfield large enough to bring in heavy equipment from their satellites, Venezuela and Cuba.

Evidence for the Red Dawn scenario

Obama told Dmitri Medvedev:

After the election I’ll have more flexibility.

Barack Obama: preparing a Red Dawn?

Barack H. Obama. Photo: Pete Souza, January 13, 2009

What could be more revealing about his goal of transformation to a communist state? His current policies are destroying what he considers a state of capitalist pigs. Day by day he weakens our nation and aids and abets those that would overthrow our country by force.

Obama has gutted the United States naval force while the Chinese Navy, jointly with our Russian brothers, prepare and display a show of strength.

Nor has Obama neglected his Islamic brothers. They have sworn to destroy the great Satan and little Satan, Israel. Obama repeatedly insults our allies and ties the hands of our ally Israel. At the same time he invites the so-called religion of peace. the Muslin Brotherhood. to the White House. So where does this man’s loyalty lie? What were your words from Audacity of Hope, Barack “Hessian” Obama?

I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

Does he, too, await the day to eliminate the infidels?


An open letter to Barack Hussein Obama

Mr. Obama, you took an oath to defend the Constitution and you repeatedly violate that oath, but that is par for the course for Muslims, It states in the Qur’an: It is entirely acceptable and encouraged to use deception to further Islamic conquest when dealing with non-Muslim, infidels! The later teachings supersede all earlier writings. Chapter 3: 28 and 16:106 of the Qur’an prove this. This is the Abrogation Principle. See also the definition of taquiyya: strategic lying.

Gosh! Are you getting that warm secure feeling, knowing our Marxist Commander-in-Chief is letting this happen, and the so-called media, or should I say the traitorous lapdogs, keep quiet? If not for The European Union Times printing the story, Americans would never know that someone is betraying them from within.

Each of us must ask his Senators and Representative in Congress whether they approve of these exercises. And what have the Joint Chiefs of Staff to say about this idiotic joint exercise? Do they truly not know how important Colorado is? Do they not appreciate its central location and strategic importance to the United States? Have they forgotten that Colorado houses large stores of nuclear and biological weapons? The Marxist Obama is allowing Russian Troops to gather intel and study the terrain. Or will they only study the terrain?

A fighting force stretched thin

Keep in mind our troops are bogged down in the Middle East and in short supply of ammunition. Yet the Department of Homeland Security, not our military has purchased 450-milluion rounds of ammunition, why? Is this a way to create a military and civilian shortage? I’m reminded of the movie Red Dawn. was that movie before its time or a preview to our future, God forbid!

Ponder for a moment, most Americans are unaware that Comrade Obama has most of our National Guard and Reserve Units tied up in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere leaving our States without her own forces. At the same time is he about to wag the dog’s tail in Iran? No President has ever lost re-election during an armed conflict.


Make no mistake about it, Mr. Obama is using every opportunity to incite riots, using class warfare, inciting racial unrest to enable him institute Marshall Law and disarm the American people.

Make no mistake about it; Obama is aware most American servicemen will not fire on their fellow citizens, so you can expect this SOB to use foreign troops. (The Declaration of Independence complained of just such a thing.) I’m told there are foreign troops at Fort Drum. Where else are they practicing, or are they just practicing? And I ask why the hell are we training foreign troops in the first place?

Fight back

Let me remind that ignorant ingrate occupying the White House, in four states alone, American hunters comprise the world’s largest army outside of China. There are no less than a 100;-million armed free loving Americans who will fight to preserve their freedom. And, we are aware that Communist has no value as witnessed throughout history. God forbid American will have to take the field if necessary. You can also be assured our military leaders in the field will not allow you steal our freedom without intervening.

Let every American who has a relative serving in the military know what is taking place here at home. Let every serviceman and women remember their oath to defend the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. Yes, domestic. Let all those in the armed services, police officers, and public officials who took the oath of allegiance to their country now take the “Oath Keepers” oath. Freedom must be preserved. We are Americans like no other people, Yes, d__n you, we are exceptional.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. – Benjamin Franklin

The Eagle



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Is it possible that you failed to notice the collapse of the Soviet Union several decades ago? Russia is no longer a Communist state. Joint exercises with the United States has hardly been news since the Berlin wall went down. The fact that your quotes are taken out of context is so obvious that it actually hurts to look at them. This is no more a plot to invade the states than the Apollo-Soyuz docking was an attempt to nuke it from orbit. Finally, your Communist and Muslim conspiracy theories contradict one another. Those two factions hate each-other about as much as you hate both of them. The mere fact that you hate both of them does not unify them in a joint military cause.

Terry A. Hurlbut

I see that you have failed to notice that a former KGB apparatchik has taken command in Russia. He gives every indication of working to restore what he sees as the “glory days” of the institution that formerly bore the sonorous name, Komitet Gosudarstvennoye Byezopasnostyi. Put that together with “after the election, I’ll have more flexibility” and the invitation to the Russians to train on US soil, and you have a strong probability. Not a certainty, but a strong probability. And you definitely have something that no President should do.

Fergus Mason

“the invitation to the Russians to train on US soil”

Foreign troops train on US soil all the time. So what? US troops also train on foreign soil. Joint exercises, overseas training camps and the likes are a perfectly routine part of military life.

In the last 10 years British troops have exercised in Germany, Poland, Belize, Brunei, Oman, Canada, the USA, the Czech Republic, Kenya and many other countries. The US armed forces have exercised in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Canada, Georgia, Turkey, the Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic and plenty of others. There are currently students from over 40 countries training at US military academies, staff schools, Airborne and Ranger schools and SOCOM. British staff officers and NCOs are embedded in CENTCOM at Fort McDill, Florida. Canadians are in the NORAD command centre. Fleet Air Arm pilots are in your naval aviation squadrons flying F/A-18s, and make up half the test pilots for the F-35 programme.

So 200 Russians are going for a jolly in Colorado, so they can play with US kit and let the US Army play with some of theirs. Big deal. This is a complete non-story. The only “strong probability” involved is that a few hundred soldiers from both armies will have an enjoyable exercise and their commanders will learn something useful.


No you don’t have an even remote possibility based on this information. That quote is completely useless because it does not suggest anything in particular at all. You have no idea what he was talking about when he referred to more flexibility. The only possible conclusion is that he talked to the Russians. This is also in contrast with Obama’s policy, which is not communist (economic bailouts and universal health care are not communist). Finally, this conspiracy theory contradicts the assertion that Obama is a Muslim, as the reds are heavily anti-religiouse.

Fergus Mason

“It is a dress rehearsal for a “Red Dawn.””

Oh rubbish. US and Russian troops have previously taken part in joint exercises in Germany. The USAF and Russian Air Force have carried out joint exercises in Canada, Russia and Alaska. Russian observers frequently attend US exercises all over the world, and US observers do the same on Russian ones.

The USA is the world’s largest military power; Russia is number two by any sensible estimate. Both nations have many common interests, such as Islamist terrorism. It would be strange if they didn’t carry out joint exercises, but it’s absolutely normal that they do.

“Yet the Department of Homeland Security, not our military has purchased 450-milluion rounds of ammunition, why? Is this a way to create a military and civilian shortage?”

No. It’s a routine, and not remarkably large, ammunition purchase. Both 5.56mm and .40″ ammunition are still readily available from hundreds of US gun dealers, and of course all the other populat calibres – 9mm NATO, .45ACP, .308/7.62mm, .38 Special, .357 etc etc etc – aren’t affected at all. Is this really all you can find to worry about?

Fergus Mason

“American hunters comprise the world’s largest army outside of China.”

That’s just bonk. Owning a rifle does not make you a soldier. Hunting skills do not translate to the battlefield. America’s hunters make up an army the same size as that of San Marino – in other words, non-existent.

“Obama repeatedly insults our allies and ties the hands of our ally Israel.”

This article from Ha’aretz may interest you:

link to

Terry A. Hurlbut

The editors of Ha’aretz might as well be burning incense on the High Places on Tel Dan, that I photographed last year.

Fergus Mason

That probably wouldn’t help them with getting a newspaper published, of course.

In any case, their failure to burn incense doesn’t make their statements about Reagan’s treatment of Israel any less true, does it?

Terry A. Hurlbut

“Worship at the High Places” is a metaphor for a thoroughly wrong-headed, counterintuitive, counterproductive, and downright dangerous approach to questions about their own physical security. A disease that plagues the Western world, too, as I know only too well.

Fergus Mason

That’s your opinion. The editors of Ha’aretz, as Israelis, seem to have a different one.

In any case, how does that affect the truth of their statements about Reagan?

Tonto USA

If anyone on this planet should be worried, I think it would be anyone stupid enough to try to take the USA by force. Right now, in this country, we have more combat vets walking around as civilians than the size of any army on the earth…..and they are armed. They know what to do, how to do it, and have done it before. Tell me, as a vet, what do you feel when you shoot someone? I mean besides “recoil”.

Fergus Mason

Veterans are no more likely to be armed than any one else, and of course they don’t have all the other kit they had while serving. You know, little things like automatic weapons, hand grenades, radios, protected vehicles, ISTAR equipment, Javelin missiles, mortars, grenade launchers, artillery, tactical data links, air support, CASEVAC… What percentage of the casualties in modern warfare do you think are caused by rifles and handguns? Personally I’d be surprised if it got into double figures. The idea that a populace armed with handguns, hunting rifles and AR-15 clones could stand up to a modern army is somewhere between delusional and demented.

Plenty of veterans suffer from PTSD and other psychological problems because of what they’ve had to do, by the way, and I find your comments about “recoil” offensive. Go speak to some soldiers’ charities before spouting any more of your callous nonsense.

Fergus Mason

“Obama has gutted the United States naval force while the Chinese Navy, jointly with our Russian brothers, prepare and display a show of strength.”

Delusional. The US Navy currently has eleven operational aircraft carriers. Russia has one, China none. The US Navy has 22 missile cruisers, Russia five, China none. Destroyers: America has 60, Russia 15 and China 49 – most of which are obsolete junk. Nuclear attack submarines: the USA has 53, Russia 15 and China six.

To claim that the US Navy has been “gutted,” when it’s still more powerful than the next four strongest navies combined, is just nonsense. And never mind the inconvenient fact that Obama hasn’t decommissioned a single modern warship and has ordered two more Gerald Ford-class carriers.

Terry A. Hurlbut

That’s a matter of opinion, and I’m sure that Mr. Purpura has good reason to believe otherwise.

Fergus Mason

No Terry, it’s a matter of fact: the US Navy is far more powerful than (at least) the next four navies combined. The single Russian aircraft carrier, together with the French one, both Indian ones and the STOVL carriers operated by Italy and Spain have, combined, about as much combat power as a single US carrier – of which the US Navy currently has eleven.

Mr Purpura’s opinion doesn’t matter here; facts do. The fact is that the US Navy has not been gutted by Obama. If anything he’s halted reductions begun by Bush.

Terry A. Hurlbut

I can remember a time when the US Navy had sixteen carriers.

And who said anything about my being satisfied with Bush’s performance?

Fergus Mason

So what? My father can remember a time when the Royal Navy had over 20. None of them were anything like the ones the US Navy has now, though, and neither were the clapped-out Forrestals and Kitty Hawks that you remember being in the fleet. Neither, of course, is any carrier that anyone else has. The closest rivals to the Nimitz and Ford classes are the QE class, and they’re both still being built. Does it really matter that you now have eleven supercarriers instead of 16, when nobody else has any?

Given the size of national debt you have to pay off, and your hideously expensive “health” system, I think eleven carriers is probably enough to get by with.

Fergus Mason

I have to be fair though and say that no, you haven’t claimed to be satisfied with Bush’s performance. Let’s face it: who was?

Terry A. Hurlbut

Maybe only a few employees of the government itself. But we both know that I have my quarrel with his performance, and you have yours, and our quarrels are not the same.


Oh come on Terry. An answer like that is intellectually lazy – you can’t argue the facts as presented, but you have to disagree “because Obama” and so you just say something for the sake of being contrary.

It would be interesting to hear what Mr. Purpura’s reasons are. Sadly, he doesn’t seem to be around to answer his critics. This hit-and-run blogging doesn’t really reflect well on a site that purports to be “Renewing the Fourth Estate.”

That said, I must commend you on allowing and responding to comments. It’s a rarity amongst the conservative blogosphere.

Also, you complain about deficits and yet you’re quite happy for the government to fund military spending and research (but not hospitals, schools, libraries, post offices, etc). You do realise that if you half the military spending – why not privatize that? – you’ll pay off the defivit in about 3 years and have money for social security, space exploration, national health…

Fergus Mason

In fact the USA (with less than 5% of the global population) is currently responsible for 41% of all military spending on the entire planet, while at the same time being unique among industrialised countries in not having a proper health care system. It could slash military spending by 75% and still invest more in its armed forces than the next five countries – China, Russia, the UK, France and Japan – combined.

Terry A. Hurlbut

Yes, and we’re the ones who keep piracy under some limits.

And maybe you are willing to let some government functionary tell you what sort of operation you may or may not have, how long you have to wait for it, et cetera ad nauseam. I am not.

Fergus Mason

But Terry, I don’t have to let government functionaries tell me what sort of treatment I’m going to have, I don’t have to wait for that treatment and I pay a lot less for health care than an American on a comparable income. I also don’t have to let insurance companies tell me what sort of drugs or treatment I’m going to get, whereas you do, and the chance of me being made bankrupt or having to sell my house because of a hospital bill is precisely zero.

The US health care system is, by every feasible measurement, the worst in the industrialised world. It amazes me that so many of you are blind to this.

Terry A. Hurlbut

You will pardon me for being skeptical. When I hear that some of your former fellow subjects had to pull their own teeth with pliers, I find your glowing descriptions of a key feature of a cradle-to-grave welfare system difficult to believe.

Fergus Mason

By the way, when it comes to piracy, there are currently four anti-piracy task forces. Three of these come from Combined Maritime Forces and the fourth is an EU operation. The US contribution to these task forces is somewhat less than the 41% that your share of global defence spending would lead one to expect.

Fergus Mason

“some of your former fellow subjects had to pull their own teeth with pliers”

I’ve never heard of that myself. In any case I don’t particularly like the NHS. All I can say in its favour is that it seems to beat the US system, especially on per capita costs and health outcomes.


“After the election I’ll have more flexibility.”

Any reasonable person would take this as meaning that Obama wanted to wait until after the election to deal with diplomatic issues, because if he was to try and negotiate anything with Russia over the summer he would be criticized by the GOP for being a socialist Muslim whose trying to hand us over to our soon-to-be Marxist overlords. In other words, trying to avoid the very nonsense you’re spewing now.

Terry A. Hurlbut

That’s because we have nothing to negotiate with Russia.

Fergus Mason

Well, apart from the missile defence system. They really aren’t happy about it, especially as the USA refuses to give them a guarantee that it isn’t aimed their way. They’re also a bit annoyed that John McCain accused them of a military buildup because they installed a missile defence radar on their own soil, while at the same time supporting the basing of US systems in Turkey, Romania and Poland.


Nothing to negotiate with Russia? Why not? They are a major global power and relations were great between the two countries until Bush decided we were going to violate the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

Terry A. Hurlbut

Which treaty was obsolete anyway, and according to which the Russians were technically in violation themselves.


So you say. If that is the case then it seems that it makes even more sense to discuss ways of re-instituting the treaty, rather than beginning another Cold War.

Terry A. Hurlbut

First, treaties were never anything other than a scrap of paper to the old Soviets.

Second, why re-institute a treaty that is a total loser for our side?

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