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New Jersey gun control hearings



Reclaiming America - one State House at a time

Editor’s Note: A New Jersey Assembly committee approved twenty gun control laws in a contentious hearing. Someone who attended the hearing sent this report.

An overflow crowd?

For such short notice the turnout was surprisingly large. For a good idea of the total number please check out the Asbury Park Press estimate, and then multiply that number by 3.

While there was a fairly large crowd it seemed that there may not have been any valid reason for them to put the group in two different rooms. Unless of course one might consider the “Divide and Conquer” concept might be in play.

Even though tax payers have payed for excessive amounts of “state of the art,” audio-video equipment, those who actually paid for it, that’s us, were only given an audio feed from the proceedings. Either they thought that crowd control might be difficult if we could see the scoundrels in the process of destroying the Constitution or they were scared to show us what they looked like.

Kangaroo hearing

New Jersey State House

New Jersey State House. Photo: TPATH

The session began with Chairman Charles Mainor’s opening remarks. For some reason, he thought it best to begin by letting everyone listening know he had no interest in taking our firearms. This was about as convincing as an Obama forged birth certificate. For sure, not a soul in the Chamber believed him, including the leftists of his party.

Then, in complete contrast to his opening statement, every move he made during the balance of the hearing, endeavored to do just what he claimed he didn’t want to do. We were all so very surprised. Not!


Many, if not all introductory speakers, those who either wrote or co-sponsored the various illegal legislations, were given extra time. But when it was the people’s time to speak, the timekeeper was extremely strict, interrupting the speaker at a time clearly designed to prevent a complete thought from being introduced. One could not be blamed for thinking we had been transported back in time to a Kandy Crawley Presidential debate.

Most of us who have, over the years, watched the liberties and freedoms afforded us by the Constitution, being crushed by not only the Democrats, but by those in our own party, were very pleasantly surprised by Sean Kean, who actually sounded like a Conservative. This lapse into sanity on his part may be a good sign that our people are beginning to see the light. Well, we can hope can’t we?

Read the bills!

Typical of politicians, not just here in New Jersey, it was quite clear that the gang of sycophants who were presenting the proposals neither read nor had a clue as to what the propositions were or represented.. The reason for the “audio only” setup became clear. They didn’t want their faces connected to their ignorance.

Those good Americans who were speaking on behalf of the 2nd Amendment were entirely more informed and educated than were any of the politicians who work for them.

They were all inspiring, but none more so than New Jersey’s tireless defender of American values, Mr. Nicholas Purpura, the Eagle. Mr. Purpura “electrified” the crowd with his passion, his knowledge and his undying energy and love for his country. Everyone in America should get a chance to hear what Nick said and the emotion in which he said it, but alas, no media outlet will report his words or replay his message.


Typical of Nick, he held back nothing in his fearless charge. TPATH will watch to see if his remarks get posted anywhere such as Facebook, etc. and will let our readers knew. If it does get posted, be sure to listen to the most uplifting dissertation you will have heard in a long, long time.

Editor’s note: Nicholas E. Purpura contributes to TPATH and to CNAV.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub (TPATH).


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