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New Jersey gun buy back failure



The Democratic party wants to take these firearms away from you and make the whole country a gun-free zone. (By what authority?) That's what gun control is all about, and why we have a Second Amendment.

If anyone here in New Jersey still has any doubt that the Republican politicians in this state are any less progressive and ignorant than the Democrats they claim to oppose, this latest “gun buy back” program announced yesterday by our Republican Attorney General, should put an end to it.

New Jersey gives your tax dollars to thugs and criminals

This latest idiocy is an extension of an earlier program in Camden and Northern New Jersey where your politicians, the very people responsible for New Jersey’s billions of dollars of debt, handed over an estimated $1 million to gang bangers, criminals, burglars and thieves.

As has been the case not just here in New Jersey, but gun buy back programs across the country such as Chicago, where most of the weapons which were turned in have been old, rusty, damaged and inoperable, were not a danger to anyone.

It might be asking too much of our politicians to check statistics on to what extent gun buy back programs actually reduced violence before copying wasteful programs or continuing to hand over millions of tax payer dollars to criminals and enterprising hoarders of useless junk. There are no real hard facts or legitimate ways to discern the validity of such programs, except to compare crime stats before and after the programs were instituted. No buy back program anywhere in this country has seen a drop in crime. In many areas crime actually increased.

Many cities across the country are reconsidering their gun buy back programs, finally, after millions of dollars wasted on this purely “feel good” but truly dangerous program. New Jersey however, has no intention of learning from others’ mistakes. No sir, we need to follow the same idiotic paths as the fools who came before us.


A dangerous failure

New Jersey gun buy back rejects? You wish!

These two “pieces” of junk are typical of the returns on the New Jersey gun buy back program. Photo: Shutterstock; shared by Dwight Kehoe/TPATH

Dangerous? Why is it dangerous? To answer that question you need to look at what weapons are turned in and of course, who is turning them in. Thanks to the “no questions asked”policy anyone who has a stolen firearm or owns a firearm illegally, can prance in and get up to $250 of your taxed dollars. What will these “gentlemen” do with your money? Will they then drop out of the crime business, resign from their gangs, buy a suit and get a job on Wall Street? Not likely.

What is more probable, he will take that money and buy more ammunition for the good gun he kept. You know, the one that can actually fire rounds as opposed to the rusted piece of crap you just paid him $100 for. Or he may combine the money you just gave him with money from his last crime and buy a really good weapon from Willie down on Springfield Ave.

Stubborn statistics

As we stand by and watch our politicians pay good money for bad merchandise, we need to look into just who is turning in weapons and why? A few really nasty stats here.

  1. Most of the weapons turned in are inoperable.
  2. Every single criminal that has turned in a broken, rusted or cheap weapon, either has another one or will purchase another one.
  3. Many weapons turned in are old, were left to widows, have been stashed away in trunks or crawl spaces and would never have seen the light of day except someone decided to give them your money to throw theirs away.
  4. Thefts of firearms always rise just prior to and during the “no questions asked” buy back programs.

A final note for all of you emotionally controlled legislators and politicians. You may well think you are doing the right thing and saving lives with this ridiculous program. The hard facts are you are not saving lives, just wasting money. Criminals will always be armed, $100 will never encourage them not to be. And while you lay your progressive little heads down on your pillows each night, feeling comfortable that you did something to make New Jersey safer, the reality is, handing money to gang members may have had the opposite effect. Sleep on that.

How comfortable would you be if this program was named to reflect what it actually did?

Such as: “The Criminal’s Weapon Improvement Program”

TPATH has a suggestion for a new law that would not cost tax payers money and would make our streets safer. It’s called “The Put Felons in Jail and Leave Honest Citizens Alone Act


Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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First off I agree that this looks like a well-intentioned waste of money.
Second if something is a stat, you should be able to provide numbers.
Numbers 1 and 4 seem reasonable and should have readily available numbers for what percentage of guns turned in are inoperable and how much gun-theft rises over a given interval prior to a no-questions-asked buyback. If anyone has these numbers handy, please post.

#2 is not a statistic (stat), while likely it is either basically a meaningless tautology as it needs a definition of criminal (if i cheat on my taxes and turn in my only gun, doesn’t that invalidate “every single” portion. No one can check that sort of vague absolute assertion therefor it is not a statistic.

#3 is also weak, what percentage is “many” and how was this value verified. A non-questions-asked buy-back intrinsically makes it impossible to ask the question of the guns previous location. While in an informal way it seems likely/common, this can not be a statistic either.


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