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Glenn Beck, selective conspiracy king



The Obama birth certificate. Why is this still accepted as valid? The Birther movement still matters, for the precedent.

Everyone who watches Glenn Beck on his internet show knows, he begins each broadcast by announcing, “Welcome to the Glenn Beck Show, the network you are building. Glenn may have been correct in that statement since TPATH and many others have not only linked to his TV Show, his radio show and his many publications and events, but also, thousands of us have called cable and satellite companies in an effort to get them to take Glenn Beck TV.

This past week, Mr. Beck, who has been called the “Conspiracy King”, and his two fawning boot lickers on the radio, decided to alienate 75% of those “building his network”. Beck, for some reason, only known to him, felt it necessary, once again, to take on the so called Birthers. The condescending, flippant sarcasm, the bunching together of those who have spent years reading and understanding the facts about Obama’s ineligibility and then relegating them into a gaggle of fools and idiots, would have made Saul Alinsky and Kieth Obermann proud. (by the way, where is Kiethy Boy theses days?)

Glenn Beck does good work, but…

Glenn Beck is peculiarly selective in his investigations.It is important to point out that Beck does some good work, in fact some great work. Most of which has been ridiculed by the very same people he now appears to be aligning himself with. The big question here is…Why?

Its quite interesting that Glenn would choose this time, when Comrade Obama and his cadre of leftist crooks, fabricators and liars are being exposed for not only what they are, but for what they have been, to attack those who are concerned that we have an illegal President. Also, relating to this, Beck has been bedside himself when the mainstream media either ignored or labeled him a conspiracy nut as he was putting together evidence concerning the Saudi terrorist the State Department secreted out of the country after the Marathon bombing.

Hey Glenn Beck, welcome to the club, Buddy.

Over the years Glenn’s prognostications have been, while not always spot on, very close to what we are seeing today, throughout the world. For that work he needs to be complimented and praised. But at the same time, all of these many “theories” that he has investigated, organized into cute little charts on the blackboard, can’t hold a candle to the reams of information, proven facts, hidden and forged documents relating the mystery man occupying our White House. Again, the question screams…..Why?


Glenn Beck, look at the issues, shall we?

Before I speculate on what could be behind Glenn Beck’s seemingly intentional ignorance, purposeful antagonism and frankly, completely flabbergasting position he has taken on the eligibility and forgeries of Obama, the following list of Obama Issues, most of which have been thoroughly investigated by some very capable people and ignored by Beck, should make one wonder why someone so into conspiracies would chose to not only evade and disdain but belittle those who are most likely to support him.

  • Obama’s father was never an American citizen.
  • Article II of our Constitution requires the President to be “Natural born”. Obama is not.
  • Obama stated many times and wrote about his being Kenyan.
  • Anyone who can dial a phone could put a birth announcement in the paper in Hawaii.
  • No one, except a progressive Obama minion in Hawaii, has seen Obama’s original birth certificate. Not one person!
  • Obama’s passport has been hidden because it may show he was listed as Kenyan during his trips to Pakistan during a time that American citizens were forbidden to travel there.
  • Federal records, in the form of microfiche, which track every person coming into or leaving the country have been altered and the two week period that would show if Obama’s mother left the country with an infant are the only records missing over a forty year period.
  • The visitor’s log book from the hospital where Obama was supposed to be born, has been concealed and removed from public view because it probably shows no visitors to Obama’s momma before, during or after the supposed birth. That would be pretty much impossible unless, she wasn’t there.
  • Not any of the two Hawaiian hospitals where Obama claims he was born in will go on record as saying he was in fact, born there.
  • Obama’s mother’s passport has been found for the period of her trips to Kenya around the time Obama was supposed to be born. If a guardian (parent) takes an infant out of the country, that infant’s picture and information would have to be, by Federal Law, added to the guardian’s passport. His mother’s passport did not have that information on it. Clearly, this indicates she left before Obama was born.
  • The birth certificate the Divider N Chief posted on the internet is a forgery. There is no doubt about that. Even if one would overlook a President lying to the American people, forging legal documents is a crime.
  • Obama has used several Social Security numbers including one issued in a state where he never lived.
  • There is no evidence that Obama ever legally changed his name, but everyone knows he was called by several names and enrolled in schools both in Africa and America under names not “Obama”.
  • Obama filled out election documents and stated that he was never known by or did he ever use another name except Obama. This is a crime.
  • The Selective Service required “citizens” to sign up with them at the age of 18. Obama clearly never did that. Most likely he didn’t have to, since he was not a citizen. When a political career became apparent, a Selective Service card for Obama was fabricated. This is also a crime.

Why won’t Glenn Beck see this?

There is more. Much more. But considering the penchant for conspiracies awash in Beck’s DNA, one must wonder why these things do not warrant just a bit of cogitation.

Of course, if like some others, Glenn has decided not to pursue any of this because he believes the politicians, the judicial system and the country have become so corrupt, these issues will never go anywhere and there are other more viable things that need attention, he could be forgiven for that. But he has spent hours trashing those who believe every aspect of our Constitution should be protected. This does not make sense.

Some of us who watch the information highway closely, have seen bitter rivalries arise between between radio talk show hosts and internet hosts. One of the most unpleasant of these engagements has been festering between Beck and Alex Jones of Info Wars. Alex Jones, an aggressive and ever vigilant watchdog of our runaway government has long accused Beck of purloining data and research from his website and not giving credit to him.

Without being specific, I have noticed that Info Wars was in front on issues that later Glenn did talk about. Whether that constitutes theft of services or not, I make no contention here. But….. Since Alex Jones is and has been on the issue of Obama’s forgeries, crimes and ineligibility, the impetus for Beck’s attitude towards “Birthers” could very well stem from this, even to the point where Glenn is willing to disparage his own viewers and supporters.

There are a few more suppositions that can be made here. I’ll list them. You decide.

  • Glenn does not want to go against his pal at FOX, Billy O’reilly.
  • Glenn is looking to expand his network to cable outlets owned and controlled by the left.
  • Glenn is stubborn and won’t admit that early on he was too hasty in attacking Birthers.
  • Glenn may not want to see or be a part of removing the first black President.
  • And last, but not least, aliens have invaded Glenn’s brain and are about to take over the world.

Having said all this, TPATH intends to continue to link to Beck’s network. He is a valuable partner in our war against Islam, Communists and World Order domination. I only hope that Glenn checks the overwhelming comments on the Blaze from his readers and viewers who feel betrayed by him, and then sticks to the issues he feels are important and leaves those who fear our Constitution, every part of it, needs defending, at all costs, alone.

Reprinted from TPATH


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When one of the biggest promoters of conspiracy about Obama rejects a conspiracy theory about Obama, it says something about the theory, not the promoter.

Terry A. Hurlbut

It would, if Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County had not gone from skeptic to believer as soon as he started looking into it.


If you actually believe that publicity hungry hack went from skeptic to believer, I have some land for sale. It’s even outside the US, so you’ve got somewhere to flee when the Obama-thugs finally come for you.

Terry A. Hurlbut

You better keep that land for yourself. The IRS scandal ought to tell you something.


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