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Congress! Now it’s your turn



Barack H. Obama gave one of the worst State of the Union addresses of his career.

That is to say, it is time for Congress “not to let a crisis go to waste.”

Throughout Obama’s life timing has proven to be a great ally for him and pretty much his only asset. His run of good timing may be attributed to the purchase of destiny via a Faustian soul trade with Mephistopheles or just plain old “dumb luck.” The latter is most likely the culprit but whatever it is or was, that contract or the streak, appears to have run its course. The American people can only pray that it has.

Obama’s run of good luck

From the very begging of his life until just recently, Obama has ridden the Timing Train and has had to pay very little for his passage. Here are just a few examples:

  • Obama’s mother, just prior to giving birth, found a workable marriage agreement which legitimized her and gave a Kenyan authorization to school in America.
  • Travel records which might prove Obama’s origin, were lost by the Federal government before they could be scrutinized.
  • After both of Obama’s fathers deserted him, his mother found a rich Communist, Frank Marshall Davis, to mentor and support him.
  • After graduating from high school, Obama just happened to find a rich Saudi Muslim and the parents of American terrorist, Bill Ayers, who paid for his Ivy League Schooling.
  • An old Connecticut citizen died without ever using his assigned Social Security number which made it available for Obama to use instead of the one which labeled him a foreign student.
  • During his run for the State Senate in Illinois, sexual malfeasance of his Republican opponent came to light too late for the party to find a replacement. That’s a nice bit of timing.
  • The economy took a tumble just prior to his run for President. A tumble which was blamed on Bush but caused by Obama’s votes for lowering standards on mortgage loans.
  • After years of searching, Bin Laden was killed under Obama’s watch and even though the policies set by Bush were responsible for his demise, Obama was there to take credit.
  • And of course the biggest gift of all, hurricane Sandy arriving just before this last election and the “Bro-mance” (TPATH did not coin this word, but it’s a good one!) between he and Chris Christie which was played and replayed, on National TV, over 17,000 times just before the election.

Has his luck run out?

Congress, if his luck has run out, it's for you to follow up on that.If the last several weeks are any indication, his streak, as all streaks eventually do, may have run out. Some of the adumbrates rearing their ugly heads are:

  • Susan Rice, as directed by the Obama administration, went on national TV and disputed Libya’s President just after he made a statement to the world press about terrorists being responsible for the Benghazi attacks.
  • Madam Clinton suggesting the deaths of 4 American heroes “doesn’t make a difference” as the mother of one of those killed sat in the room.
  • Obama decided to retire early for the evening while an 8 hour battle of survival was being fought and lost in Benghazi.
  • While Obama was in Mexico admonishing our 2nd Amendment and blaming it for gun trafficking there, the Mexican government was issuing a report that said Obama’s administration still has not come clean on their complicity in arming murderers in Mexico.
  • And the latest, at a commencement speech, Obama told the graduating class not to listen to those people who claim big government is their enemy. This while all hell was breaking loose about his Department of (In)Justice spying on private citizens and journalists, the IRS using the unlimited power of the Federal Government to harass and interfere with organizations throughout the country if they deemed them to be Conservative or religious.

It is apparent that Obama’s luck may be deserting him. His administration is in crisis. And to quote a famous progressive hack, “No crisis should go to waste.”

Now, Congress!

That means, it is time for our House of Representatives to get off their collective butts and not allow this administration a chance to recover. Obama in crisis is good for America. Even if there is no chance to remove the usurper from office, his crisis is our gain. Keep him on his heels, off guard and on the defensive. This will keep him from doing any more damage to our country until they day he either walks out or is dragged from the White House.

Now is the time for Congress to act on the following:

  1. Bring a bill to the floor that would defund every aspect of Obama Care. This can be done without the Senate or the President’s approval.
  2. Bring a bill to the floor that would defund the IRS and send all those arrogant leaches out in the real world for jobs. This can be done without the Senate or the President’s approval.
  3. Bring a bill to provide for the immediate implementation of an across the board flat tax that would relegate the 100,000 pages of the existing tax code to the trash bin of history. Keep it simple; Mortgage interest for first homes and charitable contributions will be the only deductions.
  4. Appoint one Congressional Super Committee with subpoena power to investigate Benghazi, the IRS, the AP Email and the GM Dealership closings. The committee should have the authority to indict, give immunity and prosecute for perjury.

Congress: Do it and do it now. America is waiting.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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