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Christie: treachery and betrayal



Team New Jersey. Not a party. A team. And right now they say: not another Bush!

The Garden State and perhaps the entire country was betrayed yet again yesterday by a so called Republican. At the cost of more than $20 Million, our self-serving Governor Chris Christie has outraged conservatives from sea to shining sea. By calling for a special election for the vacant Senate seat he has rewarded the Democratic Party for their past deceit.

A past example: Robert G. Torricelli

Does anyone presume, for even a moment, that Christie needs to be reminded of the Torricelli debacle where here in New Jersey our courts and crooked politicians once again proved why this state epitomizes the meaning of corruption?

It’s no secret the Democratic Party would sacrifice credibility and integrity, which they long since have squandered, to hold onto or gain a US Senate seat. As you will recall, Robert Torricelli, probably the most protean crook who ever stalked the halls of Congress, was up for re-election several years ago and despite indisputable evidence and the many pending criminal charges hovering over his head, the Democratic Party continued to support his re-election. For Democrats, holding onto a Senate seat trumps all else.

But then, just a bit more than a month before the election, it became evident that even the useful idiot electorate in New Jersey had had enough of Torricelli. Polls indicated a near certainty he would be defeated by the Republican. In a world of right and wrong, their continued support for a gangster and criminal, would have and should have, cost the Democrats that Senate seat. But hold on, not so fast.

This is New Jersey.

Torricelli, Lautenberg, Christie and Obama: perfect together

Torricelli, Lautenberg, Christie, and Obama: a rogues’ gallery. Graphic: Dwight Kehoe/TPATH

Manipulating words and twisting the intent of the law is standard operating procedure here. You see the election law stated that 50 days out from an election, if a party candidate drops out of a race, that candidate can not be replaced. So what do the Democrats do? They replace him anyway. You see, the law was worded, most likely intentionally, without the word “within.”

So the Democrats went into the relic vault, better known as the old age retirement home, wiped the oatmeal from Frank R. Lautenberg’s chin, propped him up and placed him on the ballot. You see the election was 46 days away, not 50. Fidel Castro would have chuckled at the foolishness of this last-minute effort at subverting the intent of the law. That anyone would be crazy to think a law was written to prevent changing candidates for just one day, the 50th and not any day before or after, seemed ludicrous.

But hold on, ludicrous is the middle name of New Jersey politics. That ridiculous argument survived and Lautenberg was wheeled from the sun deck and strapped into DC bound ambulecare SUV. You see the Democrats had a secret plan. They would take the case to court and make sure a Republican appointed judge would hear the case. They have learned something years ago that registered Republican voters have yet to comprehend. What could that be? That Republicans, when it comes to battling Democrats, are consistently and reliably spineless. The Republican judge did not disappoint. He ruled the law was written for only one day, the 50th. And voilà! One Democratic US Senate seat saved.

Christie blows the gaffe

Now, as that illegally acquired Senate term is drawing to a close, your governor has decided to reward the Democrats for their abuse of the law. Not to mention what they did to destroy the few years of relaxation and retirement Frank had hoped to enjoy.

The lesson here is what? For starters, its clear the Democrats will stop at nothing to gain or hold a Senate seat and the Republicans will do little or nothing to stop them. And while we are discussing Christie’s latest treachery to New Jersey and this country, by not appointing a Republican to fill the last 18 months of that ill-gotten Senate seat, which he legally could do, does anyone who is at least bright enough to accomplish tying his own shoes, think that a Democratic governor would do what Christie has just done?

Why did Christie do this?

The question now becomes why? Why has Christie chosen not to take back that Senate seat during a very crucial time in America which will see another debt ceiling battle, UN Gun Treaties, and many other vital issues that having one more Senate vote could help?


My friends, speculation lies just above assumption on the list of things that could make one look the fool. the absence of real answers and anything that makes sense, speculations become inevitable. So here are a few.

  • A special election, though it will cost the taxpayer millions, will keep Christie off any ballot that contains Cory Booker who would bring out enough voters which could deflate the huge aurora of a future National campaign.
  • Obama knew Lautenberg would not last a full term and the Bromances at the shore were set up to allow for deal making. Could Obama have offered Christie huge amounts of campaign donations if he would promise not to install a Republican?
  • Did Obama come through with that promise? We have just learned that the largest donations filling Christie’s campaign coffers have come from several groups funded by George Soros. Why would these progressive, leftist and socialist groups donate to a Republican governor?
  • Is it possible that Christie does not want to impede Obama’s leftist agenda? After all that might interfere with the great job he thinks Obama is doing.
  • Could Christie be setting himself up for a switch to the Democratic Party?

While Christie being a liberal, northeast, moderate Republican might satisfy some in explaining this aberrant decision, it’s doubtful that annotates sufficiently to dispel a desire to speculate. So, have at it.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub.


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