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New Jersey: education of a GOP governor



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Here in New Jersey we have had a long history of being governed by an endless conglomeration of crooks, creeps, socialists and progressives.  They have hailed from various assortments of Democrats, Independents and Republicans.  What each of them had in common, was their own contribution to the sorry state of this state.

I was born and raised, and no doubt  will be eulogized, here in the Garden State. So it’s not easy to have to admit this.  But as we all know, in national polls, in movies, in stand up comedy routines and conversations pretty much everywhere on this earth, New Jersey is laughed at, impugned and always finishes first in everything negative and last in anything of value.

New Jersey and its governor

Chris Christie of New Jersey: did he learn anything?

Chris Christie holds a town hall meeting in Hillsborough, NJ, on March 2, 2011. Photo: Bob Jagendorf, CC BY 2.0 Generic License

Which brings us to our latest  governor, who has contributed nicely to the continuation of the our “Waggish Continuum”.  Several years ago, Republicans, conservatives, and members of grassroots organizations were celebrating this new leader who would  begin the long struggle of undoing over a hundred years of economic and cultural destruction, at the hands of the left, here in the land of Liberty and Prosperity.

It took not more than a few months before the cold reality, an early arrival of the Polar Vortex if you will, hit. New Jersey’s fate was not soon to turn around.  Our new governor, the one who campaigned for lower taxes, conservative values and Constitutional rights, squared off against those who worked and supported him, throwing a combination of punches, being swung from all directions left, but landing consistently below the belt.

Here are just a few and there are many, many more blows which were landed after the bell.

  • He refused to sign on to the Health Care lawsuit
  • He was one of the first Governors to sign up for Obamacare Exchange
  • He supported New Jersey’s cap and trade taxes until he was told we were watching
  • He appointed as chairman of the state redistricting committee, the same leftist the Democrats used
  • He colluded with the liberal Andrew Cuomo to halt cheap natural gas in New Jersey
  • He appointed a Muslim with ties to terrorists to the New Jersey court system as judge
  • He (re)appointed a liberal to the New Jersey Supreme court
  • He declared anyone who feared Islamic terrorism is a racist
  • He signed new gun control laws which further infringe on the Constitution
  • He continues to allow New Jersey to be a safe zone for illegal immigrants
  • He signed on to giving special subsidies to illegal immigrant students
  • He remarked what a great guy the failed Mayor of Newark is during the Senate campaign
  • He either supported or looked the other way while his GOP supported and made calls to help a Democrat State Senator beat a conservative candidate
  • He appointed a RINO lap dog for the temporary seat in the US Senate
  • He instructed his lap dog to vote for cloture which helped the Dems keep Obamacare funded
  • He instructed his lap dog to vote for the amnesty bill, which he did
  • He helped Obama get re-elected with that revolting hug fest on the beach

Chris Christie of New Jersey played with fire and got burnt.So, one needs to present this question.  Did this hard nosed Federal Prosecutor, who sounded and acted like a Constitutional conservative, one who would tackle crime wherever he found it, fool the New Jersey voter?
Or was it he who was fooled?

All of us as children, while growing up, were warned by our parents about many dangerous things.  We were told not to run with pencils, not horse around on the stairs, not to play near a hornet’s nest, not to stick our hands into rat holes, and of course, the big one, never play with fire.


Our naïve Governor appears to have been inattentive during those informative years.  For, at least until Bridgegate, those lessons never sunk in.  Now, as he recuperates from 3rd degree burns, a thousand stings and hydrophobic rat bites, those fabled adages he failed to learn as a child, have no doubt burned his awareness, numbed his potential and masticated his political future.

Governor, if you can recover from this, which is highly unlikely, here are a few things spelled out so that even one blinded by ambition, can understand them.

  1. The Democrats hate you.
  2. The Press and News Media hate you.
  3. The Democrats and the media will always hate you.
  4. The Democrats will use you. They will make a pact for your soul and then they will burn you.
  5. Obama hates you. He’s glad to have gotten your help, but he will always hate you.
  6. When you make deals with the Devil, the Devil will get his due.

To summarize Mr. Governor, everything you have done since taking office to appease the left has left you vulnerable.  It has left you disrespected by them and disgusted by your base.  Great job!

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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