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Email and Internet censorship?



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

As of last week TPATH has begun an extensive investigation into censorship and filtering of the conservative message in email and over the internet by Google, Optimum, AOL and possibly several others.

Email undeliverable? Or did the e-postman tear it up?

What started out as a minor concern as to why the number of emails we sent out were returned as “undeliverable or tagged as spam”  seemed to be increasing with every update, has now become a major concern and a very disturbing trend.

As we reported last week, we found that Optimum was using an email blocking company which apparently either scans email for content, looks for a specific sender, and blocks those falling into a certain criteria from reaching the recipient.  This censoring of their user’s content is done without them ever knowing that an email was blocked.

AOL and others such as Comcast also filter out email without informing the recipient but to the best of what we have found out they don’t use an outside software program.  They seem to have their own.

As many of us have known for sometime now, the use of free email services such as Google and a few others comes with great risk of compromise and the selling of email addresses as well as content to vendors and even, as we have found out recently, to the government.


Frustrated leftist gatekeepers

email subject to censorshipAs the people of this country depend less and less upon the main stream media for news and information they have turned to the internet where several sides to every issue can be found.  Not just the side the news room leftists want you to see.

As a result email, Facebook, Twitter and blogs have seen an amazing amount of activity and many, many people are finding out about government scandals, cover ups, forgeries and other crimes.   Unfortunately the same scoundrels who control the mainstream media are the ones with control over much of the services of the internet.

They have begun to quietly shut down as much conservative information as possible and the attacks are increasing daily. This past week one of the country’s most popular blogs  run by the hardest working patriots you will ever encounter was shut down and blocked by Google.  The site, Birther Report was identified by Google as a  dangerous threat.  While it is true the website is a threat, but only a threat to lies and corruption.

This site we have found, is not the only one which Google has blocked or falsely warned redirected visitors away from. There are many and the number grows everyday.

We will continue to compile as much information on this growing censorship trend but in the mean time everyone should know about it and take precautions.  For example, if you know someone has emailed you regularly and you stop getting them, you may be getting filtered.

Gmail users, take heed

Also, a big warning to all users of Google Gmail.   Protect your email list, your sends and your receives.  Our investigation has found hundreds of accounts were closed, without warning.  All the data is lost, all your email contacts gone, forever.  Google puts up a notice telling you your account was closed due to content violation.  When this happens there is no one in Google who will help you or even respond to you.


Protect your email address book by exporting it to a CVS file on your PC or laptop every few weeks.  More often if you have a volatile sign up process.

Remember, if Google closes your account, they will do it without warning and you will never get it back.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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Out of curiosity is your email using any of the common standards that help with not being flagged as spam? e.g. DMARC, SPF, or SMIME signed email.

Spam is an increasingly large portion of email traffic, so it is increasingly likely that mass emails not following any of these are flagged as spam without having to ascribe any political motivation.

Terry A. Hurlbut

That doesn’t explain certain ISP’s and e-mail providers flagging web sites as dangerous when they present no danger, except only to those who don’t appreciate their contents.


Sorry if I did only offered useful advice in the area that immediately came to mind. And since it was something of a non-response, I am going to assume none of the technologies I asked about are being used by the mailing list. I strongly suggest one of those be adopted.

Since you seem to want me to give more feedback, CSV exports feel like a cumbersome solution. If someone wishes to backup their google email, calendar, and contacts, I would recommend they adopt a program such as Thunderbird to do continuous incremental backups without having to be dependent upon remembering “every few weeks”. As a rule of thumb, if a backup isn’t automatic, it won’t happen.

BirtherReport says they were in fact delivering malware to users via a compromised third-party ad network. Unfortunate situation, but this is exactly what the google safe-browsing service is supposed to protected people from. It seems they managed to clear it up and get unblocked in short order.
link to

Other specific examples of sites incorrectly blocked by safe-browsing service, would be appreciated. I don’t think there were any more items in this article that can be verified one way or the other, so I’m probably done here unless more info is provided.

Fergus Mason

“The question is: are they applying their Terms of Service in a specious and duplicitous manner that amounts to selective application of the rules?”

When I’ve made my fortune selling exploitative, sex-infested airport novels to the masses, I’m going to spend my retirement running a bar. I’ll serve anyone aged 18 or over. Unless they’re wearing a baseball cap backwards or have their jeans halfway down the crack of their arse, gangsta style. That will be selective application of the rules. Which is fine, because it’ll be my bar. Just like it’s Google’s gmail.


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