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Lies or logic?



Flight MH 370 disappeared under circumstances similar to those of Flight QZ8501.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of this article it is important to understand that we are not instigating or supporting yet another “conspiracy theory”.  The blogs and social media are rife with speculation, fear and concerns about the way governments of the world manipulate, obfuscate and out and out lie to the people.  There is of course good reason for this apprehension.

Continuing on with this reflection, one needs to ask what is it that we know about that missing airliner. The unfortunate and honest answer is that we only know that the information we have been given thus far has changed over and over and the logic behind any of their profanations of fact, is anything but logical.

As the many countries involved in “this search”, which some may deem “this cover up”, expend millions of dollars searching the unsearchable, TPATH has decided to lay out what we know and what we are told we know.

Let’s begin

MH 370: lies or logic?Enough time has passed, just over 30 days now, since the ill fated Malaysian Flight 370 went missing. During that time only ObamaCare has been changed more often than government issued information.

So what are we supposed to think?  What are we supposed to believe?  To come to grips with this one needs to step back and compare facts to theories.

The theories list is made up of the various speculations, lies and manipulations which have been presented to the people through government spokesmen, flaky bloggers and conspiracy theoreticians.


The facts list is made up of only math, science and technical information. Then a comparison of the entire package will point to only one possible conclusion.

The Theories

  1. The pilot of the plane was doubly distraught over his wife leaving him and one of his friends being convicted of a crime.  So he decided to redirect the plane, take it into a nosedive and fly south and for 7 hours  258 passengers and crew sat like sheep and did nothing. There of course is no way, one suicidal pilot could keep that many people out of the cockpit for 7 hours.
  2. China, after not getting a radio response from the cockpit and without first scrambling fighter jets to investigate, took down Flight 370 with hundreds of their own citizens aboard. They then quickly sent out “cleanup” crews and hid the wreckage.
  3. The United States government needed several top officials of a new technology company, who were on board, to either be silenced or compromised.  So they had CIA operatives take control of the plane and land it on the island of Diego Garcia. This of course would draw less attention than, let’s say, abducting them from the street or their hotel rooms.
  4. The pilot was an Islamic fundamentalist in cahoots with Iranian terrorists who brazenly boarded the plane with identical sets of legs. Together they hijacked the plane, flew south for 7 hours into the deepest region of Indian Ocean and then crashed it where it would be almost impossible to find.
  5. As part of a long planned and well timed terrorist plot by Islamic fanatics and with the help of one or more Islamic countries, hijackers secured the flight, took evasive actions which included multiple elevation and direction changes which avoided tracking systems of the various countries. The Boeing 777 was then flown to a previously prepared landing strip either on a remote island north of Maldives or the mainland of Pakistan or Afghanistan.  The plane is now being prepared for a devastating  attack on an infidel populated capital.  Fate of the passengers and crew, unknown.

The Facts

  1. After its last contact with Malaysian Air traffic control the plane took evasive and controlled maneuvers which included dropping below high altitude radar systems.
  2. The plane changed course to a south west direction, almost 180 degrees off course.
  3. Transponders were shut off and radio communication ended hours before the plane crashed or landed.
  4. For more than 2 weeks, the finest radar tracking systems in the world, located in Australia, Diego Garcia and other countries claimed to not know where the plane went.
  5. Then, miraculously Australia and Malaysia found data which proved, they claim, the flight headed for the southern Indian Ocean.
  6. Without any verified evidence of wreckage, Malaysia announced the plane and all its passengers were lost in the bowels of the Indian Ocean.
  7. Several people living on a small island north of Diego Garcia, consistent with time and distance, reported seeing a low flying airliner heading north west towards an area where hundreds of small islands are located or even further, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  8. Passenger planes never carry more fuel than is required to travel according to the flight plan, with just a bit extra in case of being forced into a holding pattern. Carrying just the right amount of fuel is a very important way for airlines to save money and cut costs.
  9. An airliner flying under the radar would encounter dense atmosphere and a 7 hour fuel supply, calculated for about 40,000 feet, would be drastically reduced at lower altitudes.  So if the plane had evaded the sophisticated tracking systems of the US located in Diego Garcia or those deployed by Australia on its western coast, it needed to fly low.  That would have reduced flying time by more than half. Under those conditions the plane could not have had the fuel to reach the Indian Ocean where they are now searching.
  10. The black box which begins pinging a radio signal once the device senses moisture, does so in a world communication controlled radio frequency.  That transmit frequency is 37.5 khz.  No other transmitting systems, world wide, are permitted to transmit in that range.  In fact radio transmitters are not allowed to be manufactured that will transmit in  37.5 khz.
  11. When a radio wave receiver picks up any signal at any frequency, even the cheapest of sets will display the exact frequency it is receiving. This is important because when Australia and others claim they might have received the black box ping, there would be no might about it.  It was 37.5 khz or it wasn’t.  So why would they not be sure? The only thing they seem to be sure of is the need to cover their butts if Flight 370 makes an unauthorized flight sometime in the future.
  12. Most black boxes, not all but most, will not begin pinging, even in a crash, if it is not in water. Its actual name is ULB (underwater locator beacon).  “Black Box” is the name used to identify this equipment, which in itself is strange since its actual color is yellowish orange. So it is entirely possible that Flight 370’s ULB has never sent nor will it ever send, even one ping.
  13. While the black boxes are built to survive very extreme impacts which will protect the internal data, the transponder (unit which sends 37.5 khz ping) is usually built into the handle of the device and not internally with the data saving hardware. This does and has put the transmitter in jeopardy.

There are of course several other theories and for sure other pertinent facts that have not been listed here.

Lies or logic?

Tomorrow the plane’s debris my be discovered where they are telling us it crashed. But having been well earned, cynicism abounds and at this point it would be very difficult for anyone to believe anything that is said to be found 14,000 feet under the surface of the Indian Ocean.

So there you have it. You can let logic, history and common sense guide you to a sound conclusion or you can decide that, this time, you are being told the truth.

Reprinted from TPATH

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[…] Lies or logic? […]

Rod Martin, Jr.

Very good, Dwight. Conspiracy theories can be good to explore the possibilities, especially when compared to the facts (even if they are conspiracy facts).

And yet, logic can sometimes be lies, too. Forgiveness is not logical. But holding onto resentment is a lie, even though it is very logical. Only the Truth can set us free. Perfect responsibility through love allows us to rise above being victim of any evil, including this disaster, 9/11 or any other. With these things, even turning the other cheek becomes effortless.


” it is important to understand that we are not instigating or supporting yet another “conspiracy theory””

Maybe not another, but my word, you certainly went hell for leather at every other conspiracy theory 9especially the Muslim-bashing ones) under the sun. The only one you’ve left out was the ‘abducted by UFOs’ theory – probably because you can’t blame Muslims for that yet.

I look forward to a full retraction and apology when then find the wreckage and the black boxes.

oh wait… silly me… the contents of the boxes will totally be faked.

Terry A. Hurlbut

It’s looking like a mighty big “if.” Let’s see whether anyone finds those boxes.


The plane is at the bottom of the sea, and all the passengers and crew are dead. End of story.

Terry A. Hurlbut

Then why have some officials involved in the search now started to wonder whether that aircraft was ever in the drink?


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