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World government: Obama’s true agenda



The United Nations, and especially its General Assembly, is chief instrument of globalism and international government today, and precursor of world government. (And zero population growth) The UN works against the sovereignty of nation-states.

The old concept of world government has surfaced again, today via the United Nations affinity of Barack Obama. But it has come more insidiously via his anti-American pronouncements and policies. These are a potpourri of mutually contradictory doctrines. One may call them Muslim, Multicultural, Moral Relativism, for the lack of a better taxonomy.

Not an empty suit

Obama’s detractors have nonetheless called him “an Empty Suit,” a man devoid of any clear-cut national identity. But this vague and innocuous depiction obscures his real and insidious character. So let’s remove his “suit.”

Obama’s political objective is to emasculate and disembowel the United States. How? By:

  1. Appointing Muslims to his administration, including the CIA and Department of Homeland Security.
  2. Undermining American’s national identity by facilitating an influx of Muslim immigrants that do not share American values.
  3. Commuting the prison sentences of more criminals than the previous six presidents combined.
  4. Support of same-sex marriage and transgender toilets.

All this and more has the aim to destroy America’s national identity and Judeo-Christian ethos.

This backdrop explains Obama’s 2004 explosion into American politics waving the banner of “Change”. By change Obama meant nothing less than “regime change”. Such change logically necessitates a combination of national policies and geopolitical decisions. He seeks to subvert America’s foundational documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Federal Constitution, on the one hand, and force America’s retreat from being a pivotal world power on the other.

Conspicuous in these policies and decisions is the utter inversion of American Exceptionalism. Obama doubly abhors this as he must as a self-professed Muslim (illogically) animated by an atheistic Marxist agenda.

From United Nations to world government

Moreover, Obama’s Marxist-cum-Muslim agenda negates the concept of the nation-state (or of national sovereignty.) This conduces to the transformation of the United Nations into a world government. This once prominent Liberal and post-World War II objective is anything but Liberal.

Indeed, a world government in our time would necessitate not only an absolute monopoly of military power. It would also require a worldwide network of spies in every state and country, to thwart any local attempt to develop nuclear weapons that could challenge that central power!

This would be the consequence of a modern Islamic caliphate. Obama symbolically endorsed this when he bowed to the monarch of Saudi Arabia. Obama did this shortly after he, the first black American, became President of the United States. This seemingly clueless President may herald the most horrendous tyranny in human history!

This is what is at stake if Obama wins a “third term” via Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election.◙

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It’s time to safeguard our families…

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That’s what I believe.

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