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One voter, more than one vote



Dead people voting: ballots returned marked "deceased". Part of a likely voter fraud coup attempt. Ballot harvesting circumvents this kind of check. Votes for the dead are a prime example of voter fraud in America.

It is no secret that voter fraud has played a huge part in many elections in this country and for many years. Sometimes it happens on a small scale which only affects a local school board. But it also happens on a larger scale which can affect the direction of an entire country.

Obama “confirms” voter fraud, by trying to deride it

For any of those who had any doubt, the Faux President Obama just confirmed the existence of voter fraud. Those of course were not the actual words of the Liar in Chief. What he actually said in a recent speech was “anyone who suspects such things are nothing but conspiracy nuts”. So of course, consistent with his questionable character, his penchant and history of having minimal contact with the truth as well as his absolute disdain for the intelligence of the American people, if “Bobama” says one thing, you can take it to the bank, it’s for a certainty, the exact opposite is true. Curiously, not more than a few weeks earlier he had his administration announced that his Federal Government, the one the American people have come to know, love and trust, may have to take control of the upcoming election.

Why? You silly, voter fraud and election rigging of course. However, not by his sweet and honorable Democratic Party. Oh no, it’s the Russians and Donald Trump. It seem his Democrats are not quite smart enough to figure out how to rig elections but Trump and Putin, they are. Don’t try to figure this out. It’s liberal speak. One has to be one to understand one.

A few things that never happen, according to Barry

  • Dead people voting for Democrats even if many of the dead guys were Republicans before assuming room temperature.
  • Voters registered and voting in more than one state.
  • Rigged electronic voting machines.
  • Destruction of pre-mailed ballots.
  • Preventing military votes from overseas from being counted.
  • Criminal deletion of ballots.
  • Felonious activity of last minute lever pulling by officials for voters who did not show up.
  • Allowing both registered and unregistered people to vote in multiple locations.
  • Permitting illegal immigrants to vote if they have driver’s licenses.
  • Permitting illegal immigrants to vote even without a driver’s license.

By the way, all these activities are crimes which authorities seldom, if ever, prosecute. Why not? Because in most cases these people are Democrats and Democrats do not break voter laws. We know that because Obama said so.

What’s a Trump voter to do about this?

One voter can still persuade more than one other voter to come and vote.If, as stated in the title you and all your friends who are supporters of Donald Trump or desire an end to the vermin infested sewer called Washington DC, want to produce many, many votes in this election and do it legally, how can that be done?

The answer in a second. But first it is good to revisit some of the comments and or excuses we all have heard about why many don’t vote. The most prolific is, “my vote is just one and it just does not matter. The election outcome will be the same whether I cast a vote or not.” People make more excuses for not voting, but the one you most likely won’t hear is:

Frankly, I’m just too damned lazy.

Legally you can enter the voting booth just once for a particular election. But there is no limit to the number of people you can persuade to enter and vote. There is only one constraint on how many people you can drive to the voting place or to convince to vote for Trump. That being time and location. So if apathy and slothfulness is not the reason for not voting and you truly do think that your one vote matters little, remember that you can empower your vote.

Everyone you get to vote, who would not have, is for all intent and purpose, another vote cast by you. If you drive people to the polls who would not have voted otherwise, each of their votes can be attributed to your count. If hundreds or thousands of people across this country do that, you and your vote will count and count greatly.

Please note

When driving people to the polls be sure they will be voting the right way because you should not consider this effort of yours some politically correct endeavor. Leave that to the do gooders and the phonies.

So, do you have more than one vote? In the words of a great Alaskan Patriot, you betcha! We have just under 3 weeks left for each of us to increase our vote totals and do it without breaking the law. So let’s get to work!


A Trump voter should wear red.Final note: Remember to wear red on Election Day. To the polls, to work, to the store, to pick up your kids. Just in case Obama is wrong and their are sweet law abiding Democrats planning to imitate the Russians. A show of support for Trump just might offer up a little concern about doing some heretofore non-existent Democratic cheating.

Further note: Bobama is the name Obama used when emailing Hillary’s illegal server. And Obama claims he knew nothing about that server until he saw it in the news.

Reprint from TPATH



  1. JeffA

    October 22, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    Death and voting records are both public records in most (all?) states.
    So I’ve always been curious about the dead voting. There are some corner cases like someone casting a mail ballot but dying before election day or name collisions that would require individual follow-up, but shouldn’t it be easy for any citizen to audit the record to prove if this is a problem? It wouldn’t say for whom the dead voted, but it doesn’t seem like the practice can be kept secret.

    • Terry A. Hurlbut

      October 23, 2016 at 5:09 am

      Nevertheless, the practice has gone on in secret for fifty years. Ditto registering in multiple States, and failing to clean the voter rolls. No one has pursued such audits before. Now they are, and the findings are striking. Striking enough to question the legitimacy of the political history of the United States and of the several States for the last fifty years.

  2. JeffA

    October 24, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    With all due respect, a long-term secret without evidence is usually derided as conspiracy-mongering.

    Can you point me to one of these audits that shows specific numbers for verifiable “dead” votes?

    • Terry A. Hurlbut

      October 25, 2016 at 5:33 am

      In Cook County, Illinois, a voter changed parties and voted straight down-the-line Democratic for, I believe, twenty-four years–after he died.

      The evidence for “fifty years” is the boast by Democratic operatives, which James O’Keefe’s mole caught on video. “We’ve been doing this for fifty years, and we’re not stopping now.”

      The conspiracy is therefore real, unless you choose to challenge the mental competency of every potential material witness on the O’Keefe videos.

  3. JeffA

    October 25, 2016 at 11:21 am

    I am purposefully not addressing any O’Keefe’s videos because that is a new claim. One thing at a time. What do the tangible records show, which should be obvious. No hidden camera’s required to verify those.

    Which audit discovered this Cook County voter?
    Does this voter have a name?
    Can you point to a records of his death notice and voting activity? Or a similar audit of records substantiating any of this claim?
    How would we know how he voted? Those sorts specifics are not supposed to be recorded.

    • Terry A. Hurlbut

      October 25, 2016 at 1:29 pm

      The surviving grandson of the voter in question appeared on Mr. Graham Ledger’s television program, _The Daily Ledger_, yesterday evening at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, and made the claim. I didn’t catch his name.

      I presume the grandson found out about the party switching because someone re-registered him as a Democrat.

      To my certain knowledge, from my own experiences as an election officer in New Jersey, New Jersey does not clean its voter rolls. Many times I had voters appear before me and complain of still receiving sample ballots addressed to their dead or moved-out relatives. And in New Jersey, they don’t check ID’s.

      Now here in Henrico County, Virginia, we check ID’s, and hand out paper ballots, wait for the voters to mark them, then feed them to a scanner. The scanner then dumps them into a locked cabinet. I say we because I recently accepted training as an election officer.

      I call on you to examine the O’Keefe claims. I challenge you to show just cause to reject those claims. Be these claims old or new, that is incompetent, irrelevant, and immaterial. And when a man boasts of having done this sort of chicane for fifty years, and declaring this behavior will not stop, I tend to accept that as worthy of further investigation.

      I challenge you to declare whether the existence and persistence of such behavior concerns you in any way, shape or form. Since the rooting-out of such fraud would likely make the socialization of America far more difficult for you than otherwise, I predict with ninety-five-percent confidence that you will continue to treat this evidence with but two words: “so” and “what.” Then understand this: Donald J. Trump acted entirely correctly in refusing to concede defeat, if defeat comes, ahead of any consideration of margins of defeat or where those margins came.

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