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Climate change: find a believer



Sendai, Japan, after the earthquake. Global warming, or runaway climate change, did not cause this.

Several years ago, after months of Obama and leftist agenda having been forced down America’s throat, the next logical step for that crazed cabal was an all-out effort to convince the masses that man was heating up the planet. During that time TPATH did some research which proved beyond any modicum of doubt that mankind is having close to zero effect on climate change.

Their own estimates still fall short of runaway climate change

The research paper we put out used information and data as promoted by the leftist group The Sierra Club. Using their very clearly exaggerated estimates of the amount of carbon dioxide that human activity was guilty of polluting the atmosphere with, we produced shocking results. Shocking at least to those who might have expected Armageddon. Our conclusions were not based upon speculation, false presumptions or manipulated data or computer programs designed to reach a pre-ordained outcome. Could anyone imagine that any government agency would ever do such a thing?

We applied our research and looked for answers by way of the universal language of mathematics. We applied the data, ran the numbers and the results were devastating to the MMGW agenda, not the planet. More on these calculations in a few minutes. But first it is important to know that when we released this report we had, during our research, garnered a very impressive list of Man Made Global Warming “experts”. We sent our report to each of them and asked for their comments.

Care to guess how many of them, including Algore, endeavored to either contest or concur with our findings? Care to guess how many of the 15 even bothered to answer our request for an explanation? The answer is just one. That was from the world renowned astronomer and mathematician Paul Davies. His remarks were short and to the point.“I can’t dispute your calculations” he wrote.

They don’t believe it themselves

Find a believer in climate change willing to admit: the figures don't add up.Keeping in mind that the collectivist groups which make up the so called leadership in all the various realms of leftist ideology, which includes not just global warming, but gun control, the moral decay of individualism, drug use and the eradication of God, really do not believe their own rhetoric. These missions are simply the tools they use to attain the ultimate goal.Unfettered control over the masses. The same masses which believe the lies and misrepresentations being relentlessly pounded into them, can be counted on to use their hearts, totally disconnected from their brains, to empower the scoundrels. History has shown these are the very people who are the first to be churned into mulch as the gears of the socialist regimes grind forward into ultimate and absolute control. Every generation has them, every so faux revolution needs them.

Carbon dioxide is not a poison

One of the two basic tenants of the MMGW crowd is based upon a very easily disproved falsehood. This first one is that CO2 is a poison. That it is deadly and toxic. They went so far as to coerce liberal justices on the US Supreme Court to declare it so. That is one of the main reasons why thoseblack robed nitwitsshould do their best to avoid anything which requires common sense and remain inside the realm of their supposed expertise, the Constitution.

A question you could ask of a true believer, one such as that world famous intellectual thinker, Bill Maher, who recently claimed that Trump doesn’t need Sarin gas to kill people. According to dippy Billy, because of deregulation, the Trumpster is going to poison the world with carbon dioxide.

Lefties out there, pay attention. If CO2 were toxic, Coca Cola and every soda manufacturing company in the in the world has been poisoning the people for 100’s of years. That, by the way includes sparkling wine and champagne. The only danger in these products is the sugar and the alcohol, not the CO2. While there is a danger in having too much CO2 in an enclosed area, it’s not because of toxicity but that it could displace oxygen and cause suffocation. It’s called asphyxiation, not poisoning.

Carbon dioxide is a trace gas

The second fabrication about CO2 is that man is producing it at such a large volume each year that the percentage in the atmosphere is increasing and causing a “greenhouse” effect and warming the planet. Whether or not the percentage is increasing and whether or not it is man that is causing that increase, both are completely irrelevant. Why? It’s in the math.

As with the first fabrication, we can approach this one with a question to believers. The question is this.“What percentage of CO2 is in the atmosphere?” It is very unlikely that even the staunchest of MMGW enthusiasts will have any idea. I have actually had a NOAA scientist and firm believer man is destroying the planet and melting the ice caps, guess the percentage was 40%!!!!!

Here is the dirty little secret. The latest reading stood at .043%. While calculations made by real scientists show that humans are responsible for 3.1% of that total, the aforementioned stalwart of independent thought, the Sierra Club, claims man generates 14% of the total. So let’s assume the actual amount lies somewhere in the middle and use an exaggerated number of 8%. A simple calculation shows that 8% of .043% equals 0.00344%. As a pure decimal the amount of CO2 man puts in the atmosphere is .000034.

Tiny reductions even after the most drastic measures

Keep in mind as we finish off these calculations that core samples taken and analyzed by true scientists have shown that many times in the earth’s past CO2 levels have been as much as 60% higher than they are today, during which time the earth’s temperature was lower than it is today. Go figure!

If we are to believe that we could actually do something that would reduce CO2 levels what exactly would that be? Let’s take the percentage amount man produces which is 0.00344%. Then consider what it would take to cut our contribution in half to 0.0017%. To do that ½ of the population of the planet would need to go. Adios people! One half of every carbon producing factory, car, truck, house, etc. would have to go. After reducing the world’s population by half, as well as world production by the same amount, the total percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere would then be .0413%.

The final question you could present to a global warming lunatic would be this. “Would you like to volunteer yourself and your family to be part of the 50% reduction of mankind and his activities in order to lower CO2 levels by 0.0017%?” Step right up!

Reprint from TPATH

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