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Donald Trump says Minority Leader McConnell is “folding to the Democrats”



Former President Donald Trump released a statement accusing Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell of “folding” to Democrats.

“Looks like Mitch McConnell is folding to the Democrats, again,” Trump said in a statement on Wednesday afternoon. “He’s got all of the cards with the debt ceiling, it’s time to play the hand. Don’t let them destroy our country!” Trump’s statement came hours after McConnell offered Democrats a deal on temporarily resolving the impasse.

This news comes after McConnell’s offer to let Democrats kick the debt ceiling issue back a couple of months; both sides reached a deal overnight to hike country’s borrowing limit by $480 billion dollars.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas backed Trump on this. “Of course,” Cruz said when asked if he thought McConnell had folded. “I think the Democratic threats to destroy the filibuster caused him to give in” [MSN].

But many Republicans disagreed with Trump’s statement. “He’s not here right now,” quipped Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. “It’s just the reality of the situation, this is [Democrats’] deficit spending, they have control of the legislative and executive branch, they have every ability to increase the debt ceiling.”

“I’m not concerned about anything but policy,” said Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa. “I’ll leave the punditry to others,” said Sen. Josh Hawley. “But I’ve always said that I’m not going to vote for a debt ceiling increase.”

Several Republican senators declined to say anything at all. “No comment on anything,” said Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina. Sens. Bill Hagerty of Tennessee and John Kennedy of Louisiana, also declined to comment, staring downward as Insider asked each about Trump’s statement [The Hill].

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