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Georgia resident files complaint against Herschel Walker accusing him of voter fraud



A Georgia resident has filed a formal complaint with the Georgia Attorney General’s office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations accusing Senate candidate Herschel Walker of voter fraud after he claimed a homestead exemption for a home he owns in Texas the same years he registered to vote and voted in Georgia.

The complaint, filed by Ann Gregory Roberts, claims Walker committed voter fraud in 2021 and 2022 when he voted as a registered Georgia voter while simultaneously filing for a tax exemption in Texas for a home he owns in Westlake in Tarrant County.

Walker received a $1,500 tax credit for each of the last two years while actively registered to vote in Georgia. 

“Herschel Walker registered to vote in Georgia in 2021 and voted in the 2022 primary and general elections despite simultaneously claiming a homestead tax exemption in Tarrant County, Texas,” reads Roberts’ complaint. “To be eligible for a homestead exemption in Texas, a property must be owned and occupied as the owner’s principal residence.”

According to Texas law, in order to be eligible for the homestead exemption, a homeowner must “use the home as his or her principal residence on Jan. 1” of the tax year in question.

According to the complaint, Georgia records show Walker listed a residence in Buckhead County, Georgia, as his principal residence in 2021, when he registered to vote in the state, and in 2022, when he voted in 2022 elections.

Walker is facing off next week in a run-off election that could give the winning party a leg up in the sharply divided next Senate. Georgia voters have shown up to the polls for early voting in record numbers in what promises to be another midterms showdown next Tuesday.

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