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Russian troops could get $170,000 for capturing Ukrainian tanks



Russian company Fores, which specializes in oil products, have offered Russian soldiers an incentive for capturing a Ukrainian tank.

Any Russian soldier who is able to capture an intact American-made M-1 or German-made Leopard 2 will be rewarded with 5 million rubles ($72,000.)  This amount is nearly 4 times the average annual salary in Russia.

The Pavel Sudoplatov Battalion, which is an international volunteer unit that fights along with Russian forces in southern Ukraine, doubled down on Fores’ offer.

The Pavel Sudoplatov Battalion offered 12 million rubles for every working Leopard 2, M-1 or Challenger 2 tank; this would increase the reward to $170,000.

Russian officials said they were pleased with the private bounty offers. “As for these tanks, we have already said they will burn,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. “With such incentives, I think there will be even more enthusiasts.”


The Kremlin has also reportedly offered its own bounties, the independent Conflict Intelligence Team confirmed on Friday. CIT highlighted a recent social media post from the mayor of Novosibirsk, which is a city in southern Siberia.

The mayor appeared to offer a bounty to the Russian defense ministry: 500,000 rubles, or $6,500 for the destruction of Leopard 2, Abrams or Challenger 2 tank; 300,000 rubles—$3,900—for each HIMARS and Tochka-U rocket launcher a Russian or allied soldier knocks out. 200,000 rubles, or $2,600, for a helicopter, 100,000 rubles—$1,300—for an older tank type.

No reward will be offered if a tank is either destroyed by Russian forces or is severely damaged after going over a landmine.

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