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Trump indicted by Soros surrogate

A George Soros surrogate indicted Donald Trump, and is making a mockery of the rule of law in the process, to fulfill a campaign promise.

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Donald Trump v. George Soros

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 7th day of April in the year of our Lord 2023. This is Good Friday near the conclusion of Holy Week, a week in which a New York City prosecutor who was funded and therefore placed in office by a Nazi collaborator who said he had fun delivering his fellow Jews to the Nazis. A low point in American history has been reached with the indictment of Donald Trump on bogus charges by a Soros surrogate DA.

Alvin Bragg v. Donald Trump – promise made, promise kept

District Attorney Alvin Bragg fulfilled his most important campaign promise and that was to get Donald Trump. I’m going to get him, he said. Yes, it appears the fix was in from the get-go but nevertheless Donald Trump now faces 34 felony charges. The position of district attorney is an elected office in New York City. To win elective office in a massive city one must have money to fund a campaign and get his message out. The honest candidate will take his appeal to the public and ask them to support him if they like his message.

Some, however, choose to go the route of accepting their money from Nazi Collaborators and advocates of mass murder. And that is what Alvin Bragg decided to do. The video of Soros admitting that he helped the Nazis hunt down his fellow Jews and then laughing about it and saying it was fun is still available on YouTube.

According to Colonel Douglas Macgregor Soros also pushes for direct war between America, NATO, and Russia. Why? Because Russia is the last country with an Orthodox Christian Culture and must, therefore, be destroyed.

Alvin went to George Soros – and selectively applies the law

Yes folks that is the man Alvin Bragg went to for money. And that is the man who helped put him in office to fulfill his campaign pledge. What does all that mean for the rule of law already severely under threat in America? The rule of law is most importantly a belief that:


No one is above the law, and

It will be applied fairly and evenly to those who are accused.

No matter how you feel about Donald Trump whether you hate him or love him what is happening to him is a travesty and beneath contempt in a nation which once rested on a belief in the rule of law.

What about all those felonies presented to the grand jury? The indictment was sealed but someone leaked its contents to the media. Which is also a felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison, but oh well who cares about that. The 34 felony counts involve falsification of business records. That is normally looked at as a bookkeeping mistake or just sloppy bookkeeping, but if charged as a crime it is a misdemeanor. The district attorney made it into a series of felonies on the grounds that it was designed to conceal an underlying felony, violating election finance law. So, a Soros District Attorney brought an indictment for a bookkeeping mistake against a former US President while he refuses to prosecute and downgrades violent felonies to no bail.

What misdemeanor did Trump commit, if any?

The misdemeanor, if anything, was for supposedly characterizing money legally paid to Stormy Daniels and others for a nondisclosure agreement as legal expenses. She turned out to be an extortionist for which he sued her and won. He is also accused of making payments to The National Enquirer to squelch a story.


Stacking is the second of this prosecutor’s skirting of the law. That is the process of taking one crime and breaking it into as many pieces as possible to get more crimes. The crimes are just made up in the mind of the prosecutor who doesn’t bother to hide his preconceived prejudice. Its warfare politics not justice and it should be beneath a lawyer’s dignity let alone a DA.

For the sake of the nation someone is going to have to address the double standard. The concept of the rule of law and a one-tiered system of law that has existed since the Magna Charta are both at stake. Let’s look for a moment at the double standard. Hillary Clinton maintained an unsecured private email server processing classified material and destroyed tens of thousands of emails, all potential evidence. She also destroyed physical phones and blackberry devices. Hillary operated the server out of her New York kitchen apparently to avoid Freedom of Information Act Requests, a crime designed to avoid the discovery of other crimes. She also paid money, campaign money perhaps, for the fabricated Steele Dossier, and its total fabrication of the Trump as Russian agent lie.

Will this be the last?

This may be the first indictment of a former president and it may have all those George Soros Democrats salivating. But perhaps it will not be the last. Perhaps next up is the Hunter Biden case. So perhaps Joe Biden will have the opportunity to watch his surviving son spend a few years in federal prison. Perhaps Joe Biden will just be waiting for when he is defeated in 2024 so he can join Hunter in federal prison. Or perhaps he will see the handwriting and just pardon everyone. Once Joe is out of office perhaps some obscure DA will decide he wants to get him.

Thanks to George Soros and his surrogate Alvin Bragg, Pandora’s Box has been opened and its game on for political opponents now. Perhaps an elderly and retired Nancy Pelosi will be indicted for insider trading. After all Martha Stewart went to prison for less. Perhaps some prosecutor will start combing through the financial records of the Clinton family, finding payoff money to unsavory characters. What about all those Democrat members of Congress who are constantly accused of doing things for which we are expected to just look the other way? My point is that a line has been crossed that can never again be uncrossed.

Weaponization of justice, courtesy of Soros

Yes, this is weaponization of the “justice system” against a political opponent and it reeks to high heaven with unfairness. The criminal establishment now in charge from this Soros DA to the CIA, FBI, and the Democrat Party use law only as a weapon against their opponents. What about the media? Could the media like The New York Times and The Washington Post with their armies of Ivy League reporters, could they help investigate this non crime? Don’t make me laugh folks. The media, especially the part of it I just mentioned, are virtually wholly owned subsidiaries of the establishment I also just mentioned.


It is virtually impossible to have a free society without a free press and independent media. In fact, it is useless to say something isn’t fair without an independent media to investigate and report. But unfortunately in America today the only function of the media is to support and reinforce official lies. The media wants this high-profile case just as the elite does. Because it reinforces repression and tells all opponents of the regime to be careful because you could be next.

War is politics by other means

Yes, sometimes we play the “but what about” game but in this case it is so obviously a weaponization of the system that is supposed to be “fair” that it brings out both rage and sadness. War is politics by other means as Von Clausewitz said. So I suppose everything is fair once war is declared and it all becomes a desperate fight for survival. So in that light and in full knowledge of what it says about the leadership of this country I play the what about game at least momentarily.

Just a couple of weeks ago the House Oversight Committee which now is Republican led revealed that the Biden family had, through an associate, received more than $1million from a Chinese energy company. You are probably aware that in China all corporations are just arms of the Chinese Communist Party. Joe Biden’s brother Jim, his son Hunter, and his deceased son’s widow Hallie received significant funds as did another account named simply “Biden.” Could that account be owned or directed by the “Big Guy.”

Biden v. Trump

It’s very interesting indeed how easily, without a care in the world the Biden family has shrugged off all these allegations. The Democrat media refuses to look at it and the White House just circles the wagons secure in its protection by the media cavalry. We have years and years of breathless reporting on the Trump-Russia Hillary Clinton invented lie, but stone silence about the Biden-China connection. The president has financial ties to a rival communist superpower, oh well nothing to see here folks just move along.

What about Donald Trump and the possibility that he could get a fair trial? Or that these bogus charges could be dismissed by an honest judge? The Trump defense team says that it intends to pursue a motion to dismiss based on prosecutorial misconduct among other points. The answer to that is that this Soros DA probably plotted out where he would bring his bogus case before his campaign for the office.


Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime – Beria

Show me the man and I will show you the crime.

Those were the words of Lavrentiy Beria, chief of the secret police as well as the author and conductor of Stalin’s reign of terror. Alvin Bragg is in good company then because Beria is a fine example for him. After all, he oversaw the arrest, torture, and murder of tens of millions. Can Trump get a fair trial then in New York City? Will he be tried before a jury of his peers who passionately desire to hear the facts of the case and make an honest decision as to whether Mr. Bragg has proven every element of the crime charged beyond a reasonable doubt?

No, I don’t think so and I will have to stand with Alan Dershowitz on that score. A motion to change venue will be filed but will this Democrat judge agree that he cannot preside over a fair trial. Judge Juan Manuel Merchan has a Democrat activist 34 year old daughter who worked in Kamala Harris’ campaign and on many other Democrat campaigns including that of Joe Biden. She runs a business helping Democrat candidates. Trump said that the judge is from a family of well-known Trump haters and it appears that he was right. It also turns out the among her clients is Adam Schiff who while a California Congressman led the first effort to impeach Trump.

Prove his innocence?

Nancy Pelosi, who was speaker of the House for many years, said that all is well. And it will be fair because he will get the chance to prove his innocence.

I could just chalk that appalling statement up to ignorance if the situation were not so vitally important. But it is. It makes the charge of unfairness and already decided jump out even more. I have to say it anyway. No Nancy, this is still America despite your efforts and in America he does not have to prove his innocence. But instead the Soros DA must prove every element of the offense charged beyond a reasonable doubt.

Trump remains cautiously and guardedly defiant in the face of what is happening to him. He spoke when he got back to Florida and reminded people of how the Democrats spied on him and his campaign. They launched fraudulent investigations against him, including the Russian collusion lie along with two bogus impeachment trials. He accused the FBI and DOJ of relentlessly pursuing Republicans while protecting Hunter Biden. He couched the indictment as election interference meaning that it is being done to prevent his reelection.


Trump says: they’re after you, and I am in the way

Trump is the proxy for all of us. He stands in the place of people like me and he is right when he says they are coming for me but the real message is for you. The Republican elite wants rid of Trump almost as much as the Democrat elite because they are totally sold out to the Neocon warfare regime. Trump is the choice of ordinary men and women who are powerless. We owe him a debt of gratitude for one thing if for nothing else and that is that he revealed very clearly that the elite from the Washington swamp despite all dignified titles such as FBI, CIA, DOJ, and the like are totally corrupt and cannot be trusted and should not be respected.

Finally, folks, the Democrat and Republican elite have us on a course leading to nuclear war. Trump can position himself as the anti-war candidate to oppose the coming nonsensical war. If he does then who knows, maybe he could win, but no, that would be impossible because he opposes the elite war machine it is virtually impossible for him to be elected again. I didn’t say nominated, I said elected.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.


From; appears by permission.

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