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Hatred of Israel, or hatred of all Jews?

The Fourth Arab-Israeli War has sparked an outbreak, or resurgence, of hatred, not only against Israel but against all Jews everywhere.

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The face of victims of modern hatred of Jews: Anne Frank school photo 1941 by Robert Sullivan.

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 10th day of November in the year of our Lord 2023. I will be talking once again about the war in Gaza and exploring the hatred being expressed against Jews around the world. It seems that the hatred expressed is not just against Israel, but Jews in general. And that said hatred is coming primarily1 from the very far left rather than the very far right.

Happy birthday, Marines!

I cannot begin this report without noting that today is the Marine Corps’ 248th birthday so happy birthday Marines. Tomorrow is Veterans’ Day, and how appropriate that days are set aside to honor those who have fought the nation’s wars over the centuries because once again we find the world at war and threatened with annihilation. Our current war is on the other side of the world, but as usual the United States is right in the middle of it as a willing participant.

Hatred of the Jews – worldwide

My subject today is not so much war as it is hatred being expressed around the world against Jews. Here in America, last Saturday 10’s of thousands of people marched on the White House. They screamed Allahu Akbar which means God is Great. Along with God is Great they screamed various vile profanities which seemed to be directed personally at President Joe Biden. They attempted to breach the White House security cordon but were denied access by armed and uniformed Secret Service and other White House Security. They defaced government property by committing acts of vandalism including spray painting and throwing blood on various monuments.

To my knowledge the government did not label this an insurrection and thousands of people were not arrested and held in solitary confinement.2 To my knowledge the FBI has not run face recognition software to identify others who may have been in Washington that day with the intent of arresting them as well. I don’t know for sure whether there were more FBI informants and instigators in the protest than protesters.

Call for annihilation

I’m getting a little carried away, I know. Because this report is about hatred of Jews not the government’s hatred of all who object to its world view. The crowd screamed,


From the river to the sea,

Palestine will be free!

That chant is growing in popularity despite the deadly attacks by Hamas on Israeli civilians last month. The phrase means the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel and is therefore anti-Jew, I will argue. Long live the Intifada they chanted which is an Arabic word referring to a Palestinian uprising.

The demonstration, protest, riot, or whatever you choose to call it is not even what I’m talking about because it is easily explainable. The people in Washington last Saturday came from across the country to express support for Palestinians. Why? Because they are Palestinians, or at least Middle Easterners for the most part. They are part of the massive immigration or invasion policies orchestrated by the Obama and Biden administrations, and made necessary by the wars of the two Bush administrations. They also represent very clearly why other Middle East countries like Egypt for example, refuse to admit Palestinian refugees. (And why they were expelled from Kuwait.) They are often trouble for the regime and other countries know it from experience.

A hatred one cannot explain

The type of hatred those people expressed is explainable and understandable. The kind of hatred I am really talking about today is hatred expressed by people who have no dog in this Gaza fight, and who seem to have only a sketchy understanding of history and what is happening currently. The Hamas assault on Israel of October 7th has provoked a surge in acts of antisemitism around the world. It has also awakened a repressed fear or horror in Jewish populations worldwide. Everything that happens in this war makes the problem worse.

Do war crimes justify other war crimes? I will let you, my listeners, decide that for yourselves. War is not a game for gentlemen but is instead a brutal assault on all humanity. War is like Satan’s joke on humanity as he laughs at the screaming support of death on both sides. The barbaric assault and murder of some 1400 Israelis and the taking of some 200 to 250 civilian hostages are war crimes for sure. But what kind of response is justified?

An example of the Israeli response

For example, last week a densely populated portion of one of the largest refugee camps in Gaza was demolished by multiple 2000-pound Israeli bombs, killing hundreds of Palestinian civilians, most of them women and children. I saw and heard usually pro-Israel AIPAC staffer Wolf Blitzer question an Israeli military spokesman about the attack and the horrific loss of life. When asked if it was an Israeli attack the spokesman said, yes. Because there was a Hamas commander believed to be in the camp so the attack was justified.


War, as I said, is Satan’s game and is played by his rules. I could look at any war fought in history and find more than one example of what are now called war crimes on each side. Does a war crime including the blatant, televised one I just mentioned justify hating and persecuting individual Jews a continent away who had nothing to do with it? The answer is that of course it does not. But war is a convenient excuse for the hatred we are seeing today, especially, and surprisingly from young people.

Threats against Jewish staff – at UPenn

The FBI tells us that it is looking at violent threats made against the Jewish staff members of one of our Ivy League schools. The University of Pennsylvania, one of the 10 members of the Ivy League and home to the most respected business school in the nation, has been the home of violent extremists apparently. No, folks these are not white sheet wearing Klansmen. These are students at a university which only the very brightest students among us can attend. Several Jewish staff members at Penn received emails threatening violence and attacking their “personal identities.”

The threats sparked numerous safety sweeps at the university and especially at the Jewish center and other religious houses on campus. Campus police said they found no credible threat during their sweeps. But they admitted that it was disturbing and the atmosphere at Penn is now one of fear instead of learning. What kind of sick, diseased mind does something like this? Well just that, a sick diseased mind – and apparently the nation’s universities have plenty of them. Penn is just the most obvious, but certainly not the only one. I have noticed that the more prestigious the college, the more elite the students, the wealthier the parents, the more privileged the whole class, the more aggrieved they all appear to be.

Faces of hatred

The FBI insists it is working feverishly to identify threats and the people involved. I don’t have any reason to doubt that. I have a vision of Jewish kids living in fear on our campuses because of these sick people. But that appears to be our society today. Penn reacted in the usual academic way to these threats by initially supported the pro-Palestinian demonstrators. But when they saw how serious it was, they appointed an antisemitic investigation committee to study the problem. Students and faculty at many colleges around the nation continue to make anti-Jewish statements publicly almost daily. Violent assaults have occurred against Jewish students at Harvard, Tulane, Concordia, and many other universities.

It is happening not just in America but across the Western world. The despicable idea that we thought our victory in WWII would put to rest is reborn. In France, Germany and across Europe antisemitism is becoming worse than it has been since the holocaust. Stars of David painted on apartment buildings, bomb threats to Jewish merchants, and demonstrations calling for Israel’s eradication have created an atmosphere of fear for Jewish people to live in. I doubt if very many are still alive, but for those who are it must seem like the 1930’s are starting again.


Why has the world reacted as it has?

Jewish groups express dismay at the way the world has reacted to the slaughter of Jews in Israel. My opinion is that all these Jewish people and their groups have been under the impression that they were the oppressed victims and therefore safe from attack, but now it has shifted and there is nothing the left loves more than a group they perceive to be oppressed. How is a Jew living in France or Germany guilty of oppressing anyone? Well that requires logic and logic is not always the best subject of those looking for victims to support. Jews are scared though and that sentiment is being published in newspapers across Europe.

Back in America for a moment where we find that a few brave people on the left see what is happening and have the courage to speak out. Left-leaning comedian Bill Maher expressed his dismay at the recent turn of event on his side of the political spectrum. He seemed shocked at the new level of anti-Jewish sentiment as if he had been unaware that it is the world’s oldest prejudice. Is he naïve then, with his head in the sand? Or just have too much faith in those with whom he shares politics? He bashed people who condemned Trump because Trump would not condemn those tiki-torch carrying neo-Nazis at the “Unite the right” rally in Charlottesville a few years ago.

Now who’s carrying the Tiki torches!?

Those people screaming for Jews to be killed are now carrying the tiki-torches he said. I wonder though, if they have changed? Or if they were and have continued to be neo-Nazis all along? Maher went on to defend Israel as a harbinger of Western Civilization which brought us a set of values, like:

  • Freedom of speech,
  • Religious liberty,
  • A right to trial,
  • A free press,
  • Women’s rights,
  • Gay rights, and
  • Democracy.

The world’s marginalized people live better lives because of Western ideals. But as he said the woke can’t see that. He went on to say that in the woke world people cannot see those things because their brand of politics isn’t about ideas. Their brand is the rigid prism of oppressed and oppressor which explains their pro-Hamas stance.

Leftists let their hatred get the better of them

We have at least learned through all this that the left is infected with pro-Hamas ideology and sentiment as well as being full of antisemitism. Who would have thought that the left, of which almost all American Jews are members, would hate their most loyal members. They tear down posters with pictures of hostages while chanting, “death to Jews” and “death to Israel and America.” I endeavor to shine whatever light I have on pure evil, of course, but also on the wrong thinking which leads to it. Right now, Jews in France, Germany, and America say they are terrified and that is a concern to me. The feeling of terror is not my imagination. I have witnessed it firsthand and had it directly communicated to me.

Something for our brave young Ivy League students to consider is that the Jews of today living in Israel are different from the ones their films show getting meekly on the trains. This war is starting to spread and get out of control. American forces are launching airstrikes across the region. American forces are under attack in the bases which are home to roughly 40,000 of them. The U.S. has roughly10 bases in the area that I have been able to identify containing 40,000 troops. They are exposed and in harms way and it’s getting worse daily.


Different this time!

These Jews of today are not going to be defeated and die or live in bondage. They don’t have to endure another conquest because they have nuclear weapons. The threat of a nuclear first strike by Israel grows by the day as Israel takes more and more heat for its actions in Gaza. Israeli Defense Minister Amichai Eliyahu has announced to the world that Israel does indeed have the bomb. Israeli policy has always been to neither confirm nor deny that possibility but he announced it and said they should consider using one in Gaza. For his public announcement he was dismissed from the Israeli defense council but he let it be known that the council had discussed it.

Professor Alan Dershowitz, Israel’s best-known defender outside Israel, has written a book in record time which will be published in December. The title: War Against the Jews—How to End Hamas Barbarism. The book will argue that Israel must consider its nuclear option as a last-ditch resort to assure survival. So, perhaps the most famous professor in the world is advocating the unthinkable—nuclear annihilation.

Road to Armageddon?

Finally, folks, could this war be the road to Armageddon? I understand from Revelation that the road runs through that neighborhood. While we are making our protests and waving our flags we should think and understand that actions have consequences. What about the world our kids will live and die in? I wonder if any of these people have thought about that.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,


This is Darrell Castle.

Editor’s Notes

This article appeared originally at and appears here by permission.

The school photo of Anne Frank from 1941, marked with Public Domain Mark 1.0, appears courtesy of Mr. Robert Sullivan.

1 Primarily, but not exclusively, your editor regrets to say. See for instance this article describing how adherents of a certain eschatological school regard Jews askance, to put the matter most charitably.

2 Authorities arrested dozens, but not thousands.

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Donald R. Laster, Jr

When one learns Islam’s history the current battle of the war Mohammad started in the 600s is rooted in his hatred of Jews. Th people of Arabia were becoming Jewish and Christian and Mohammad did not the fact people were abandoning the worship of Hubal/Baal.


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