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CHAPTER 13: Fomenting Race Wars Begins in Kindergarten
Space Is No Longer the Final Frontier—Reality Is [forthcoming release May 2024]



Critical race theory even in primary grades

Globalism is a replacement ideology that seeks to reorder the world into one singular, planetary Unistate, ruled by the globalist elite. The globalist war on nation-states cannot succeed without collapsing the United States of America. The long-term strategic attack plan moves America incrementally from constitutional republic to socialism to globalism to feudalism. The tactical attack plan uses asymmetric psychological and informational warfare to destabilize Americans and drive society out of objective reality into the madness of subjective reality. America’s children are the primary target of the globalist predators.

To destroy national sovereignty, destroy the individual

National sovereignty is to a country what individual sovereignty is to a human being. In The Collapsing American Family: From Bonding to Bondage,[1] I describe the globalist strategy of using reformulated Marxism in American schools in order to replace American individualism with collectivism. The goal is to persuade the individual to stop being an individual:

The Left had a new marketing, lobbying, and advertising strategy that targeted first American universities and then K–12. American education was chosen as the vulnerable soft target for revolution—no bullets required. The long-term strategy was that two generations of leftist educational indoctrination would transform America from a capitalist constitutional republic into the socialist state required for internationalized one-world government.

The radical leftists on campus in the ’60s did not go quietly into the night after Woodstock. They graduated and became the teachers, professors, textbook writers, psychologists, sociologists, politicians, doctors, lawyers, and decision makers in charge of public education, including curriculum content, that reflected their anti-American bias and globalist views. Gradually the individualism and critical-thinking skills that had created the vibrant, independent, upwardly mobile middle class and supported the American dream were deliberately dumbed down to encourage dependence, collectivism, groupthink, and a victim mentality.

In a sweeping effort that eventually transformed public education, collectivism was repackaged, marketed, lobbied, advertised, and sold to an unsuspecting American public. The former pro-American curricula that proudly promoted individualism, meritocracy, capitalism, and the middle class was replaced. The revised curricula teach American students to be anti-American, self-loathing, dependent, fragile collectivists, unapologetically preaching global citizenship in a New World Order. (The Collapsing American Family: From Bonding to Bondage, pp. 123–124)

Collectivism is the core of John Dewey’s infamous progressive education, discussed in Chapter 8. Progressivist instructional methods focus on group work and group projects, and promote the experience-centered focus of the progressive philosophy. Progressivism defines itself as a contrast to Perennialism. Perennialism,[ii] the foundation of American education established in Colonial America, emphasizes objective reality, universal truths, and an educational curriculum that cultivates students’ individual intellectual skills with the “three R’s”—reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Education reformer Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld (Chapter 5) describes the destructive ideological foundation of progressive education in his damning analysis of Dewey’s 1898 article, “The Primary-Education Fetich.” Blumenfeld titled his essay “Preface to John Dewey’s Plan to Dumb-Down America,”[iii] and both were posted April 30, 2013, by Camp Constitution,[iv] an association of Constitutionalists who support the Samuel L. Blumenfeld Literacy Foundation.[v] Blumenfeld writes:

The dumbing-down of America is no accident. It is not the result of uncontrollable natural forces floating in the air we breathe or the water we drink. It is the result of a planned scheme launched in 1898 by Progressive-in-Chief John Dewey outlined in an article titled “The Primary-Education Fetich” [sic]. Dewey was a diehard socialist with a deep hatred of capitalism, individualism, and orthodox Christianity. He, and his small army of academic followers, were determined to turn America into a humanist collectivist society and he figured out that the best way to separate Americans from their constitutional freedoms and individualism was to dumb them down.

And the easiest way to do this was to change the way children were taught to read in their primary schools. Get rid of intensive phonics, the foundation of language mastery and independent intelligence, and put in its place a “sight” or “look-say” method that teaches children to read English as if it were Chinese. Have them memorize a sight vocabulary so that they develop a whole-word reflex and cannot see the phonetic structure of our alphabetic words. Thus, they will become reading disabled, dyslexic, or simply low-level readers….

We are reprinting Dewey’s article because it is important for Americans to understand how they’ve been deceived by their so-called educators. The plan to deliberately dumb down the nation has been hidden from the public for almost 100 years. Reading it today is to become finally aware of the deceit and treachery behind this treasonous conspiracy to destroy the intellect of millions of Americans behind the benign façade of Progressive education….

Dewey, of course, is long dead, but his disciples control American public education, and whether they know it or not they are continuing to implement Dewey’s plan. And we see the results every day. In 2007, the National Endowment for the Arts released its report on the decline of American literacy. Its chairman, Dana Gioia, stated:

This is a massive social problem. We are losing the majority of the new generation. They will not achieve anything close to their potential because of poor reading.

The only way to reverse this situation is to make sure that every child in every American school is taught to read with intensive, systematic phonics. We know how to restore high literacy to America. But is there the will to do it? Many parents are doing it by homeschooling their own children. But will it be done in the schools? It will be done only if there is enough of an outcry from concerned parents and citizens. That is why we urge readers of this article to distribute copies of it to as many people as possible. If this article is read by millions of Americans, it will have an impact that the educators and politicians will not be able to ignore.

Critical race theory in K-12 schools

Blumenfeld’s Preface was a warning to parents not to be seduced by the humanitarian hoax of progressivism and the deceit of its hucksters. Undeterred, progressive education marched ahead to create an illiteracy epidemic, along with new levels of societal destruction through its anti-American ideological content. Following the precepts outlined in Dewey’s plan and the rationalizations it provided for compliance, America’s education industry embraced socialism; disguised it as progressive education; and marketed it as the modern, scientific approach to education. In Dewey’s own words:


To educate on the basis of past surroundings is like adapting an organism to an environment which no longer exists. The individual is stultified, if not disintegrated; and the course of progress is blocked….

The existing status [perennialism] was developed in a period when ability to read was practically the sole avenue to knowledge, when it was the only tool which insured control over the accumulated spiritual resources of civilization.

Scientific methods of observation, experimentation, and testing were either unknown or confined to a few specialists at the upper end of the educational ladder….We often fail to see that the dominant position occupied by book-learning in school education is simply a corollary and relic of this epoch of intellectual development….

When ability to read and write marked the distinction between the educated and the uneducated man, not simply in the scholastic sense, but in the sense of one who is enslaved by his environment and one who is able to take advantage of and rise above it, corresponding importance attached to acquiring these capacities.

Reading and writing were obviously what they are still so often called––the open doors to learning and to success in life. All the meaning that belongs to these ends naturally transferred itself to the means through which alone they could be realized. The intensity and ardor with which our forefathers set themselves to master reading and writing, the difficulties overcome, the interest attached in the ordinary routine of school-life to what now seems barren––the curriculum of the three R’s––all testify to the motive-power these studies possessed. To learn to read and write was an interesting, even exciting, thing: it made such a difference in life….

Methods for learning to read come and go across the educational arena, like the march of supernumeraries upon the stage. Each is heralded as the final solution of the problem of learning to read; but each in turn gives way to some later discovery. The simple fact is––that they all lack the essential of any well-grounded method, namely, relevancy to the child’s mental needs. No scheme for learning to read can supply this want. Only a new motive—putting the child into a vital relation to the materials to be read––can be of service here. It is evident that this condition cannot be met, unless learning to read be postponed to a period when the child’s intellectual appetite is more consciously active, and when he is mature enough to deal more rapidly and effectively with the formal and mechanical difficulties….

All this amounts to saying that school reform is dependent upon a collateral wider change in the public opinion which controls school board, superintendent, and teachers. There are certain minor changes; reforms in detail, which can be effected directly within the school system itself. But the school is not an isolated institution: it is one of an organism of social forces. To secure more scientific principles of work in the school means, accordingly, clearer vision and wiser standards of thought and action in the community at large….

Let the community once realize that it is educating upon the basis of a life which it has left behind, and it will turn, with adequate intellectual and material resources, to meet the needs of the present hour.

American education was the vehicle for seismic social change, and Dewey’s dream for the politicization of America’s education has been wildly successful. The American education industry continues to perpetuate his progressive education, and has shifted its mission from teaching children fundamental knowledge and how to think, to indoctrinating children in what to think. Teachers have become agents to effect radical social change, students are the unsuspecting target, and parents are the enemy.

The anti-American social engineers understood that the earlier educational indoctrination begins, the more effective it is. The decision was made to introduce divisive critical race theory to the youngest children. Fomenting race wars now begins in kindergarten.

Critical race theory In all 50 States

On June 30, 2021, the National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers’ union in America, voted to approve a plan to promote critical race theory in all 50 states. Investigative journalist Christopher F. Rufo describes the shocking decision in his July 15, 2021, article, “Going All In: The NEA pledges to bring critical race theory to a public school near you.”[vi]

Union delegates representing 3 million public school employees approved funding for three separate items related to “increasing the implementation” of “critical race theory” in K–12 curricula; promoting critical race theory in 14,000 local school districts; and attacking opponents of critical race theory, including parent organizations and conservative research centers.

In the resolution, the union agreed publicly to “convey its support” for critical race theory, oppose restrictions in state legislatures, and use schools to promote political activism. The delegates pledged to “join with Black Lives Matter at School and the Zinn Education Project” to hold a “national day of action” on George Floyd’s birthday, recruiting teachers to hold political demonstrations and “teach lessons about structural racism and oppression.”

The resolution also promised to develop a study to critique “empire, white supremacy, anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, [and] anthropocentrism [human exceptionalism]”—that is, adapting the most fashionable and intellectually bankrupt ideas from the universities for use in grade school classrooms.

Finally, the NEA passed a resolution to “research the organizations” that oppose critical race theory—including grassroots parent organizations—and provide resources to groups and individuals targeting them. The national teachers’ union will use union dues, collected from public employees paid by taxpayers, to attack parents who oppose the racial indoctrination of their children…. The teachers’ union has nationalized critical race theory and committed to the full range of left-wing radicalism, including opposition to “capitalism” and “anthropocentrism.”

Parents of students, regardless of race, must stand up to oppose racism, regardless of race. Parents cannot allow themselves to be intimidated, and their power usurped, by the corrupt, politicized, anti-American education industry.

Christopher F. Rufo’s Parent Guidebook: Fighting Critical Race Theory in K–12 Schools[vii] (Chapter 12) is an essential tool. He begins with its definition:


Critical race theory is an academic discipline that holds the United States is a nation founded on white supremacy and oppression, and that these forces are still at the root of our society. Critical race theorists believe that American institutions such as the U.S. Constitution and the legal system preach freedom and equality but are mere “camouflages” for naked racial domination. They believe that racism is a constant, universal condition that simply becomes more subtle, sophisticated, and insidious over the course of history. In simple terms, critical race theory reformulates the old Marxist dichotomy of oppressor and oppressed, replacing the class categories of bourgeoisie and proletariat with the identity categories of White and Black. But the basic conclusion is the same: in order to liberate man, society must be fundamentally transformed through moral, economic, and political revolution.

All Marxist species, variations of the “genus” of ideological Marxism described in Chapter 11, plan to fundamentally transform society by using the familiar divide-and-conquer strategy. Divisiveness is deliberately exacerbated and then exploited in order to destroy the existing political infrastructure. Societal collapse is followed by replacement with the desired variation of collectivism.

Critical race theory serves the needs of any and all enemies of the state whose political goal is destruction of our constitutional republic. Black supremacists dream of a black-supremacist America. Radical leftists, including Antifa and the loathsome National Education Association, dream of a socialist America.

The elite will throw them under the bus

The problem for all domestic enemies of America is that they all share the same globalist funding sources. They have not yet realized that there is no place for agitators in globalism’s planned totalitarian Unistate. Like Vladimir Lenin’s “useful idiots” throughout history, they will all be eliminated once their usefulness expires. The anarchy and toxic racism convulsing America today has only one long-term beneficiary: the globalist elite.

From; appears by arrangement – Ed.


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