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Hit the road, Jack!



An umpire, symbol of justice, authority and moderation in action

This is to inform certain habitual commenters to this site, who know who they are, that their comments are no longer welcome.

Or in plain English,

Hit the road, Jack!

Like it or not, this site exists to promote conservative values. The comment space is not a place to hold forth views that the editors consider worse than erroneous. If I write an essay to show that two plus two equals for, I need give no place to a comment that says that two plus two can equal

five—or three—or seven;

Or five-and-twenty, if the case demands!

A forum for debate

Before anyone two people can debate an issue, they must agree on certain fundamental principles. They can be principles of nature (human, universal, or otherwise), mathematics, or logic.


The tone of some (but not all) of the comments clearly shows that some people will even dispute the sum of two plus two if they think they can. Your editor will not let them get away with it anymore.

The obvious targets of my words will say in response that Conservative News and Views will become “an echo chamber.” So be it. The editors of CNAV obey a Higher Law. We do not seek argument for argument’s sake. We seek Truth.

Truth exists

Debate is possible only when reasonable people still might not be sure which of them is right and which wrong. One does not debate the truth, once the truth becomes obvious.

And Truth does exist. Truth exists because, to quote Ayn Rand, existence exists.

Truth exists. And, again paraphrasing Rand, the act of grasping that statement implies two corollary axioms:

  1. A true thing exists that someone knows.
  2. Someone exists who knows the truth when he sees it.

From truth comes justice. And that’s another twisting that CNAV exists to fight against. Justice implies respect for the individual. But the justice that some people try to push is social justice.

Social justice is a contradiction in terms. That phrase gives a clue to a basic problem that some people have with the truth, and their failure to solve that problem. What “social justice” really means, is a lawless mob. (Watch what is now happening in London, England if you want to know what a mob looks like.) Or it means something worse than that: a mob, or gang, that dares make law as it goes along. (The only difference between a gang and a mob is this: A gang is organized and has a leader or leaders. A mob doesn’t.)

The gang in action

Jack Benny, famous for his economy and refusal to part with his money even under threat of murder.

Jack Benny entertains the troops in Africa. Photo: John Atherton, 1943. CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic License.

That is the essence of the program of the man now holding office as President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama. That is the essence of his advisers.

Whatever the Gangster-in-chief is promulgating (and tried, lamely, to promulgate on August 8, as the stock market continued to crash around him) is not justice. In its naked essence, the Barack Hussein Obama program amounts to:

Put up your hands; this is a stick-up. Your money or your life.

Benjamin Kubelsky, known affectionately as Jack Benny, gave the most charitable response a man can give to a choice like that. He said,

I’m thinking it over!

At CNAV, we have thought it over. And we won’t have it. Nor will we longer tolerate anyone trying to promulgate that perverse idea of “justice” in our comment space.


Therefore: effective immediately, an administrator will personally inspect every comment or pingback and decide whether to approve it—or not. This might delay some comments. We will search diligently for plugins that refine the comment moderation process.


Furthermore, all comments presently on the site are now under active review.

Featured image: an umpire, symbol of authority and community moderation. Photo courtesy of user “tunnelarmr” on Flickr, under CC BY 2.0 License, with acknowledgment to Major League Baseball.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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For the record, Terry and I are in complete agreement. We have invested much in establishing this site and feel no obligation to provide a forum for liberal views. These views have many forums on which to rely – including much of the media.
Perhaps if things should someday change and we see an impartial reporting of events in the news, we will re-examine our point of view. Until then, this media was established to present Conservative News and Views – hence the name.
We believe that our philosophical and ideological views are poorly represented in today’s culture and have developed this site to communicate those views to others of the same mindset.
This site was not created to persuade those of differing beliefs but to strengthen the resolve of those who are like-minded.
Should anyone feel denied their free speech, may I remind you that many blogs exist to share your views with your comrads. May I suggest the Huffington Post?
Go there, have some fun. You’ll be well-received.

TP 109

Excellent call!!!

Nicholas E. Purpura

“Beauty is truth, truth is beauty,”- that is all ye known on earth, and all you need to know.”
“Ode on a Grecian Urn” John Keats

The Eagle


In my opinion, this is a slipperly slope.

Of course there are accepted truths in this universe. The square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the square of the other two sides: that is by definition undeniable. Diamond is the hardest known substance in the world, which is also undisputed (for the time being). In short, everybody recognizes certain distinct truths.

The problem arises when they believe their own personal opinions to be truth, therefore being equally indisputable. This leads to the stagnation of thought and reason, as eventually the person believes themselves to have the truth merely because they’ve formulated it themselves.

Truth is not laid out plainly for all to see. If it were, there would be no differences of thought, no philosophy or discovery. So with our feeble human minds we have to rely on ways of unearthing the truth, and one of the most important of these is debate and arguments.

Debate is the crucible in which truth is purified and where the impurities of anachronisms and presuppositions are cast out as slag. To believe that any living human has sole access to truth, or even a claim to the knowledge of any significant portion of it, is no less than hubris.

I am not accusing anybody of that here, and it is not my intention to insult. I only wish to remind everybody of the importance of discussion, debate and the exchange of ideas. Restricting that flow of information (within reason) does nothing but hinder the pursuit of truth.



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