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John Boehner: political con artist



John Boehner, Speaker of the House. Republican he may be, but he is no conservative.

For months Speaker of the House John Boehner (Pretty Boy Johnny) promised that the House would vote to repeal Obama-care. That promise is/was nothing more than political grandstanding, meaningless in reality. Pretty Boy knows perfectly well that the Senate will play him like a yo-yo. And even if they do vote to repeal, Obama will veto the bill. So where are “We the People?” Up the creek without a paddle, that’s where. This Quisling phony will watch his country turn into a Marxist republic, and stand by and do nothing. Nothing except to give new meaning to the phrase “diarrhea of the mouth.”

This man is either under blackmail or is a complete idiot. And idiot he’s not! Anyone schooled in politics knows that the House controls the purse strings. John Boehner has had many opportunities to circumvent the Senate and Obama. He could kill Obama-care once and for all.

When someone asked him whether the House will stop the funding for Obama-care, John Boehner said he wouldn’t withhold funding for Obama-care and shut down the government. So Obama wins, the federal government will grow, and We the People are stuck with an unconstitutional law.

This is not the first time this Quisling has screwed the American people. Do you remember his tirades against raising debt ceiling? He folded like a cheap deck of cards. If he had any courage he would have said no, and demanded the debt ceiling be lowered. The economy would have begun to turn around. Instead he saddled us with more debt.

John Boehner Confirms Obama-care Unconstitutional on FOX

John Boehner, Speaker of the House. Official portrait.

John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives. Official portrait.

Last night (July 26), John Boehner proved he has no interest in reversing Obama-care. He appeared with Greta Van Susteren and discussed the House version of the Bush tax-cut extension, and the Senate’s version that extends those cuts, but not for everyone. And once again he said, unambiguously, that Obama-care is unconstitutional. Oh, you didn’t hear him? Let me translate by reiterating in part what Pretty Boy Johnny actually said:

The Senate passed what I’ll call an unconstitutional bill. All tax bills have to start in the House.


Why did he say that? Because only the House of Representatives can pass a tax bill. He said what “We the People” have argued all along in Purpura v. Sibelius 11-7275, up to the Supreme Court: Obama-care is a tax revenue bill that originated in the Senate, in clear breach of the U.S. Constitution. Of course the reprobates for judges, the Hoodlums in Black Robes in our federal Courts including the Supreme Court, refused to address this vital constitutional challenge. Even the Honorable Chief Judge Roger Vinson in Florida, at the request of the Department of Justice, reviewed the entire legislative process. He then ruled that the “Act” “originated” in the Senate. Can anyone out there tell me why no one pursued this? I sure wonder?

So I ask every reader to think for a moment. Why did not a single Representative in the House of Shame (Representatives) argue this violation? They did so when the Senate passed S510. Again, Pretty boy John Boehner said last night that a vote on the Senate’s version of their tax plan would be unconstitutional.

Does blackmail play a part in politics? Who knows?

If I were a betting man, I would say that the odds favored this scenario. What was that phrase John Boehner used last evening?

You can’t do the Tango by yourself. You need a willing partner.

Maybe many of those on the Hill have had “willing partners” that they never should have approached. Might they then have gotten an offer they couldn’t refuse? Mightn’t Pretty Boy Johnny be one of them? I’m not accusing; I’m just wondering, as I’m sure many are. What about the disgusting rumor about Chief Judge Roberts, that the DOJ would bring up some family matter concerning his family? His finding boggles my mind. It seems, as I read the decision, that Congress has the taxing authority to vote a tax for breathing, because you don’t have to purchase a product to be taxed. The entire decision is convoluted and clearly unconstitutional on its face. I could on, but let me leave you with one thought.


Why is it that not one of the 26 attorneys general put in a petition for a rehearing after “We the people” showed them our inconvertible proof that the passage of Obama-care violated the “origination clause?”. Our offer is still open, and especially to the 26 attorneys general, judges, and law professors, to publicly debate the entire “Act.” But when it comes to this subject, we seem to have challenged eunuchs! You have to ask yourself: who is looking out for the people? Are the inmates truly running the asylum?

It’s time to throw every last one of these bums out of office. Enough venting for today.

The Eagle

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I’m with you…throw every last traitor out. It is the only way to save our Republic. Do we have the courage?


Just about all of our representatives are parasitic con artists. The dumocrats and Repugligans are just the two sides of the same evil coin!

They are all owned by an oligarchy of banksters and their big corporate monopoly minions. It’s not the maligned 1% that is our enemy, it’s the 0.00017% that control virtually everything, by their control of money.

Our constitution was designed to prevent the VERY thing that is happening in this country today, but we the sheeple have been brain washed, conned, dumbed down, robbed of our wealth, stripped of our inalienable rights and enslaved by debt. Our founding fathers warned us of this, but we didn’t listen.

War is just a racket spawned and directed by those that profit from it. WAKE THE HELL UP!


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