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Tragedy, Accountability, and the Obama Presidency



The Bible, the Word of God. After getting a thousand of these, the Mayor of Houston blinked.

A plethora of incredibly hard to believe events takes place in America almost every day. Some are unexpected. Many are quite persistent like the nearly 1200 murders a year in Chicago. Others are horrendous events like the recent shooting in Aurora where over a dozen people were killed and several dozen wounded. All these events carry the label tragedy.

Following these events the media is buzzing with coverage and commentary from all the experts, but the question most often asked is – why.

Inadequate reasons for tragedy

Psychology gives its standard answers which usually have to do with childhood upbringing, abusive parents or childhood traumas. Finally there are chemical imbalances, pathological problems of every sort and description, including severe psychotic problems.

As the dust settles and the media intensity subsides we are often left with a larger void than when we first heard of the latest tragedy. The very word ‘tragedy’ has become the catchphrase of the decade. This is exactly why it begs to be scrutinized more carefully and perhaps re-defined.

When moral decline, callousness, indifference and distractions are the cause of tragedy it is like a sudden call to attention, a firecracker in a crowd or a bump in the road that turns heads, but only for a while. A tragedy becomes just something momentarily out of the normal flux of the day. It becomes little more than a distraction, except for those directly victimized.


The word is now lighter than air and the questions and answers of why a tragedy occurs has become standard hype. An example of this is perfectly illustrated in a relatively new website called Liberal Logic 101. One of their many graphic illustrations is two pictures joined together for comparison.

The first is the Century 16 Theater in Aurora Colorado where 12 people were shot and killed by James Holmes. The caption attached to the picture says “…national tragedy.”

The second picture is of an un-named abortion clinic somewhere in the US that says “thousands slaughtered…”a choice”

It took me a mere 99 words to explain what is in these pictures, but the reality is that one look at this picture would be worth far more than a thousand words to the heart that is open and not distracted.

Tragedy and Accountability

Could it be that we are running headlong into all new more drastic tragedies by the day because we have failed to recognize the senseless slaughter of our own offspring? When will we allow 154,000,000 abortions to be called…a tragedy?


It is easy to point out that we live in a nation where everyone has rights, the right to marry same-sex partners, and to change their sex are but a few. When did the idea of having rights become the proof that nothing could be labeled as wrong?

This is where the question of, why, needs to be asked long before an irreversible tragedy ensues. How is it that having ‘rights’ has somehow canceled what was formerly considered wrong? In a single word the answer is accountability, but to be more accurate it is the lack of accountability.

Anatomy of Moral Decline

The Bible. Does tragedy result when people ignore It?

Altar and Bible at St. John’s Lutheran Church. Released to the public domain.

In the last generation we have removed prayer from schools and the knowledge of God from the collective conscience of most of our young through, feel good philosophies, situation ethics, new age morality, atheism, and the theory of evolution. Now we have a generation who are accountable to no one, but themselves.

If we emerged from the one cell amoeba why should we have to answer to a creator? If we live under the endless rights we perceive to be part of our constitution why should we have to answer to anyone from the cop to the president? Does anyone know how to spell anarchy?

Next it’s the TV and the full range of that body of influence that today we call the media. Hollywood liberals and media moguls on all levels have sniffed the flow of money and the penchant for the prurient as surely as the wolf smells the blood; they have tracked it to the homes and dwellings of the American family and there begun to grope for the door.

When the Sodomites in Genesis 19 were struck blind by the divine visitors (angels) in Lot’s house it is said that, “they wearied themselves to find the door.” (Gen 19: 11) It is apparent that in our generation that by means of TV, films, games and electronic handhelds that they have finally found the door into every American home and heart.


Dumping accountability goes beyond our nation and some have dared to say that we play a big part in its worldwide acceptance. We once led in moral standards and stability, but now our example is anything but shining. All is not lost, there may still be time to stand and recover what remains, but in the interim, the picture both here and internationally does not look good.

Starting with the Old Testament, can anyone explain why the only nation in the mid-east that has full freedoms has decided to ignore the laws, mandates and commands held dear by millions of Orthodox Jews in the nation of Israel. The tenth gay pride parade was held in recent days in the birth place of Jesus Christ and the home of many of the Bible’s great kings and patriarchs.

The clear warning in the Torah about the abomination that today is called homosexuality is set aside for the Jewish sense of freedom and equality. Here is the perfect example of not being accountable to any power, above self. It is the formula that is being used worldwide which is in all of its simplicity, a way of replacing doing what is right with holding rights to do whatever you want.

The examples from the New Testament are too many to list, but suffice it to say, that the condemnation of homosexuality survived 4,000 years of the OT, the 400 years of the intertestamental period and 2,000 years of Christianity intact and is still respected and believed to be valid by millions.

Barack Obama lacks accountability

Only in this generation and largely in this decade has it been openly denied and defied. Examples of the lack of accountability to higher authority and the confusion it creates are many, but one of the best can be found in the recent proclamation made by Barack Obama about his evolved view of same sex marriage.


If he is truly a Muslim as some still suspect, or if he really respects the Muslims as it seems he does in his blessings on Ramadan and his welcome to the Muslim Brotherhood, he is in direct defiance of the tenants and authority of that religion. In countries where there is a Muslim majority there are strict laws against homosexuality with punishments ranging from 3 to 20 years imprisonment and in some of those countries the punishment for practicing homosexuality is death.

Most Muslim nations that adhere strictly to the teachings of Muhammad and the Qur’anic verses and the hadith completely disallow and condemn cross dressing and homosexuality in all of its forms and expressions.

The bottom line is that Mr. Obama is not accountable to the Muslim faith in any way, but before we give up, let’s see if he is accountable to the Christian faith he openly claims is his own.

He has announced that the bible’s admonitions on the sinfulness of the homosexual lifestyle are in an obscure part of the bible and thus needn’t be taken too seriously. (Romans 1: 1f) Mr. Obama says his favorite passage of scripture comes from the Sermon on the Mount. Obviously his Pastor, Jeremiah Wright, must have failed to tell the president that the writings of Paul come to us as one of the latest and most accurate books in the New Testament.

Nor was the president told that Christ gave full authority to the apostles to speak in his stead. “He that heareth you heareth me; and he that despiseth you despiseth me; and he that despiseth me despiseth him that sent me.” (Luke 10: 16) You can’t have the Sermon on the Mount without the teachings of Romans one!


Is it cultural naiveté, bad theology or merely being a ‘respecter of persons,’ (Col 3: 22) by which the president errs or is it as the evidence indicates a simple matter of being un-accountable to anyone but himself? With over 900 executive orders under his belt and dozens of traditions and protocols highly respected in America being dissed, dumped and ignored it is more than reasonable to think that the president is answering to no one but himself.

If the Muslim and Christian faiths can be dismissed by the president; what might we expect him to do with “We the People?” has since 2005 featured the articles of columnist Rev Michael Bresciani along with news and reviews that have earned this site the title of The Website for Insight. Millions have read his timely reports and articles in online journals and print publications across the nation and the globe.

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It seemed fairly clear, but can you state for the record: are you in opposition to a free society? You know that tragedy doesn’t simply vanish in nations where there is accountability to a non exista. . Ahem ‘higher’ power. In fact Israel is planning on attacking the nuclear facilities of such a nation. And how does shifting authority to some entity that isn’t ever seen solve accountability problems? When the person in change never shows himself, let alone answer questions such as why.

Terry A. Hurlbut

Do not speak to me about freedom. I have observed that you wish your fellow subjects (not citizens) to be free to sin, but little else. Not free to achieve, nor free to build.


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