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Obama wins: what happened?



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

As the dust, so to speak, settles and many of us begin to recover from the shock and disappointment over the prospect of giving Obama another full term to fundamentally change our country, many are asking themselves, what just happened?

Well, what did just happen?

What shall we make of it, knowing about Obama, all that he has done and all that he could do given 4 more years of “flexibility”, compounded with report after report of an energized electorate and announcements from sea to shining sea of Republicans organized and getting out the vote like we have never seen modern times and hearing of hours-long waits to vote and polling places being held open hours after the scheduled closing time to accommodate those in line, and now we are supposed to believe that Romney received 3 million fewer votes than did McCain in 2008? How could this be?

The Gadsden flag: symbol of the Tea Party. The Tea Party now asks: how could Obama have won?

Christopher Gadsden’s “Don’t Tread On Me” flag, the unofficial symbol of the Tea Party movement. Photo: User VIkrum/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License

The reason for “What just happened” is not singular but was a result of several forces, some of which are speculation and some are as clear as a mountain spring, and just as chilling.

As you ponder these thoughts please keep in mind that there is no proof of any of these speculated scenarios except for a knowledge of history and knowing our enemy. The remarks concerning the revolting display of affection the rotund one had with Obama and Springsteen, are not speculation.

Remember what TPATH has said for several years now.

It’s easy to elect a socialist, but impossible to un-elect one.

This of course is the basis of a quote from one of Obama’s great heroes, who proclaimed,


I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.

Random concepts about the Obama election

  1. The GOP- Yes, the Grand Old Party has once again proved that they have never learned nor will they ever learn that bringing a down pillow to an ax fight will result in very bloody feathers. The desire not to scare away independent voters has never been a concern of the Democrats (and wasn’t a concern for Obama, either) and they continue to win elections. What is it about the Republican establishment that keeps them mired in unfair battles by refusing to bring all the required weapons to the conflict?That is not something anyone can answer except to say it is just part of their DNA and we have watched them perform this lemming act over and over again.TPATH has long been against even the consideration of a third party since that concept would surely secure easy victories for the the Democratic leftists. But, it may now be time to begin that consideration. If the GOP could not secure a win against an opponent with Obama’s record, when will they? The answer of course, is, they never will. Any damage a third party would cause, in the short term, could be no more detrimental to America than the GOP has been, and will continue to be. More on this in a future report.
  2. Almost related to the above is another very puzzling situation. Why would our Congress not object to a software company, based in Europe, who’s CEO donated to Obama, be put in charge of tallying up major portions of the Presidential election vote? It is virtually impossible for a non-professional to detect software programmed to manipulate numbers, even if anyone had the backbone to suggest looking.
  3. As mentioned above, how in the world could the total number of votes for Romney not be many, many more than for McCain in 2008? By all accounts, huge numbers of Christians, Conservatives, Republicans and independents who stayed home last election were reported to be all fired up to prevent Obama from another destructive term and chomping at the bit to vote. We are now supposed to believe, at the last minute, they decided to stay home? Red flag anyone?Let’s ask ourselves a question. Is it more difficult and possibly more dangerous to bring in illegal voters, have many people vote more than once and in more than one location than it would be to just delete votes cast? While there is an absolute certainty that some of that illegal activity has gone on, the safest, easiest and most accurate manipulation of outcome is the eraser.Having had more than enough time to speculate and then calculate just how many Romney votes would need to be “eliminated”, falsifying registers either by counterfeit or some other means and could have been prepared way ahead of time in various Democrat controlled districts.And since this would only need to be done in several locations within several battle ground states, it would require a big conspiracy, but not a huge one.
  4. Then to enhance and fortify the required edge, thousands upon thousands of people will end up voting for Obama, even though they have not voted in decades. How do you get them out to vote? Well, the dirty little secret is you don’t, you vote for them. TPATH has learned that hundreds of lists of registered voters, made up of those who have not voted in years have been produced. Why would poll workers create lists like that? Maybe it would explain why so many Democratic districts were hours late in reporting results. Signing the register book to match the number of votes cast when no one was in the area, is time consuming.
  5. Then there was the almost ribald hug fest of the soon to be ex-governor of New Jersey as he single high-handedly did morefor Obama’s re-election chances than the hundreds of millions of dollars the campaign spent on ads destroying Romney.Don’t be fooled, the rotund one is no political novice, he knew that even a minor kind word or praise from him concerning Obama’s well planned performance would make headlines across the fruited plain. So on several occasions, unsolicited, his over sized body and undersized brain waddled up to any microphone he could find and proceeded to destroy any chance America had of avoiding a future with the America hating usurper at the helm.And to have gotten leg chills reminiscent of that fool Chris Matthews, to the point of “tearing up” when Springsteen granted him a phone call, was enough to make the entire country join in a collective vomit. If this so called Republican and rock music lover had ever been to a Springsteen concert and heard the lies and trash Bruce Boy spews about Conservatives and Republicans, those tears he so eloquently reported on may well have come from another emotion entirely.
  6. Finally and probably the most disturbing reason for “What just happened”, is the fact that after decades of assault and battery on the morals and work ethic of Americans by the repugnant left, and the changing influx of immigrants from those seeking to make America and their lives a better place through hard work and a belief in God, to those seeking only what others have produced. The “takers may well outnumber the makers”.If we have indeed reached that low point, we are destined for points much lower in the very near future.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocate Tracking Hub.


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I recommend creating a private Internet sight soliciting votes from all those who voted for Romney. And it has to be free. Maybe the GOP could fund it. It would be interesting to see what the numbers would be. I think that’d be “news worthy”.


Ughh. “site” not “sight”.

Reg Cheeseman

Using Occam’s Razor, the tried and tested analytical rule of thumb, Obama won because more people share his values. If conservatism is to fully recover, it must engage with the social reality of the USA in 2012 instead of slipping into a solipsistic paranoia.

Terry A. Hurlbut

That would mean embracing values that are as wrongheaded as saying that two plus two make five, or ten, or five-and-twenty, as the case demands. (With apologies to William S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan.)

Instead, we will, if you like, preach. We will show the wrongheadedness of liberalism and hand-out-ism.

Fergus Mason

“If conservatism is to fully recover, it must engage with the social reality of the USA in 2012 instead of slipping into a solipsistic paranoia.”

Absolutely. My sources are telling me that if the election was just about the economy Romney would have won comfortably; a majority think he’s better equipped to deal with it. However a lot people, it seems, would rather vote for what they see as the WORSE candidate for the economy because they’re repelled by the social policies of a lot of the Republican Party. Those vile rape comments, for example, or the obsession with abortion and birth control. The fact is, American women have come to like having access to birth control and they don’t want to be lectured about it or have their access restricted. The GOP is going to be unelectable until they stop trying to impose their morals on everyone else’s lifestyle.

Terry A. Hurlbut

All this shows is that people like me must teach them that a swinging single lifestyle is a losing proposition, a sucker’s bet on life (and here I mean sucker strictly in the sense “one who falls for a confidence trick”). And that goes double for a woman.

A code of morality is a manual of instruction on life.

To operate a dangerous machine in a manner contrary to its intended purpose or method is wrong. Doing so might harm the operator, a bystander, or both.

To operate one’s body in the wrong way can be just as injurious.

Fergus Mason

“All this shows is that people like me must teach them that a swinging single lifestyle is a losing proposition”

Terry, the number of “swingers” in the USA is miniscule, and as has already been pointed out to you swingers use condoms. Most people who use prescription birth control are in relationships. Many of them are even happily married.

As for people like you teaching them, well, that’s what makes social conservatives unelectable. People don’t WANT to be taught how to conduct their love lives, by you or anyone else.

Stick to the economy. It’s what the Right does well, and if you stop bothering people about what they do in the privacy of their own bedrooms there’s no reason why you can’t win in 2016. On the other hand if you continue to let cretins like Akin and Mourdock insult half the electorate, well, settle down on those Opposition benches and make yourselves comfortable, because you’re going to be there for a while.


To answer the points you raised:
1. Where the GOP went wrong is they focused on the wrong target market, seeming to think that by appealing to white men they would carry the vote. In every other demographic – women, youth, Jews, Hispanics, blacks, they lost heavily. If the GOP really wants politics to be “of the people” they need to realise that it’s ALL the people.

They need to realise that the population do know what “separation of church and state” means, even if the politicians don’t. They voted against old, white men telling women what they can and can’t do with their bodies. They voted against the trivialization of rape. They voted against people who wanted to deny fellow citizens the same rights they enjoy,

2. “Voter fraud” with be the birtherism of the next 4 years and can safely be discounted for the claptrap it is. Given the GOP’s overt attempts to deny members of the population the right to vote, based on a piece of paper, they really don’t have much to yell about. Especially given the cases of GOP members being involved in irregularities prior to the poll. You also forgot to mention the voting machines that Bain Capitial swas involved in, as well as the machines that were reflecting a voe for Romney, when you pressed for Obama.

3. There’s a big difference between what people say they’re going to do, and what they do. Not only that, but the GOP and others’ polling methods were clearly badly flawed, creating false expectations. let’s not forget the apparent million people who pledged to vote for Jesus on their ballot – that’s a million spoiled ballots, out of pure stupidity
4. Again, this is the new ACORN and until they provide proof it can be discounted.
5. Again – a sign of everything that is wrong with the right. How DARE Christie do what he was elected to do and act as governor of his state. Yes, he went around with the President of his country, because – as he said – it was the adult thing to do. Maybe one day, the rest of the right will grow up and start acting like adults.

And just on that – the GOP couldn’t have used Sandy in a worse possible way. First the guy who made Katrina as bad as it was, accuses Obama of acting too quickly, then Romney is caught out in a fake photo op – in Ohio – sending “relief supplies” (while the Red Cross were asking for blood and money, because they know what to do in an emergency), not to mention Ryan having people stop loading supplies until he arrived for his photo op – which was nearly as bad as his rewashing clean dishes at the soup kitchen.

Hurricanes don’t win you elections – just look at Katrina, but they can lose you them, when you try and use mass suffering for your own gain. If you see what Chrisite did was a bad thing, then the problem lies with you, not him. Think about it. He governed, while you wanted him to hate.

5. Another point is that who did the GOP have rooting for them? We hardly saw Ryan open his mouth. Palin stayed away until the last minute, Baby Bush left the country. It was all Romney all the time and as usual he either said nothing, refused to answer questions, or changed his position. And lied. In fact, I’d bet that his lies about Jeep going to China cost him Ohio. That and his “let Detroit go bankrupt’ and “who cares about the 47%” comments.

Again – a government of ALL the people… that’s what Romney forgot he needed. he was too blinded by Rove’s lies, by Koch and Trump money to see reality.

Terry A. Hurlbut

Question: do “all the people” believe that stealing from someone having more resources than have you, is acceptable behavior in a civilized society?


Clearly the people DO support an income tax- that’s why the 16th Amendment passed, You can believe higher rates are bad economic policy, but there’s no legitimate way you can call taxes “stealing.”

Terry A. Hurlbut

Just because “the people” voted to steal money from those “richer” than they, doesn’t make it right.

I don’t define “to steal” as “not due to government action.”

A vulgar thief is an unauthorized “redistribution agent.”

A redistributionist government is a den of authorized thieves.


“Stealing” *sigh* You do realise that using such loaded, inflammatory and incorrect language cost you the election right? You can only cry wolf so many times before people start to ignore you.

You’ve also managed to veer off topic; not sure why – does discussing where the GOP failed make you uncomfortable?

Terry A. Hurlbut

Mitt Romney was too much the coward to use that word. Therefore it was the failure to call theft, theft, that “cost the election.”

Reg Cheeseman

I agree – we should not compromise our deeply and strongly helf values. But the first step to turning people around is showing them their error in a way that doesn’t make them defensive. We have to understand what is going on instead of projecting.


Couldn’t it just be that a slight majority of Americans disagree with your political beliefs?

Terry A. Hurlbut

A slight majority of the voting public might possibly disagree with the political and moral positions that this site espouses. But considering that voter turnout was less this year than four years ago, your proposition becomes less than tenable.


It actually doesn’t- this article is about why Romney lost the ELECTION. The opinions of everyone matter, but for an election, it’s the votes that count.

How do you know what the non-voting public thinks?

Terry A. Hurlbut

Several sources report that many people did not vote at all, in the belief that their votes would not count.


Sure, but maybe they would have voted for Obama, or one of the many fine third party candidates. You really can’t know who they would have supported because they didn’t VOTE.

Fergus Mason

“It’s easy to elect a socialist, but impossible to un-elect one.”

Tell Jim Callaghan that.

Terry A. Hurlbut

Who’s he?


He was the man that Thatcher beat: link to


Former Labour socialist Prime Minister of the UK.


So, Terrry… is this your idea?

Terry A. Hurlbut

It did not originate with me. But I understand exactly where that came from.

Do you?


Yes. It came from racists and other bigots. Are you one of those?

Terry A. Hurlbut

I don’t accept your premise. Once again, to you, only a racist or a bigot would secede from a union over which this (putative) President presides.

But if Allen West were President, you wouldn’t defend him, would you?


Defend his policies? No. But I’d defend him against anybody who only disagreed with him based on the colour of his skin.

Terry A. Hurlbut

Given that I have often said that I would gladly vote for Allen West for President, your premise fails.


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