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Vote fraud: must GOP let it happen?



Ballot box, symbol of elections. The Texas voter ID law will stop people from stuffing this, and hopefully other kinds of voter fraud. If Donald Trump doesn't insist on this kind of backup, he'll likely lose the election.

A strange thing going on in this country. No one seems willing to step up and say “This must stop.” At last count there are over 150 voting districts across this country, in which the opinion makers ask the American people to either believe or just accept, that not one person in those 150 districts totaling tens of thousands of votes, voted for Mitt Romney.

Once again those same opinion makers tell conservative Americans to “shut up and sit down.” And they seem to be doing so. Will you?

Not a single vote for the opposition? Not credible.

Are we to believe that not one idiot Obama voter voted for Romney by mistake? If I remember correctly, just a few short years ago we heard Democratic voters were so incompetent and illiterate that they made thousands of incorrect votes when they tried to vote for Gore. Now in just a few election cycles, not even one boneheaded Democrat made an error and voted for Romney. Really?

No doubt you have heard all the pundits, even those supposedly on the right, declare that sure there may have been some voter fraud, but not enough to change the election.



How do they know that unless they investigate? If voter fraud does not change elections, why do they do it? Are the just practicing for the day it may change elections? That day people is here and anyone with a half-brain knows it.

Why, one might ask, would the Republican Party, which spent billions of donated dollars in this campaign, lay down like over cooked linguine? The answer, you may be surprised to hear, is they have to. That’s right: they may not challenge this vote fraud or even complain about it.

Not legally and not in the name of the GOP.

Consent decree

Ballot box. Did vote fraud happen, and did the GOP sign away its right to complain about it?

A wooden ballot box, once used in the Northeast in the 1870’s. Photo: The Smithsonian Institution.

And why can’t they? Because, and in these times of rage against an inept and spineless Republican party, they do not want what’s left of their dwindling party members to know that they agreed, in 1981, not to challenge any voter fraud. That decree, possibly the most stupid, selfish and idiotic thing, among many, that our GOP has done, has given, over these last 31 years, carte blanche to the left to steal elections.

This edict, which has the force of Federal law, has been renewed, over and over again by a Leftist judge appointed by Carter. This man, District Court Judge Dickinson R. Debevoise, long retired and pushing 88 years of age, returns every cycle to renew the decree.

Read the decree here: No.09-4615


The decree states, paraphrasing, that the Republican Party will not legally challenge election fraud in national elections, especially in minority areas.

You think this is a joke?

Well it is not. So you wonder why the leaders of the Republican Party are as quiet as church mice in the face of having the Presidency stolen right out from under them?

The answer is, they cannot afford to let their party know, especially now with a ground swell of support for a viable third party, just how horribly incompetent they are, have been and will continue to be.

It appears that your Republican Party, back in 1980, may have broken the 1965 Voter’s Protection act and in an effort to keep from being fined or imprisoned, they signed away YOUR rights to fair and clean elections, apparently for all time. Maybe just another reason to send the GOP into third party status. If they can’t defend our vote, what are they good for?

The missing votes

So….Back to the missing Romney votes. What can be done? TPATH has a suggestion. It will take some money and some effort, but if there are any groups or people who believe the integrity of the election system is the basis of our future and our freedoms and do not want to sit idly by while felonies are committed, our votes deleted and our elections stolen, here is what you can do.

  1. Investigate and list each of the 150 (+/-) voting districts where they reported no votes for Romney, include the state, the towns, the district numbers in that list.
  2. Donate and raise funds that will pay for local and state ads in newspapers and TV requesting anyone who lives in those areas, who voted for Romney, to contact them.
  3. This compilation would be packaged in affidavit form and notarized, one package for each state and then delivered to that state’s Attorney General requesting that a full investigation take place, before he certifies the election results.

This has to be done before December 17th and it can be. But it needs to start now.

Will someone or some group step up?

If not, TPATH will do it but we will need donations and a firm commitment from our readers to support this effort.

It is our hope that one of the many conservative groups with lots of money to spend, take this on.

Finally, this effort may not change the results of the election. But we may just be able to put a few criminals in jail as a warning against trying this in the future.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocate Tracking Hub.




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It is nice to see that some research on this has already been done in line with what is being proposed here.
link to

In 2004, Bush had 0 votes in 5 Philadelphia divisions. In 2008 McCain was shut out of 57 divisions. And now Romney only was shut out of 2 additional divisions (total of 59). Furthermore when trying to find registered republicans many divisions of single to low double digits of registered republicans and those people have moved or say they did not vote for Romney.
While it is an impressive statistic, it is in line with the expected demographics and voting history of those divisions as well as the trends toward a more polarized nation of voters. The biggest question in my mind is why is this a story now when nearly equivalent results in 2008 were no big deal; maybe no one noticed at the time.

Terry A. Hurlbut

The Philadelphia Inquirer has never shown themselves immune to the current trend among the mainstream media: a fawning attention on the putative President that borders on the sort of worship that John the Revelator told us to expect.

Did you even read that consent decree? Read it before you put on a policeman’s combination cap and say, “Nothing to see here. Move on.”

Nathaniel Roubideaux

I read the opinion. It doesn’t say what you say it says. The RNC settled a lawsuit in which its operatives were alleged to have engaged in pre-election shenanigans by entering into a consent decree. The decree relates solely to the RNC’s conduct toward voters BEFORE an election. It has nothing to do with challenging results after an election. You should have been nicer to Jeff A.


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