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Bob Costas makes a fool of himself



The Democratic party wants to take these firearms away from you and make the whole country a gun-free zone. (By what authority?) That's what gun control is all about, and why we have a Second Amendment.

As a result of the tragic loss of life concerning Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher’s murder of his girlfriend and then his own suicide, yesterday’s NFL games had a decided gloom hanging over them. Most of the telecasts were respectful to the families and teams who were in shock and in mourning over the incident. That is until NBC, broadcasting the Sunday night game between the Eagles and Cowboys, followed in the long practiced custom, as espoused by leftist Democrat Emanuel, of “Never letting a crisis go to waste” Quoting from one of America’s most liberal writers (TPATH will not list his name; it’s irrelevant to this article), Bob Costas, most likely under orders from the leftist NBC management, disgracefully and contemptuously disregarding those suffering, used this “crisis” to attack the Second Amendment and blame these tragic deaths on handguns.

Bob Costas and television of the absurd

To suggest that a 260 pound linebacker would be unable to kill a 110 pound female without the use of a firearm and then not find a way to do himself in, is so ludicrous its hard for anyone with a half a brain to follow it.

Bob Costas wants to take these away from you, claiming a certain football player and his girlfriend would be alive today if he managed it.

A collection of guns, mostly long guns. Photo: user kosheahan (Flickr), CC BY 2.0 License

There is no doubt and TPATH does not deny that firearms are an effective way to kill. However, over 99% of fire arm use is by responsible citizens, and the left knows it. Yes fire arms are a very effective tool and will be used for both good and bad. To throw out our Constitution and deny 300 hundred million people the right to protect themselves because a very small percentage of people use the most effective tool available to do harm or commit crimes flies in the face of all logic

All these leftists understand that guns will always be available, even if all ownership is banned and they understand that if someone wants to murder or kill, they could do it with a less effective tool. But they will still do it. As Bob Costas did.

If the left really cared about innocent lives being saved, as opposed to growing government control over an unarmed populace, they would report the hundreds of thousands of times a fire arm has saved lives and protected property.

How to avoid a Bob Costas moment

TPATH suggests that football fans who must endure NBC to watch a game, follow these steps.

  1. Turn on the TV a few minutes before kick off and mute the sound until you see the game start.
  2. At the end of the first half, note the time, go into the kitchen and make something to eat and get a brewski, then 15 minutes later, return to the game.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocate Tracking Hub

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