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Christie doesn’t know what ‘reprehensible’ is



Chris Christie of New Jersey: did he learn anything?

Obama’s New Jersey Cheerleader, Governor Chris Christie harshly criticized the National Rifle Association on Thursday for referring to U.S. President Barack Obama’s children in an ad that advocates putting armed guards in schools, calling it “reprehensible” and “wrong.”

Several days following the November elections, many Republicans and Conservatives were wondering, and rightly so, if Christie had any idea of the damage he did to Romney’s campaign and by extension, this country. Having watched this man over the last several years and again this past week, the answer to that question has become quite clear.

Yesterday’s comments, if anyone had a ray of hope that our so-called “Republican Governor” had not intentionally derailed Romney, will have slammed the door on any last vestiges of denial.

Christie and his selective revulsion

Governor Chris Christie. What was his impact, and why did he make it?

Chris Christie holds a town hall meeting in Hillsborough, NJ, on March 2, 2011. Photo: Bob Jagendorf, CC BY 2.0 Generic License

During these past tumultuous couple of weeks, the left has been looking upon the devastating slaughter of those children, as possibly and finally, the event they needed to get the citizens of this country unarmed. That’s not to say that any of them wanted this to happen, but they surely have shown they have no qualms about using this “crisis” for all it is worth.

We regularly have had questions concerning Christie, relating to his true allegiances. Today, we have a few more.

The instances of Obama, his administration and the progressive left, using the “children” of this tragedy to further their decades long battle to destroy the Second Amendment are too numerous to count.


Here is a quote from Biden that should warm your heart:

There is nothing that has gone to the heart of the matter more than the visual image people have of little 6-year-old kids riddled – not shot with a stray bullet – riddled, riddled, with bullet holes in their classroom.

This comment did not illicit “repulsion” from New Jersey’s Governor.

Nor was he moved to comment on Obama’s not so Oscar-winning performance, crying for the children, which failed to produce even a bit of misty eyes, when the announcement was made of the upcoming illegal activity he was planning. On a side note, if Bill Clinton wasn’t so busy reminiscing about the days when “Obama would be fetching his coffee”, he surely could have given the Usurper a tip or two on spontaneous tearing up.

Then, several days ago, as Obama rolled out, in great fanfare, his unconstitutional list of executive orders, while relating the fears of children who wrote him letters, and displaying several other children as props, Governor Christie found no time or need to be repulsed.

So what was it that finally got Christie’s ‘repulsion meter’ fluttering and begging for comment?


It seems that suggesting all children should be equally protected, not just those of the elite ruling class was it. Yes sir, that did it for Waddles.

All of those who have been battling the left’s efforts to dismantle our Constitution, understand all too well that the media is nothing more than the propaganda wing of today’s Marxist Democrats and it is expected that they will ignore anything repulsive or exploitative which has roots in the left, while feigning revulsion and dismay at even the most minor statements from Conservatives. That is a given, and all those defending this country have come to knowledge that and deal with it. But when that same activity is perpetrated by, supposedly, one of our own, we need to seriously ask, who is this guy?

Oh, and one thing more!

A final message to Christie, while no one can doubt that Obama’s children, who are so very adorable, of course need and deserve more protection than the children of the masses, the children of the masses are also adorable and they too deserve to be protected.

Reprehensible is the word of the day Governor Christie and it will be one which is recalled on your next election day.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub

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