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Andrew Cuomo feigns outrage



The 2012 March for Life finishing before the Supreme Court in protest of Roe v. Wade

Most of us by now have seen and or heard the many leftist politicians, journalists and assorted screw balls screaming, chastising, crying and demanding that our government ignore the US Constitution and ban the so called assault weapon, so that our children and the rest of us may be saved from murder and mayhem. Andrew Cuomo put on an especially spectacular show.

What is the REAL source of the outrage?

As you read the statistics we have complied below you might want to ask yourself, just what is it that these people are so worried about? Is it the children? Is it the safety and well being of all the citizens? Or is it something else? Is it in fact part of the decades old effort, not to save our children, but the relentless goal to methodically kill the Constitution, one freedom at a time?

It is of course, the latter. It can be no other. The insignificant threat to our society posed by the so called assault weapon, if looked at in any sane or calculating way, clearly shows that the screaming, bug eyed yahoos, either have no idea of what they espouse or are working in support of the Marxist ideology of disarming the people.

A March for Life sign. Why doesn't Andrew Cuomo support this, if he's so concerned about the children?

A picket sign at the 2012 March for Life reads, “I’m for life, because each life is a dream of God’s heart.” Photo: CNAV.

It is well known fact that through the years leftist governments have murdered untold millions of their citizens in order to get and maintain control of every aspect of their lives. Its not too far fetched to presume, they would use the unfortunate tragedy in Sandy Hook as another tool to further those goals.

While the data we have listed below are interesting to most of us who have brains which we use, as opposed to those being manipulated by the leftist ideologues, TPATH has prepared this for the few others out there who may not be totally brain dead. This information may give them a chance to actually think for themselves and then consider just who or what policy they should support.

Before you look at the numbers below please be aware of the following:

  1. The FBI does not have an assault weapon category in the sense that the left describes it. In other words, there is no distinction between a bolt action or lever action rifle or one that holds multiple rounds and will fire automatic (all rounds fired if trigger is held in) or a semi-automatic rifle where it can be fired, one round per one trigger pull.
  2. Also weapons that have a “pistol grip” accessory are not given a category by the FBI. This type of rifle is categorized by the left for no other reason except as a scare tactic.
  3. The FBI combines all rifle murders, except the shotgun, into one category. Because of this TPATH had to search several areas for the actual count of murders by, as the left describes them, assault rifles. No data we used trying to get this information is as firm as the FBI numbers used in other categories. But we are certain that the assault weapons used for murders during the 5 year period is pretty accurate.
  4. Killings of foreigners on or near our borders by Latin drug dealers have not been included in this data.
  5. This data only includes deaths which have been determined to be felonies by the FBI and not justifiable homicide performed by police or citizens protecting themselves or their property.
  6. The data has been complied for the five year period of 2006 to 2010 according to tables listed on the FBI web page linked below. Both 2011 and 2012 statistics show a decline in all felony murders and those numbers have been left out until the FBI lists them on their website.
  7. There is a category used by the FBI for fire arms listed as “unknown”. TPATH could not use those numbers to complete a fair analysis of this report.

Andrew Cuomo, here are the facts

During the 5-year period of 2006 to 2011

  • An American citizen’s chances of being murdered by any means was .000,000,003%.
  • An American citizen living in an urban area was eight times more likely to be murdered than one living in suburban areas.
  • There were 101,214 felony murders In America. (Includes all methods)
  • Of those, 48% were killed by firearms of all types and 52% were done in by weapons other than fire arms.
  • 1,980 people were killed with weapons categorized as rifles, including the assault weapon, but only 59 murders could be verified as being done with the assault rifle.
  • 968 people were smothered or otherwise asphyxiated. (Not strangulation)
  • 4,147 were done in with bare hands or feet.
  • 12,106 found eternity via knives and bats.

During the last five year period

Americans were:

  • 16 times more likely to be smothered with “assault pillows” than killed with an assault rifle.
  • 70 times more likely to be killed with fists than with an assault rifle.
  • 205 times more likely to be killed with knife or bat than assault rifle.


  • An American had a 0.000,028% chance of being murdered by a firearm, any fire arm, including assault rifles.

If people were to take a few moments to comprehend these numbers above, and those below, they may come up with the idea that this rage from Cuomo, Obama and the left, may not be all too genuine. Especially if you consider how they really feel about protecting God’s children, having condoned the termination of millions of children in the womb.

Keep in mind, those who claim fear for the safety of our children, have been and continue to be active perpetrators of this human genocide. As you see the numbers here, ask yourself if you can be blamed for not taking their concern for the children very seriously.

During the period above, where 1,980 people were killed with rifles, over 4,488,820 human babies were murdered in the womb of their mothers.

And then there is this:

Since 1973 the left has helped, supported and approved the death of over 54,559,615 of God’s children, who will never get to wear short pants, play in the park or put pink ribbons in their hair.

January 21, 2013 TPATH


Note: The data used in this report was as fairly as possible pulled from the websites listed below. TPATH is solely responsible for the data analysis and permission is given for its free use and dissemination.


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