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Boy Scout vote, equal rights, and children



A Boy Scout patrol does community service.

Tomorrow is a very important day in America. Tomorrow we will find out if there is any hope at all in saving our country, our moralities and our children. Tomorrow we will see if the Boy Scouts of America will continue to be the character builder and the guiding principle for young boys and men as it has in the past.

Tomorrow we will see if money is a greater motivator than the Boy Scout Oath.

Tomorrow the Boy Scout National Executive Council meets to vote

A Boy Scout patrol does community service.

Members of a Boy Scout patrol collaborate on an Eagle Scout service project. PHoto: Greg Schechter, CC BY 2.0 Generic License.

Tomorrow we will see if the leaders of that organization, in clear view of the parents, decide to violate that oath, and change the Boy Scouts of America, forever.

Tomorrow they will vote to allow, or not, homosexual men access to your male children under conditions and circumstances no one in their right mind would place their child.

There is a history on this subject and it is not a good one. So before those BSA leaders sit down for that vote tomorrow, it is best that they review or learn for the first time, just what might be ahead, from what we have seen in the past.

History of homosexuality and the Catholic Church

Like it or not, homosexuality is an anomaly. It is inconsistent with the proliferation of a species and if it occurred in significantly high percentages would end in extinction.


But having said that, no human should be abandoned or left out of society or shunned from the everyday pursuit of liberty and happiness. That is, as long as that pursuit does not infringe on the rest of society.

Now for some of that history. Let’s start with the Catholic Church. While those who have taken unmitigated joy in the destruction of the Church based upon the scandals, the root of those scandals had nothing to do with the Catholic Religion, but everything to do with homosexuality. Leaders of the Catholic Church not only allowed homosexuals free run of their seminaries and rectories, they did all the could to hide the sexual predatory adventures which were taking place in schools and parishes across the country. (Editor’s note: CNAV has no hard evidence that ranking cardinals and bishops knowingly or intentionally allowed the initial offenses to happen. Sadly, the cover-up is well-attested, and only goes to prove that often the cover-up is worse than the initial offense.)

TPATH has interviewed a young man who’s life ambition was to be a Catholic Priest, but, disillusioned and outraged, he left the Seminary after a few short weeks when he realized it was nothing more than an orgy of homosexuals partying and preparation for their under cover lives of sexual predation to come.

What we have here and what the Catholic Church has had for decades, is not a lack of morality based upon the teachings of the Church, but a lack of common sense and understanding that predators will always go where the game is easiest to catch.

An organization of predators

Also the history of homosexual attitudes has disgustingly manifested itself in NAMBLA, an organization which promotes homosexual sex with boys. While it may be true they do not represent a majority of homosexuals, it is clear, there are many who do.


The Catholic Church presented its children as bait in order to fill the roles of their priesthood. One might be inclined to give them a pass for not seeing what was happening, but of course, not for then, continuing to put our children at risk with the years of cover up.

And now, we are expected to once again offer up our children, not to fill needed positions, but to fill bank accounts.

There is a time for everything and there may be a place for everything. But putting your children in a tent, far in the woods, with a possible predator, should be a place we should never venture to. Politically correct, or not.

In closing, if the BSA changes its rules which were put in place for the protection of the children, in search of money over morality, there will an exodus not seen since Moses gathered his flock and headed for the desert.

Remember, it wasn’t about the Church and it won’t be about the Scouts’ Oath. It will be about offering up your children in search of the dollar.


Parents, its time to take a stand.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub



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R. Angstrom

Dwight Kehoe is using this unfortunate situation to advance an agenda of anti-Catholic bigotry. As conservatives, we must stand strong to defend our youth WITHOUT giving in to the shameful prejudiced attacks displayed in this poorly written and poorly researched article. Mr. Kehoe serves no other purpose but to stir up sectarian divisive sentiment among the ranks of the faithful, (something the leftists and liberals are sure to thank him for) while taking advantage of the plight facing one of this country’s most revered institutions, The Boy Scouts of America. These tactics not only make for weak writing, but truly display the true character (or lack there of) of the author.

Terry A. Hurlbut

I hate to be the one to hand out foul-tasting, but necessary, medicine. But it ill befits anyone to ignore completely the often ignoble history of a centuries-old institution. We’re shocked that Roman Catholic priests would behave in such a fashion today, because we don’t expect it, and we don’t expect it because it’s rare. But Will Durant, in his Story of Civilization series, reminded us rather sharply of a time (centuries past) when people cynically expected such conduct and even considered it routine.


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