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Freedom or Tyranny: a series



The National Criminal Registry would be in keeping with the spirit of the Second Amendment

No Amendment is more important than the Second. The recent attack on the Second Amendment has inspired me to set the record straight once and for all. Knowing the truth can make a difference between freedom and servitude. Whether you agree or disagree with these articles is of no consequence to me. The magnitude of failure in protecting your rights will fall upon not only you, but also your family, and Country. My prayer is you read very carefully.

Power from the people

Every American citizen must understand that power resides in the people, not the government! Supreme Court Case law is legion.

The United States, as a whole, emanates from the people…The people, in their capacity as sovereigns, made and adopted the Constitution… (US Supreme Court in 4 Wheat 402. )

Outline of the Freedom and Tyranny Series

A timeless symbol of the Second Amendment and of freedom.

The battle flag of the defenders at Gonzales. This was their answer to Generalissimo Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana, who demanded a return of their cannon.

In this series we will discuss Executive Orders, Impeachment; Civil War the last thing anyone wants except the Marxist occupying the White House. How prior “Executive Orders” have virtually stripped you of all your civil rights and freedoms as you have come to believe.

An ongoing process that has been taking place for approximately 100-years by Leninist, Fabians, Progressives, Socialist that equate to Marxists are in the home stretch, and tasting victory. If they succeed it won’t be pretty, I can promise you that.
We will speak of individual and collective responsibilities each of us, as citizens, if we expect freedom to exist for posterity, must undertake so as not to buckle under the boot of tyranny. The choice is yours, this battle must first be fought with “due process” not violence.

The safety of the Republic depends upon the people’s ability to defend themselves, not just from criminals but from criminal and tyrannical governments here at home or foreign invaders. Don’t doubt for a moment that other governments and other people, around the world are watching our 2nd Amendment struggles here. If our freedoms are crushed, here in the land of the free, what future will any citizen of the world face?

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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