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In loving memory of the innocent victims of abortion

The Bible tells us to know the truth and the truth shall set you free, but these days the truth is hard to come by. We are daily bombarded with the horrific violence attributed to firearms, as our progressive government attempts to disarm us to supposedly protect the lives of our children. This article may appear intense, but I encourage you to read it, all of it right until the end. If you do, I think you will discover that there’s more savagery taking place across our nation than you ever thought possible.

Does anyone really believe that the liberals posing as representatives of “We the People” really give a damn about children? I’ll let you make up your own mind. If you can read this article and still believe that a woman has the right to kill her pre-born child by ferocious mutilation, God have pity on your soul! I dare you to look into a mirror after reading this article and still say to the reflection staring back at you that it’s a women’s right to choose.

Setting the Stage

I’m not known for pulling punches and this article is not for the faint of heart. I’ll set the stage. You can participate by visualizing yourself as a technician at a Planned Parent Abortion clinic assisting an “Angel of Death”, posing as a Doctor. Oh, did I forget to mention most Planned Parenthood technicians are trained in-house and hold no medical degrees?

The question most often asked of a technician by the expectant mother is: Will my baby feel any pain? As a good Tech you have been told to say: “No. They have not developed any nerve endings as of yet. It’s just tissue.” You’re also trained never to use the word baby or fetus (a fetus is a small child). At Planned Parenthood the baby is referred to as a POC, “product of conception” and what is taking place is just the removal of POC.

The procedure begins. Remember that you’re the technician assisting the Angel of Death. You’re instructed to hold a probe on the expectant mother’s stomach filming the procedure through ultrasound. Of course the mother can’t see the screen. You watch as the Angle of Death inserts a suction (vacuum); as it enter the uterus and gets closer to the POC (baby) you watch in horror as the baby withdraws trying to get away, but there’s no place to run. At just that time, the Butcher tells the technician to turn on the vacuum, using his favorite instructions “Beam Him up Scotty”. Piece by piece the baby is torn to apart. You would think that’s the end of it. It’s not. The fun and games have just started.


The Butcher’s Puzzle: Put the Child Back Together

As the technician you’re expertise and skills are about to be challenged. It’s your job to empty the vacuum of all the gruesome dismembered parts of the POC, not in the trash, but on a tray. Then you are to assemble all the parts – and what do we get – if you said baby, you’re right, the POC is a fetus, baby, never to enjoy “…life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness.”

Planned Parenthood

In loving memory of the innocent child victims of abortion

A memorial to children who die by abortion, outside the Old San Miguel Mission in Socorro, New Mexico. Photo: User James-Quinn/Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic License

Does the name Margaret Sanger ring a bell? Remember Hillary Clinton during the presidential debates when asked who she admired most, she proudly, with a smile on her face said Margret Sanger, the leader of the Women’s Rights Movement. A woman’s Rights Movement? Unfortunately, many bought into this lie. Sorry for the rude awaking, especially to those in urban communities that who have been indoctrinated into believing their urban masters in the Democrat Party. They have literally been convinced to bring their own children to the slaughter.

Sanger’s main objective was to exterminate the black race – yes, genocide! And who’s aiding and abetting Planned Parenthood? None other than this so-called Black President Mr. Obama, who fully endorses this genocide up to and after birth. No, you say? Are you aware that Mr. Obama appointed and ‘ethics panel’ that gave thumbs up to testing anthrax on babies, that is if they escape their death sentence in an abortion mill. Your so-called political party that removed God from their platform supports the murder and genocide to further the Democrat progressive Marxist agenda. In case you have forgotten, the baby killer in the Whitehouse is half-white and it was the liberal white liberals that put him in office.

Do you know that Blacks have twice as many abortions than Whites and 4x’s that of Hispanics? Yet American Blacks comprise only 13-14 percent of the population and abort 30% of their babies. So, do you still think abortion is a right? Then perhaps you think that the new song for Planned Parenthood should be bye-bye blackbird. Do I have your attention?

Do you know that the greatest proponent of Planned Parenthood was Adolf Hitler who, like Hillary Clinton, idolized Margaret Sanger? His Nazi regime murdered 6,000,000 Jews. He believed that he was eliminating the unfit from human society – a drop in the bucket compared to over 50,000,000 children killed by willing mothers that were indoctrinated by the liberals in the media and academia. All this is based upon a decision by liberal hoodlums in Black Robes that support genocide. Do you really believe secular humanism or should I say hedonism is the answer; that it’s a women’s right to choose life or death? But the same liberals march to save the baby seal, or a bird’s egg, the dart snail – violate their rights and go to jail.

So who’s to blame?

Where does it say you’re required to be politically correct and not discuss this affront to God? Remember Him – the author of life? First, take a good look in the mirror then put the blame where it truly belongs – the Church. The worst hypocrites are your preachers and Catholic priests who cry “our hands are tied.” They are all wolves in sheep’s clothing.


Let’s not forget the evangelical phonies – ineffective churches that are politically correct but Biblically bankrupt. They raise their arms and praise the Lord, pass the collection plate and turn a blind eye to blatant sin. The blame falls more heavily on our black pastors who blindly give Obama a pass while they praise the Lord. They refuse to alert their congregation that Obama’s or any other Black Democrat’s stance on abortion, and/or sodomites, clearly conflict with the Word of God. All they see is a Black man. I guess they believe they have some kind of special dispensation. My question to them: how are you going to explain that to God? For years we have been trying to convince racists that you should look at the content of someone’s character and not the color of their skin. And what do they do? They only look at the color of Obama’s skin. I guess they can always say Obama gave their congregants an Obama—phone.

What Does the Law Say?

The Declaration of Independence says: “…among [the inalienable rights] are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Can you have liberty without life – or how about happiness? So is abortion consistent with the U.S. Constitution?

The secular humanist will scream, “Roe v. Wade is the law of the land!” All because five Hoodlums in Black Robes held that a women’s right to privacy over her body gave her the right to kill her baby by gruesome mutilation.

First, there are only two co-equal branches of government, and the Court is not one of them. So I ask, when did a baby or a fetus, (small child) become this non-being? Isn’t it true that a person is pronounced dead when no heart beat can be found? Therefore, it stands to reason if there’s a heartbeat after 32-days we can rightly assume that a fetus is a live person entitled to the same protection afforded under our laws? The killing by intentional horrible mutilation in any situation would be considered “cruel and inhuman treatment.” Any civilized human would conclude such a heinous criminal would warrant punishment. In the Middle Ages, tortures were created that are eerily similar to what is done to our children inside their mothers’ wombs. One of the most feared tortures of that time was death on the stretching racks – or being killed by being pulled apart. In the Wild West, Indians and anarchists were known to draw and quarter their enemies – in other words pull them apart. Ironically, the same people who contend that water boarding is torture are the chief defenders of abortion, which employs the same gruesome tortures as yesteryear.

The Eight Amendment makes it clear: it is unconstitutional to administer “cruel and unusual punishments inflicted”. Therefore, would I be mistaken in saying that each of these butchers posing as doctors that mutilate a small child (fetus) by ripping off its arms, legs, and head while it is being nurtured in its mother’s uterus is a murderer?


Gosh – am I being gruesome in my description of this procedure? Good – live with it, the baby didn’t have that opportunity! And, whether you know it or not, neither does the poor mother who was never told the truth on what would take place during the procedure. Many live with guilt and pain for most of their lives.

Wake up people! The secular progressive left-wing liberals have sold you a bill of goods. They intentionally discredit the family. They encourage promiscuity. They discourage moral and Godly values.

Well enough said for now, but you can be sure I’ll be back.

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