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First Amendment

Press: free or lapdogs?



Josef Stalin understood gun control better than many people today. He also understood voter fraud and how to use it. See his infamous distinction between vote casting and vote counting.

It’s no secret, nor is it difficult to find, with just a cursory brush with American history, to what extent the Founding Fathers understood the vital importance of a free press and the right of the people to be informed. The Bill of Rights, consisting of the 10 most important requirements for an enduring, prosperous and free society, listed first, the number one condition, freedom of speech.

Safeguards for the press

In that Amendment, even greater privileges were afforded to the press. They understood that the Watchdogs of our Freedom would not be the politicians in the State Houses or in Washington DC. In fact, just the opposite. They understood, as educated and learned scholars, just how corrupt and brutal governments can be and had been. It’s hard to imagine that even they, could have foreseen the murderous government regimes of the 20th century that have slaughtered over 260 million of their own citizens.

A further review of mankind’s affinity towards domination over the weak will reveal that the concept of free people, living and prospering without oppression, is and has been, as rare as unaltered documents relating to anything concerning the Usurper.

For sure, owing to the state of non-education our schools are in now, it’s not difficult to understand why so many of our young people are oblivious to the past as well as the dangers of the future. Like goldfish in a bowl anticipating the next sprinkle of food, the uninformed can perceive no threat. To them, all is well, nothing will change. That is until it does. Then, it will be too late.

‘Anti-American’ to care about liberty?

The press acts like Neville Chamberlain in this portrait.Now, to the leftist journalist, Joe Klein, who this past weekend declared that it is “Anti-American to think that the government might become oppressive.” No, we did not make that up. He actually said it. This may be the most ignorant statement uttered by anyone in a very long, long time. Even keeping in mind the brilliance of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, this man is the epitome of the modern mainstream media which has turned the Watchdogs of journalism to the Lap Dogs of leftist ideology.

The Founding Fathers, according to Mr. New York Times, Joe Klein, were quite “Anti-American”. To a man, they understood the danger of an all-powerful government. That was the basis of all they did and was the driving force behind the first ten Amendments.


Even in the light of how one of the strongest Democracies outside of America, Germany, went from that Democracy, in a very short time, to as brutal a dictatorial regime mankind has ever seen, it may still be beyond the ability of most “goldfish” or “lapdogs” to imagine how little those feeding them actually care if they live or die.

Like Klein, TPATH also believes this will not happen in this country. Not because it can’t. Not because they are not trying and not because they wouldn’t, but because We the People won’t let it.

We will, without the help of the ignorant lapdogs in the media, watch all that our government does with skepticism and knowledge of the repressive nature which spawns from unfettered power. Joe, you are right, our government will not dominate us, repress us or even worse. We, according to you Joe, the “Anti-American” will not stand still while the tools our Founding Fathers provided for us are ignored and diminished.

Those tools and the people who are willing to defend them are why our government will not be permitted to oppress us.

The media has forsaken not only their profession, but too, they have forsaken their country.


Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub

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