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Stupid politicians



The Obama birth certificate. Why is this still accepted as valid? The Birther movement still matters, for the precedent.

After having spent many decades working, building businesses and careers, raising families, as so many other Americans have done, it has dawned on many of us, that maybe, just maybe, the typical political candidate, really doesn’t become an an expert immediately after being elected. They may become more arrogant, but remain quite stupid.

How stupid can politicians be?

As our awareness of just how incompetent and ignorant most of these “elected experts” are and have been, it certainly is no surprise that this country is in such peril. In fact, after hearing elected buffoons make statements like the ones below, it is a wonder why we are already not finished as a nation. Some of us believe we are.

  • We were told by one congressman that we had better not put too many people on a particular island for fear it would tip over and sink.
  • Another wondered if the Mars Rover could be directed to the location where our astronauts planted the American Flag.
  • Yet another informed the world that sharks still patrol the Atlantic Ocean looking to make an easy meal of slaves thrown overboard.
  • A congresswoman, seeking to destroy the 2nd Amendment, informed us bans on large capacity magazines would save lives because “once they are empty, they will be useless”. Sort of like her gray matter.
  • And of course there’s the brilliant boob, VP Biden instructing women to empty their shotguns in the air if they come under threat of attack. Not only is that illegal, but the weapon will be empty of ammunition if the attack comes quickly.

These are just a few instances. There are many, many more. In fact just, the idiocy of Biden could fill pages.

Now we have Senator McConnell assuming the position of “expert” as he informs a constituent on the finer points of Article II of our Constitution. Which by they way, he clearly has never even read.

Background of a stupid thing to say

Senator McConnell says a very stupid thing.

Senator McConnell has no clue what a “Natural Born Citizen” is. Graphic: TPATH

A bit of background on what it was that caused “Professor McConnell” to expose his not so veiled incompetence.

Rules on infant travel

Many of you may not be aware of the latest facts which have been uncovered that add to the mountains of other information, regarding Obama and his non-eligibility to serve as America’s President. If you get your news from Fox or Mark Levin or any of the other so-called conservative outlets, as must McConnell, this will be news to you.

When an American citizen who travels outside of the country on a passport, and if that person is the guardian or parent of an infant child who is traveling with her/him, the guardian’s passport must be updated to include a picture and information on the child.


A person may not leave the country on an international flight, with an infant, without that paperwork being complete.

Where are the records to back up the Obama story?

So what does that have to do with Obama? For those who have followed the colossal piles of miss-representations, forged and manipulated documents as well as the many deleted and hidden records concerning this one man, it has been the contention of those covering up for Obama, that his mother gave birth to him in Hawaii, then traveled, shortly thereafter to Kenya, taking along the newborn Obama.

It looks like the armies of forgers and document destroyers missed a very important document. They have been good at removing the maternity hospital’s visitor logbook from public view, since that would have shown that no one, not even Obama’s mother’s parents visited her during or after the birth. Which of course would be a very strong indication that she wasn’t there herself, nor was baby Obama.

And despite what the expert Senator McConnell said, Obama’s people have successfully hidden the original birth certificate, no one of authority has seen it. Ever. That document was most likely the easiest thing to obscure, because it probably doesn’t exist.

Relating further to travel and passports. Obama’s passport is under deep cover. Who knows what it would reveal about who Obama is, where he traveled and under what designation? Some speculate his passport identifies him as a “foreign student”. One might wonder why the news media wouldn’t be interested in that. Maybe because, no matter what Obama is, he isn’t a Republican.


And too, during the decades of international flights, the government has kept records and stored them on microfiche. These records listed all individuals and children who were flying in and out of the country. If Obama was born in Hawaii and taken to Kenya, he and his mother would be listed. Of course if she was listed, without the future community agitator, it might indicate he was still in the oven.

Here’s a little quiz. Of the 30 years of government records, can you speculate which set of records is missing from the microfiche files? If you really need help with this, here’s the answer. The two week period during which Momma Obama traveled out of the country. What a coincidence, huh?

The diversions, document fraud, obfuscations and manipulations, connected to this one person, would make the ever transparent Federal Reserve blush with embarrassment.

Stanley Ann Dunham traveled without baby Obama?!?

So what is this latest passport issue? It seems the “document destruction team”has overlooked something. Momma Obama’s passport has been found. With dated, stamped and verified travel to Kenya. Every piece of data is there, except for one minor little point. No baby Obama. No picture, as required. No information on a tiny “citizen” traveling with mother to another country.

In short, if Obama had already been born, his mother could not have taken him out of the country without updating her passport. It simply would not have been allowed.


This information troubled Louis Hodges, a constituent of McConnell, so a letter was written and delivered to the good Senator. Please click here to read that letter.

McConnell shows how stupid a US Senator can be

Here is the astoundingly uninformed response from McConnell.

When you contacted my office, you mentioned your concerns regarding President Obama’s eligibility to serve as President of the United States. During the 2008 election season, President Obama released a copy of his birth certificate stating he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on August 4, 1961. Since the election, several public officials — including Republican Governor Linda Lingle – have viewed and certified the original document. The consensus is clear that President Obama is a natural-born citizen.

News flash to McConnell. Even if Obama was born on the steps of the Washington Monument, he will never be a natural born citizen because his father was never a US citizen. Every minute he spends in our White House is an affront to the American people and our Constitution.

Make no mistake about it. The damage he has done and will do to this country, and those whom have covered for him, will be remembered in history.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub.



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