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Benghazi: politics or crime?



Barack H. Obama gave one of the worst State of the Union addresses of his career.

In light of this past week’s Congressional hearings relating to the Benghazi coverup and the death of American citizens, allegations of political manipulation of information have become moot. It is clear now that the factual altering of information slithering out from the Obama administration was not the result of fear of being ousted from the Presidency, but fear of being remanded to the penitentiary.

For sure, as with most high crimes, the exordium was instigated by politics. Because Obama had such a dismal record on every other front, domestic and foreign, it was imperative for him to be able to claim terrorism was defeated. But this denial, before the fact, not after, is where the culpability for the deaths of those Americans originated.

Evidence from the Benghazi hearings

Benghazi coverup: politics? Or crime?

Graphic: Dwight Kehoe/TPATH

The hearings made it strikingly clear. This administration denied all requests for more security, prior to and leading up to the anniversary of 911, for one reason and one reason only. More manpower would equate to less security and would indicate that claims of the demise of terrorism were false. Regardless of the possible outcome, the lives of our heroes, it appears, were not even considered when weighted against the loss of a few votes.

Clearly, not providing more security could be a crime. The stand down order for the FEST team located in Tripoli, just an hour away, also is, and possibly even a more blatant act of manslaughter. Why? Because at that time, initiating a military response to Benghazi would do two things. First and less important, it would prove that Obama did not have the terrorists defeated. But more importantly egregious, it would clearly indicate that not securing the Benghazi Mission, when requested, was a dangerous and flagrant disregard for human lives.

What is manslaughter?

If the legal description, provided below, does not perfectly describe this Benghazi crime scene its hard to imagine what would.

Manslaughter, involuntary

  1. In order for a person to be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter the government must prove that someone was killed as a result of an act by the person;
  2. Second, in the circumstances existing at the time, the person’s act either was by its nature dangerous to human life or was done with reckless disregard for human life; and
  3. Third, the person either knew that such conduct was a threat to the lives of others or knew of circumstances that would reasonably cause the person to foresee that such conduct might be a threat to the lives of others.

The first denial of extra security for not only Benghazi, but also Tripoli, is where the contrivance changed from political to criminal.

Obstruction of justice

Now enter the crime of obstruction. Once the administration understood that their actions were criminal in the flagrant disregard for human lives, and that disregard in fact did cause 4 deaths, the next crime of obstruction of justice began.


Blaming a ridiculous video, changing official information, hiding survivors, intimidating and demoting diplomats, refusing to disclose emails and communications between Libya and Washington, prior to, during and after the night long battle for survival, so very clearly falls into the realm of criminality. The obstruction of justice law, described below, couldn’t be more relevant.

Obstruction of justice under the law

  • Obstruction of justice is an attempt to interfere with the administration of the courts, the judicial system or law enforcement officers.
  • It may include tampering with or intimidating, hiding evidence or interfering with an arrest. It is something a person does to impede the administration of a court process or proper discharge of a legal duty.
  • Interference may be with the work of police, investigators, regulatory agencies, prosecutors, or other (usually government) officials. Often, no actual investigation or substantiated suspicion of a specific incident need exist to support a charge of obstruction of justice.

Such activity is a crime.

What Congress must now ask

Knowing what we now know it is time to ensure the American people that Congress will get the answers to the following questions:

  • Who authored the stand down order to Lt. Col. Gibson which prevented FEST from engaging the terrorists who were attacking the Benghazi mission?
  • Where was Obama during the more than 12 hours of the siege and evacuation?
  • Who ordered Rice and Clinton to lie to the American people?

For certain there are a few more questions we would like to have answers to. Not the least of which is, will Hillary Clinton forsake her overwhelming desire to be the first female President (and the 2nd Communist) and fall on her sword for the Divider N Chief?

Knowing the Clintons as we do, its not likely that Slick Willie will allow that to happen. Especially since its also not likely that Billy has changed his perception of Obama’s abilities regarding the conveyance of the morning coffee break. (sorry about that, I couldn’t help myself)

So…. stay tuned. Breaking the law is bad enough. Breaking the law and causing the death of Americans? Very, very serious.

Congress, the ball is in your court. You had better not let us down, again.


Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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Congress must also ask for forgiveness for the blood they have on their hands. Although the Obama Administration was certainly deceptive AFTER lives were lost, Congress was responsible for ending those four American lives:
“The truth is — between fiscal years 2011 and 2012, the Republican-led House of Representatives sought to cut more than $450 million from President Obama’s budget request for embassy security funding.”
No wonder so many Republicans want to divert the attention on this issue – I so suppose it’s only natural when one realizes he/she has murdered four Americans…

Terry A. Hurlbut

And yet, in the immediate aftermath of the Benghazi attack, no one at State raised the issue of “cutting funding.” Not until after the trumped-up meme of the video, “The Innocence of Muslims,” didn’t pan out.

[…] the crime that is the Benghazi report profits two people. It obviously profits Hillary Clinton. By all […]


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