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State legislators – an open letter



The National Criminal Registry would be in keeping with the spirit of the Second Amendment

Dear State Legislator,

During the past several months I have attended a few of the hearings held in the capitol as one committee after another sat in judgment of my rights as an American citizen and debated as to what extent they would unconstitutionally infringe on the Bill of Rights.

During those hearings I sat quietly in the crowd or reviewed video records after the fact. I listened as great patriots and Americans testified, provided anecdotal apologues, and proffered irrefutable statistics and data in support of the 2nd Amendment.

The testimony was heartfelt and delivered with variations of justifiable anger and some with more stoic thoughtfulness. But regardless of the content or the manner in which it was presented, one thing is perfectly clear. Not one of you who voted to pass yet more unconstitutional law, ever intended to listen, comprehend or consider one word of testimony.

In fact on a few occasions, the legislators who work for we the people, in blatant displays of arrogance, held side conversations during statements from the citizens. And at one hearing it was announced that the committee would vote on the new legislation, before hearing from the people.


What are State legislators there for?

State legislators, what are you there for? What do you serve?So I had to ask myself……., If these people can hear, read about and then truly analyze all the statistics which prove, beyond any doubt that America is safer in places where the 2nd Amendment has not been violated, and know of all the writings and beliefs of our Founding Fathers relating to the right of every law abiding citizen to protect himself and others, and then ignore it all and vote to further endanger me and my family……. are they letting a leftist ideology dictate how they will vote, as opposed to how they should vote?

Asking myself that question could never get an answer, since it requires your input, so I decided to go straight to you, the lawmaker and ask you one simple question. The answer does not require a long dissertation nor do I want one. The question is simple and so should the answer be. It requires, a YES or NO.

Before I ask it, its important to know, the following scenario is not likely to happen to you or your family members, however, it does indeed happen. And even if not to you, it does and will happen to those you propose to legislate for. This is a certainty even if you are given the authority to confiscate, confiscate, confiscate. Please be conscious not only of your family as you read and answer this question, but also those who will, someday be faced with survival of this or a lessor magnitude.

Mr./Mrs. Legislator, before I ask my question I would like to tell you about myself because it is pertinent to it. I have raised a family, lived in this state my entire life, started and ran a construction company which employed many people. I have never been investigated, charged or arrested for anything nor have I in fact, ever broken any law. And I have not had even a driving ticket for over 35 years. I was drafted and served honorably in the US Army. I am a member of the NRA and a very prestigious Rifle Club. I have had training in safety and can use many types of weapons. While I’m not close to being a world class shooter, I do hit any target within 50 yards, every time.

As you answer this question, keep in mind, the laws you will or have voted on prevent me from ever having my weapon with me, anywhere except the shooting range or my home. Laws by the way, which have zero effect on criminals.

The Question:

If you, or one or more of your family members, found themselves trapped in a building or location where one or more terrorists or deranged mass murderers were in the process of methodically killing everyone, would you like to know that I was in that location and had my 9mm Glock, locked and loaded with a 15 round magazine, un-holstered and with the safety off?


I would appreciate, no matter how you voted on these new gun laws, if you would return this email with your YES or No answer.

Finally, I am taking the time to send this to each of you individually. How many of you will have the courage to admit you would sacrifice the innocent lives of your loved ones in support of a leftist ideology? I’ll bet, I won’t hear from even one of you and I’ll also bet, not one of you who would vote no to this question will inform your family of that.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub

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Did you expect anything different?

Terry A. Hurlbut

No, but part of impelling people to action is showing their supposed protectors for what they really are.


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