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Leigh-Ann Bellew v. Joe Kyrillos



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John Bennett, Monmouth County Republican Chairman, was quoted as saying, “It is ludicrous to me that these individuals (LD13) are being challenged.” He went on to say that he had no idea what their agenda is…. and that their candidates are doing a great job and are conservatives. Conservative! How dare you insult the Republican voters in Monmouth County. Christie’s puppet, Senator Kyrillos (a/k/a “Luke Fencewalker” as named by his colleagues in the legislature), is anything but conservative! He is, however, good at obeying the orders of his puppet master, Chris Christie. If you’re looking for a true conservative, Leigh-Ann Bellew is your woman!

All I’ve seen from the failed progressive GOP and/or their hatchet men are false flags about Leigh-Ann Bellew’s higher education credentials. It is true that many thought she had more credentials than actual, but there is a good reason for that. Her education and expertise exceeds that which can be earned in any college. Leigh-Ann is who she says she is: a conservative candidate for the Senate in the 13 LD.

In contrast, the GOP’s hatchet men make excuses, like this: “that Republicans are in tough spots and face a variety of hostile constituencies demanding that they moderate themselves.” Excuse me; I thought Mr. Bennett said his candidates were conservatives? In truth, all the challengers to the moderates in LD 13 are running a slate titled “Republicans for Conservative Leadership.” Unlike the moderates and liberals that hijack the Conservative title during campaign season, Mrs. Bellew’s slate of candidates really are Conservative.

It’s time New Jerseyans in the LD 13 know the real Senator Joe Kyrillos

Send Leigh-Ann Bellew to this House!

New Jersey State House. Photo: TPATH

Senator Kyrillos’ record below demonstrates just the opposite of what the establishment would have you believe. Kyrillos is not even a moderate, he is mediocre at best and more like a progressive Democrat:

  • For almost three decades Senator Kyrillos has been a willing partner with the Democrats (repeatedly breaking ranks with his Republican colleagues) in tripling the State’s spending. His challenger Leigh-Ann Bellew is willing to sign a pledge not to vote for any new taxes and reduce the budget, Senator Kyrillos and his running mates refuses to take that pledge.
  • Mr. Kyrillos holds a “C” rating from the NRA, and now endorses expended gun control to include new restrictions on the people of New Jersey. If he is successful, that rating will decrease – unheard of for a so-called Republican Conservative. His challenger Leigh-Ann Bellew is a committed supporter of your 2nd Amendment rights, with an A-rating from the NRA. Mrs. Bellew understand that the right to bear arms, as is clearly stated in our 2nd Amendment, renders the Castle Doctrine constitutionally appropriate as is the right to concealed carry for the law abiding citizens of the State of New Jersey.
  • Senator Kyrillos tells the voters he is personally against abortion, yet at the same time voted for the murder of the unborn up until the time of birth [NJ Senate Bill S1909]. At least Planned Parenthood and the Butcher Gosnell appreciate his moderate stance on the gruesome murder of babies. Laws such as this paved the way for the ghoulish Gosnell. On the other hand, Leigh-Ann Bellew, is pro-life, a Board member of a Solutions Crisis Pregnancy Center, and supported by the Pro-Life movement. So, what about Kyrillos makes him a Conservative?
  • Speaking of death – did you all know that the self-proclaimed Conservative Kyrillos was one of 5-so-called Conservative Republicans that voted for the “New Jersey Clone and Kill Law” (Senate Bill S2199), which established the NJ Advisory Council on End-of-Life Care in the HDSS (Health Demographic Surveillance System) to be enacted here in New Jersey. And you voters thought only Obama-Care wanted Death panels. Again, what about Mr. Kyrillos is Conservative?
  • What about his vote for the appointment of Joe Oxley for Superior Court Judge, disregarding that the Judicial Committee that wanted Joe Oxley to release of his FBI files prior to confirmation to a Judgeship? — The puppet master, Governor Christie, wanted his buddy Oxley confirmed, so Mr. Fencewalker did what the puppet master ordered. After all, who’s better to make the deal with the Democrats than Joey Kyrillos known as – “the Guy to go to.” If you didn’t know what’s in the file, it contained information on Oxley’s involvement with convicted felon, and FBI informant on political corruption Solomon Dwek, who stated Oxley was involved and a player.

So whom does Mr. Kyrillos really represent?

The StarLedger reported that a commercial real estate broker (Mr. Kyrillos) marketed a property for Pharmacia Corp., which had benefited from more than $30 million in state grants from the Kyrillos-sponsored Business Employment Incentive Program. He had also marketed property for PSE&G, though he had rewritten the state’s utility deregulation laws and sponsored legislation to give utility companies a $1 million tax break. In 2011, he supported a bailout of the horse-racing industry, which had donated $5,000 to his campaign and $13,400 to the Republican State Committee, which he chaired. What was Joey Boy’s response to these facts: “I’ve always been extremely mindful of my public and private life and made sure that they didn’t intersect,” Kyrillos said. “I can’t answer it more than that.” If he did he’d probably go to jail for perjury, since there’s no excuse!

So I ask, is this the guy you want to protect your tax-dollars?

I’ll take Leigh-Ann Bellew any day over this reprobate.


It gets worse!

Sit down and read and weep.

  • Let’s not forget how Mr. Fencewalker sponsored a bill to increase the legislature salaries by 40-percent as well as the governors, judges and others – now how’s that for fiscal responsibility? Gosh, doesn’t everyone in the general public get increases like that? And again, I have to ask, who do you think Mr. Kyrillos represents? You?
  • When Gov. Christie Whitman wanted to hike the gas tax in 1998, our boy Joe, co-sponsored and publicly advocated for the measure, which Republican legislative leaders rejected. He didn’t stop there. He voted to double the tax rate on tobacco products.
  • Along with most of the Senate, he also supported a 9 percent bump for public workers’ pensions. “It was a mistake,” Kyrillos eventually said of that vote.
  • Kyrillos also helped pass Whitman’s bonding of almost $2.8 billion to cover unfunded state pension liabilities — something critics charge contributed to the system’s sorry plight today. Those bonds put the tax-payer in debt. Interest (debt service) alone will cost $10.1 billion, not counting the principle. Not only were the Police, Fire, and Teachers hurt, but the public is still feeling the pain and will continue to do so.
  • Let’s not forget that Mr., Fencewalker was the prime sponsor of one of the highest-profile bills pushed by Christie: a 2 percent cap on property tax increases. Therefore, in 5-years you’re looking at approximately 11-percent increase in property taxes. That’s not all. What about the 2-percent in School funding that will amount to another 11 percent in property taxes for a total of approximately 22-percent in over-all property tax increase?
  • Add to the property tax increases, how about sponsoring a bill to increase the legislature salaries by 40-percent as well as the governors, judges and others? How’s that for fiscal responsibility?

I ask you, where is/was Senator Kyrillos when the puppet master decided to implement Obama’s Insurance exchanges that will result eventually in higher taxes for all New Jerseys? It will add $100,000 to the Medicaid rolls under Obama-Care that will eventually saddle the citizens in NJ in excess of $280,000,000 expenditure. Will Kyrillos sponsor more tax bills to pay for all of these increases?

Wake up New Jersey. Christie believes he will be out of New Jersey by the time this all comes to light.

So again, where was the Senator when the New Jersey Supreme Court illegally legislated from the bench with their COAH and Abbott rulings? What about his silence on the usurping of the Second Amendment?

Why won’t Joe Kyrillos debate Leigh-Ann Bellew?

Let, me leave you voters with one thought, why won’t Senator Joe Kyrillos refusing to debate Leigh-Ann Bellew? I guess with a record such as his he can’t afford too.

While the media continues the black-out under Governor Christie’s orders and the hatch-men continue to attack Leigh-Ann Bellew, let them explain why New Jersey is the only State in the Union that refuses to adopt the Republican National Committee platform? Is it because the they endorse the Right to Life, Conservative grass-roots organizations, or that they are against Common-Core education, or Agenda 21, (Sustainable NJ) to name a few? People of New Jersey, “WAKE UP.” The State GOP are part of the liberally generated problems in New Jersey. We need a complete change and we need it now!


You can help New Jersey by donating to Leigh-Ann Bellew on line at <> and please don’t forget the others running in your District.

You can also help by forwarding this article to everyone you know and tell them the importance of this up-coming primary. Together we can make a difference.

The Eagle

Number 3 in the Political Gadfly series.


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