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What are you afraid of?



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

Is anyone still asking, “What are you afraid of?” No one who is paying attention, that’s for certain.

As the gun control debate raged across this country, several weeks ago TPATH proposed legislation that, in a sense, acquiesced to the growing need for a National Registry for the purpose of firearms purchases.

The format for the Registry we proposed would have made it illegal for the government to track, save or in any way record the names of persons who were buying or selling ammunition or firearms unless that person was found to be a felon.

In short, the National Registry would only hold the names of persons who had been convicted of a felony or those who had been adjudicated as mentally unstable. It seemed, at the time, that this type of database might help to keep at least some firearms out of the hands of those who should not possess them, while not infringing on America’s fundamental rights under the 2nd Amendment.

And, in a perfect world, one where the rule of law could be counted on, one where elected and appointed officials would be honest, accountable and respectful of the law abiding citizens they were supposed to be serving, a criminal registry would be acceptable and as the leftists like to say, common sense.


But, after these past few weeks, one outrageous assault after another, on our privacy, on our rights and our ability to function in society without the fear of government tyranny, has awakened many of us to the reality of a world. Governments are not perfect nor trustworthy, and they will always be corrupted by greed for power and control over the masses.

So, what are you afraid of?

Do people still ask, "What are you afraid of"?

New York office of the IRS. Photo: Matthew G. Bisanz, CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License.

Your government would never revert to the methods and incivility of the past? Really? This is the dangerous rhetoric we have heard from those in the middle, the left and even the moderate right, who have been so naively inclined to go along with new intrusive laws and illegal regulations, in the name of common sense.

It appears now, even the most ardent supporter of Obama and his henchmen might very well see just
what it is, we who have studied and remember history, are afraid of. As we watched, over and over again during these past few weeks, the arrogance and the elitism of highly placed government officials, lying, obfuscating and misleading the country, the stark reality, not just for conservatives, but for every citizen, should have struck home like the proverbial ton of bricks. That no government, left or right can ever be trusted. Ever.

There is no need to go into the many outrageous crimes against the American people, being perpetrated by this administration, but suffice it to say, above all, it is time to not only stop the growth of this government, but to begin drastically cutting it back.

Tax Doctor?

The IRS, unquestionably the most powerful government agency, employing the most contemptuous personality types, which is at the center of this latest criminal activity, is now poised to begin enforcing Obamacare. If that does not scare the hospital gowns right off your sun starved posterior, its hard to imagine what could.

As the government gathers more and more information on the citizens, whether it be about gun ownership, religious beliefs or patriotism, how would you like to know the same people who refused to allow Tea Party and other groups to legally function, who harassed and investigated conservative donors, are soon to be the entity that has your life and death on medical issues, under its control?


And for those who may not care, because you ideologically agree with Obama and your ox, at the moment is not the one being gored, just wait. At some time, your ox will be dragged from the pasture for its goring. As the power of government grows unabated and you suddenly realize the warmth you felt when others were being gouged, is now the warmth of your own life’s blood oozing over your brow, you may not even have the luxury of speaking out about what you should have done.

If Congress had the courage…

As long as we are speaking about the fantasy of Democrat voters waking up, we may as well tackle a few other fantasies that our Congress and state lawmakers could do. That is, if they had a backbone.

  • No Federal registry of any kind. The government can not be trusted not to track law abiding citizens.
  • Congress should defund Obamacare entirely and immediately. They do not need the Senate or the President to do this.
  • Congress should defund the IRS entirely. This would in effect void the 70,000 pages of the tax code.
  • Congress should sponsor an emergency flat tax bill with no deductions except first home mortgages and charities.
  • Congress should defund the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
  • Congress should sponsor an emergency bill that would authorize the County Sheriffs to handle America’s border and airport security.
  • Congress should defund all of Obama’s upcoming golf outings and vacations for Michelle, until he agrees to tell America, where he was and what he was doing while our heroes in Benghazi were in a battle for their lives, who gave the stand down order that prevented military action that could have saved their lives, and release the audio and transcript of his conversation with Hillary which occurred hours before the last blood drained from those Americans defending the mission.

For certain, this is just a bunch of never can and never will happen pipe dreams. But sometimes its good to dream.

Okay, enough dreaming. Let’s get to the polls on Tuesday and vote out all those idle moderates and replace them with Constitutional patriots.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub

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