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New Jersey Republican Primary



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

The many readers of TPATH as well as those wonderful patriots whom I personally have met and grown to know and respect over these last five very troublesome years, have come together in an awakening, from years of just barely doing our civic duty, to all out patriotism. Some of us have actually gotten down into the sty with the professional political denizens whom dwell so comfortably there. (And nowhere more so than in New Jersey.)

As we learned, we studied, and gradually we became more informed than many of the previously mentioned denizens. We took our lumps, and from time to time even bickered among ourselves. But in that process formed lifetime bonds with so many wonderful people we never would have known or met.

These Patriotic groups, not just here in New Jersey, but across the fruited plains, from the very beginning, have come under unrelenting fire from all sides. That means the Democrats, the media, Hollywood and even from the Regular Republican establishment. Which, by its stealthy behind the scenes subversion, actually inflicted the most damage to our movement early on, but ironically enough, has proven to be the catalyst for the fortitude we needed to survive, grow and become effective.

TPATH and TeamNJ do not suppose or endeavor to think we could or should tell our friends, members and readers how they should vote this Tuesday. The following is offered only to let those whom desire to understand how we and our groups will vote and why we came to the conclusions we have.

Before we go into the several candidates we support it is very important to explain why we in this movement are here. This is a tough statement, but we are doing what, for decades, our Regular Republican Party and politicians should have been doing. If they had, we would not need to be here. But clearly, they have not and they never will. It is time for a new crop of patriots to take the reigns from those who have refused to do the bidding of their constituents.


TeamNJ Candidate for New Jersey Governor: Seth Grossman

The Tea Party in New Jersey hopes to make a difference in the primary.

Christopher Gadsden’s “Don’t Tread On Me” flag, the unofficial symbol of the Tea Party movement. Photo: User VIkrum/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License

The New Jersey media, who seem to have developed quite a comfortable relationship with Governor Christie, have ignored Seth Grossman. While Seth may not be the polished politician one might expect to find as candidate for the Governorship, he is honest and he is very intelligent. Mr. Grossman also may not be the most conservative candidate, but he has proven to be far more conservative than the present resident in the Governor’s Mansion.

As for Christie, its hard to imagine how he could have done any more damage to this country than he did with the Hugfest Bromance at the Jersey Shore. Conservatives were outraged and just to prove his admiration for Obama and his disdain for conservatives, this past week, we were all entertained with an encore performance.

After winning a Teddy Bear for his BFF, Christie highlighted his date with Obama by informing all those sycophants in the press, that Obama is doing a great job. No, really, he said that.

Now to review Mr. Christie’s credentials over the past four years:

  • Appointed or re-appointed liberal justices and judges as well as a Muslim with ties to terror groups.
  • Was in full support of carbon taxing New Jersey residents until we informed him we were not being fooled by the “stealth tax.”
  • Labeled as “Islamophobes” anyone who feared a so called religion, just because they have maimed or murdered hundreds of thousands of Christian and Jews in just the last decade.
  • He is in full support of Common Core education where the Federal Government will dictate your children’s curriculum.
  • He refused to join the lawsuit against Obamacare.
  • In cahoots with the liberal Governor of New York, he killed a natural gas line project that would have given low and middle income residents cheaper energy costs.
  • Never having been a big supporter of the 2nd Amendment, his lack of defining a position on or vetoing the latest rounds of unconstitutional laws sitting on his desk, are a great cause for concern.
  • Illegal immigrants understand that New Jersey has long been a “sanctuary state” which has cost New Jersey tax payers millions of dollars over the years. Christie has done nothing to change that.

And finally, these two interesting points. For the first time in New Jersey political history, the Democrats are offering up a “sacrificial lamb” to run against Christie. She is getting very little money or support from her party. Could they think they already have a fairly good Democrat as Governor?

So, if you agree with Christie that the Fundamental Changes Obama has promised and implemented, equate to “Obama doing a great job” you just may want to vote for Christie. But for me, I will be casting my vote for Seth Grossman.

Other New Jersey candidates

Please check the list of TeamNJ candidates in other articles, here and here. If you see a name there that is on your ballot, understand that that candidate is being supported by TeamNJ because the Republican Party candidate most likely has issues which are less than conservative.


For example, in my District, LD-13, we have three proven conservatives running against Regular Republican moderates. To be fair, some of them have fairly decent voting and performance records. But their support for Common Core and in some cases, embryonic stem cell research and Agenda 21, places them directly opposed to true conservative values.

TPATH, without reservation will vote for the following candidates:

  • For Monmouth County Sheriff- Mr. Dan Peters
  • For Assembly LD-13- Mrs. Edna Walsh and Mr. Steve Boracchia
  • For Senate LD-13 – Mrs. Leigh-Ann Bellew
  • For Freeholder Monmouth County – Mr. Ed Pekarsky and Brian Largey
  • For Governor- Mr. Seth Grossman

A final note: If you are a conservative Republican and you are satisfied with the direction New Jersey is headed and you would like more of the same, vote the Regular Republican line on Tuesday and we promise, you will get more of the same.

However, if you are not satisfied, find the TeamNJ candidate in your district or county, and vote to begin the long job of righting this terribly listing ship.

IMPORTANT- Tuesday’s vote is a primary. Your vote WILL count.
If you remain uninvolved you will remain unrepresented.

To see the positions and legislation TeamNJ candidates support- Click or Tap HERE


To our national readers

TPATH would like to apologize to our National readers for having focused much of our latest postings and time on the New Jersey Republican Primary. While we cover mostly major issues on a national scale, TPATH is home based here in New Jersey and this coming Republican Primary is of great importance.

You may have noticed the references to TeamNJ. TPATH is very proud to be part of this growing organization. The concept for this movement is simple. We look for conservative and Constitutional candidates, regardless of party affiliation and support them, if they agree to various proposed legislation prepared by TeamNJ associates.

This concept has spread to other states and if you would like to know more about it, please contact Mr. Nicholas Purpura at:

Editor’s Note

New Jersey and Virginia are the only two States having primaries this year. These are the “off-year States” who elect their legislatures in the odd-numbered years.

Also, New Jersey is a laboratory specimen of a State that might as well not have a Republican Party. In New Jersey, more than in any other State, one can truly say, as Gov. George C. Wallace of Alabama once said,


There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties.

The Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub and its allies at TeamNJ are trying to make “a dime’s worth of difference.” And “as goes New Jersey, so goes the country.” That is why New Jersey’s election season is so important.

And: if you do not see a name on the TeamNJ list running in a race local to you, that might mean only that TeamNJ could not recruit a suitable candidate. It does not mean that TeamNJ is satisfied with the candidate on “The Line.” In that case, TeamNJ and TPATH have no specific advice.



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