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Christie: Democrat-lite Trojan horse



Team New Jersey. Not a party. A team. And right now they say: not another Bush!

Governor Christie tries to pass himself off as a conservative. Let me be clear: in 2009 it was Corzine or Christie, a progressive Democrat or a fraudulent Republican. Or should I say Democrat-lite; he’s certainly not the real thing. In short, Christie is a fraud pretending to be a conservative. He saddled New Jersey even more debt, higher taxes, higher insurance costs, and raised the tolls. If that wasn’t enough his judicial appointments consisted of left-wing progressives and Islamic sympathizers.

Chris Christie and the insurance exchange

Coming to you this January 1st the Trojan horse a/k/a Governor Chris “Blunderbuss” Christie in his love fest with Obama will implement an “Insurance Exchange” supporting the Medicaid expansion. Yes, he’s embracing Obama-care at your expense.

Making deals with the Democrats and especially the usurper is par for the course for the Trojan Horse. Of course New Jersey’s tax-payers will get hit with a double whammy because of Obama-care. It will result in higher federal and state taxes. Just what New Jersey’s economy needs: another knife in their back.

Chris Christie for President?

Chris Christie called a special election for his own benefit.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at a town hall meeting in Union City, New Jersey, February 9, 2011. The woman in blue seated behind him to the right is New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno. Seated in the left hand corner are (left to right) Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer (partially obscured by the podium), and Union City Commissioners Maryuri Martinetti and Tilo Rivas. Photograph: Luigi Novi, CC BY 3.0 Unported License.

New Jersey is Christie’s stepping stone to Washington, D.C. Now if you think ‘Blunderbuss’ wouldn’t throw New Jersey under the bus you’re naïve. Christie is not, nor has he ever been, a conservative. If you believe he holds the Constitution in high regard you’ve been smoking too many of those funny cigarettes. His stand on the Second Amendment is dismal, as is his cowardly stance against progressive judges that rule by judicial fiat. COAH, Abbott, and redistricting are a few examples.

The Trojan horse goes to Utah

The “Trojan Horse” is arrogant, manipulative and a master at playing politics. To his credit he knows he can cater to every group because the conservatives of the State have no choice. It’s either vote for him or allow the progressive Democrat Party to completely control the State. You’d have more freedom in a Russian Gulag.

Well the primary is over and off he goes again. At this very moment “Blunderbuss” is packing to head for Utah to attend a private get together with Romney and other establishment insiders (Romney is hosting this get together, how short a memory, I guess Romney forgot Christie threw him under the bus).


What astonishes me are the invited guests, two especially makes you wonder just who’s in bed together, especially when one of the invites is none other than the usurper’s (Obama’s) strategist, David Axelrod, and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper among other Democrats, academia, (supposedly America’s intelligentsia,) and Corporate pay-to-play magnets.

Christie is not the only potential Presidential candidate attending this dog and pony show, though Christie enjoys celebrity status; ask Huffington, they sure were chummy in California, maybe he’s thinking of going Hollywood if the voters ever discover his true record.

Also in attendance will be Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky. Let’s get real, there a lot of future campaign money going to be at that meeting. Those invited received special invitation, at a cost of $5000.00 to cover expenses.

The “Deseret News” mentioned Kirk Jowers’ “Hinckley Institute of Politics.” The get-together will put a focus on the three Republicans. He’s quoted as saying:”I know Romney would never pose this as an audition.” But the performance of the trio of potential candidates during the closed-door meetings “will make big impressions on Mitt and everybody else in the room,” especially Obama’s strategist, David Axelrod, and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. Did I say the three hopefuls are Republicans? Again, Christie could be considered Democrat-lite and will probably feel at home with Axelrod and Hickenlooper.

A note of caution, Governor “Blunderbuss”: you can be sure the progressive media will embrace you now as one of their own, up until the 2016 election. Thereafter they will turn on you as they did to the Manchurian Candidate, Senator John McCain.


Handling of the Lautenberg seat

I would be remiss if I didn’t address the passing of Senator Lautenberg in relationship to “Blunderbuss’” handling of the matter. Did our Governor do what every other Democrat Governor has done in the past; appoint a replacement from their own party? Not on your life! One has to guess, did Obama on his last trip deliver a message from his puppet master? I only ask because George Soros and other progressive Democrats have been supporting him, as have their left-wing media counterparts. This leaves a lot of questions to ponder:

  • As the Chief Executive Officer of the State, why hasn’t New Jersey embraced the National Republican platform?
  • Could it be New Jersey really doesn’t have a Republican Party, but an establishment cartel instead?

Christie’s political ideology

Let’s look at “Blunderbuss’” political ideology. He is anti-Second Amendment. Has that changed? Not really. If it had he would have appointed a Republican conservative to the vacant Senate seat. Or does he not know that a vote is forthcoming on the “UN Arms Trade Treaty”. Or does he not want to upset his “hug-a-buddy” Obama?

One could guess why the Governor hasn’t vetoed every the intrusive, draconian piece of legislation passed by the Progressive Democrats. Or has another backroom deal taken place? Just asking. We do hold the title as the most corrupt State in the Union.

Isn’t it amazing? New Jersey holds the title “The People’s Republic of New Jersey,” the least free State in the Union, I ask only because you enthusiastically support intrusive environmental regulations, including UN Agenda 21 (“Total Government Control”) repackaged as Sustainable New Jersey, among other names. In fact you are bribing townships to embrace what can only be total government control of the people and their property.

Conflicts of interest?

And let’s not forget your other “hug-a-buddy” Andrew “Spooky” Cuomo (D) across the river. You know, the one against more production of natural gas. Is be because you’d rather embrace – let’s see – “Windmills,” another hot-air scheme. Hmm, Obama likes subsidizing Solar. Just think of the campaign donations he received. You will be needing donations in the coming Presidential election. Do you think “Windmills will bring in the same campaign monies as Obama’s Solar subsidies? Did anyone ever tell you that Spain almost went bankrupt installing useless windmills? I guess it doesn’t matter; the taxpayers will foot the bill, as long as it helps you get into the White House, right? By the way: do any of your friends or family have any investments in the Windmill industry? Just asking.

Tell us Governor considering your policies and actions can we expect a replay of Charlie Crist’s move in the near future. You remember the guy who changed parties from Republican to Democrat? True, unlike Charlie you didn’t endorse Obama; you only hugged and praised him in his last bid for the presidency. Do you think Mitt remembers? I guess you were so overwhelmed when Obama told you could come fly with him and your hero Bruce Springsteen; how could we forget, it just brought tears to your eyes. Just think if the public remains brain dead and you get elected you too can invite Bruce to the White House. Oh, I could just cry myself thinking about it. I guess enough said for today.


I would be remiss if I didn’t say congratulations on your primary victory. It was a tough race, wasn’t it?

The Eagle


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