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Republicans: did I vote for that?



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

The amnesty bill, S-744, has sailed through the Senate and now awaits a decision by Speaker Boehner in the House. The question now becomes, will he and the rest of those supposed Republicans sell America down the river, just as have the Conservative pretenders in the Senate?

During these past several months we have been inundated with commercial after commercial, on radio, TV and pop-up ads on the internet, pointing out that the bill S-744 is a reasonable and conservative document. Of course, it is neither. Even if there were no other problems with this piece of garbage other than over 30 million law breakers are soon to become registered Democrats, which would relegate the Republican Party to the fate of a lemming hoard, it would be bad enough. But hold on! There’s much, much more.

Voting on bills one has not read

Republicans might soon ask: did I vote for that?Before we go deeper into those problems, here is a short query for all elected politicians. To whichever party you have aligned with, each of you, have taken an oath to protect and defend our Constitution. How is it remotely possible that you could fulfill that obligation by voting YES on any new law if you have not read and understand every part, every phrase and every aspect of it and how the bill, in totality, will effect your constituents?

One can vote NO on a bill without having read the entire treatise if he finds anything, even in the first line, that he does not agree with. What else may be in the proposed law is irrelevant. But if you vote YES, everything must be understood. Everything! To do otherwise would constitute a breach of your oath. The people did not elect you to represent them so you could have someone in leadership demand that you acquiesce to them. You were elected, you took the oath, its your job and honor to vote your conscience based on a complete and thorough understanding of what your vote will edict. You did not take an oath to do as you are told.

Here in New Jersey, our left leaning Governor, appointed a temporary Senator and sent him to DC just in time to vote yes on S-744. Even though this minion has not been elected, he did take the above mentioned oath. Then, his very first act was to breach that oath and his word. Under orders, of course.

For certain, this guy was not the only one who followed orders and deserted their oath. Actually it comes down to two possibilities. Those Republicans who voted for this bill are either oath breakers, faux conservatives or an uncomfortable amalgamation of both.


Republicans voted for this?

So what did Christie’s boy and the other RINO’s vote for? The following list is only a partial compilation of some of the most destructive parts of this bill. Believe it, there are many, many more.

This list may appear to be long, but its far from comprehensive. TPATH has taken the time to gather this information for our readers and put it in one place to give them an overview of what is in this bill and what the Gang of Eight is hiding from you. Please take the time to copy some or all of these items so you will be armed with the truth.

If you have an occasion to be lectured by your elected official, at a town hall meeting or in a condescending email, telling you as if you didn’t know, that “the immigration system is broken and we have to do something,” you might want to ask them if they really know what they voted for:

  1. The bill is well over 800 pages and less then 8% of it deals with border security.  And those parts do little more than raise big concerns.
  2. Many, many special interest groups have had input and are considered in this bill, except one, the US taxpayer.
  3. This bill does not limit the estimated number of illegals nor does it begin to calculate the cost of them.
  4. National security is endangered because for those illegals who are here, and get caught and then request asylum, this bill waves the time frame for adjudication from one year to an almost endless time period. This will give those who are here illegally and for whatever reason, to delay being deported, almost indefinitely. Plenty of time to plan and carry out illicit plans.
  5. For those illegals who are delaying the asylum process, this bill requires that you, the tax payer provide for his legal fees.
  6. This bill is packed with dirty tricks reminiscent to ObamaCare. It takes the responsibility for training and instruction of newly legalized and new immigrants out of the hands of government officials and places it with community organizations. (Can you say, ACORN?) This bill will pay tax dollars to those organizations, without end, as they will be left to indoctrinate and register new voters without the restraints that would be imposed on the government.
  7. This bill creates a new non-profit organization (501(c)(3)) which will be administered by the above referenced community organizations and paid for by the taxpayer. This organization will be free to operate without the restrictions which would be imposed on a government agency or employee. This is the dirtiest of tricks and right out of the Communist playbook. Russia’s Lennon knew he could not control vast areas of divergent cultures so he organized, paid and gave special treatment to local organizations. He controlled them, they controlled the masses for him.
  8. This bill requires that new and legal immigrants will be handled first and those living here illegally now will have to go to the back of the line. Sounds great, right? Not quite. Because at the same time, the bill requires that those illegals be made fully legal in 10 years. Whether this provision was intentional or not, it will require that the US government double the number of immigrants in the next 10 years. Why? Because the legal immigrant waiting list is 19 years. To comply with the 10 year legalization of those illegals here now, all those on the legal waiting list will need to be allowed to immigrate in under 10 years.
  9. This bill, as it will force the doubling of new immigrants, will also add additional cost to ObamaCare to the tune of more than $100 Billion over the next 10 years. As the influx is doubled at about $9,000 cost per green card, ObamaCare which is already a financial nightmare, will drain untold resources from this country.
  10. The Gang of Eight claim this bill will not give legal status to those here illegally if they have not been gainfully employed during the 10 year waiting period. But hold on boys and girls, is that what it really says? Well, no, not quite. Is that “employment” requirement watered down a little? Or is it watered down a lot? Well actually, if one reads this portion of the bill, instead of having Rubio tell you what is says, you will find there actually is no employment requirement at all. Honest now, this is not a joke. The 10 years of employment requirement will be waived if: The illegal is a student or has been one, is or cared for an elderly person or persons, have been involved in community service (this one settles your soul, huh?) or the best of the best, if the illegal has been, in his opinion, unemployed through no fault of his own. So as one reads this, its hard to imagine anyone not eligible for this waver.
  11. This bill, in too many places to count, describes functions and implementations of this bill to be an “emergency”. Why would that be the case? Well, a little known law, but clearly understood by the leftist authors of this assault on America, stipulates that any government “emergency” can be funded without stipulation to cost or where the money will come from. Aren’t they just so cute?
  12. This bill will put border security and border agents under the control of, hold on to your sombrero, the Office of Civil Rights. Oh yea, and Holder’s Department of Justice.  There is funding for sensitivity training of our agents to ensure they don’t ask hard questions of border jumpers. Just one example, the bill suggests agents be ordered not ask for documentation.  Now that would be insensitive.
  13. This bill, as bad as most of it is, this next part is the most astoundingly destructive and detrimental to legal citizens and tax payers of this country. As you read this, keep in mind that they can’t claim ignorance on this. It is intentional. Senator Ted Cruz, hands down the best friend America has in the Senate, offered an amendment that would have stopped this part of the bill. The Senate leadership refused to even bring it to the floor. The following is a description of this item #12.
  • First, the estimated 11 million illegals who will become provisional immigrants (RPI) is an absolute lie and anyone with half a brain knows the number is closer to 30 million. (See item 3 above)
  • If an employer hires an RPI (illegal lawbreaker made legal by this bill), that employer will be given a waver from ObamaCare. In monetary terms, that means that for every RPI an employer hires he can save $5,000 annually.
  • For every 10 American citizens that corporations fire and replace with RPI’s, that company stands to realize an untaxed profit of $50,000.00 That is the savings for just the waiver of the fine for not providing health insurance. If that same employer replaced insured workers with RPI’s the profit for that company could be as much as $120,000.000 per year, per 10 employees.
  • To extend this out to corporations as a whole, replacing American citizens and legal immigrants with RPI’s, could net corporate and industrial manufacturers a minimum of $75 Billion dollars each year. Can anyone guess why some commerce groups like this bill?
  • With ObamaCare already forcing employers to cut hours of workers to keep them below the penalty threshold, when combined with SB-744, American workers will take a hit as never before.

And yes, Steve Urkel (illustrated), you did vote for that!

In closing, a few words to those Republicans who may have fallen for one of the many lines the Gang of Eight have been forcing down your collective throats.

  1. When they tell you this bill has problems, so join us because something needs to be done, you might want to ask yourself this: Would I put my family on an airliner that has problems, because after all, they need to get someplace?
  2. When they tell you it has flaws, ask them this question. Do we here in America not have to deal with enough flawed laws already? Would I like having as a legacy, my complicity in yet another?
  3. When they tell you the bill has defects but you should get on board and vote for it anyway, ask them this.

How about fixing the problems, the flaws and the defects?

Then ask us to vote for it?


Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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