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Trayvon Martin vs. other black victims



George Zimmerman as he appeared that night

Do you think anyone except the family of Trayvon Martin really cares what happened to him?

The answer to the question proffered above is yes. With caveat. They do care, if money can be made by exploiting him, political hypocrites can use him to get elected, news media can use him for ratings, leftist Presidents can use him to destroy the 2nd Amendment, criminals and gangs can use him in an excuse to decimate communities and property while stealing everything in sight, and the most sickening of all, if racist hucksters and fomenters of fear and lies can use him for personal aggrandizement.

Otherwise, no, not so much!

As one compares this tragedy, Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, which occurred in February of 2012, to the thousands upon thousands of young blacks who have been slaughtered, mostly by other young blacks, since that dreadful night, the question that blares out most is this:

Are any of those young men and boys, who bled out in the gutters of so many city streets across this country, any less important, any less of a tragedy, than the loss of Trayvon Martin?


Trayvon Martin times a thousand: from the FBI

Trayvon Martin is just one youth. Thousands more die from far more common acts of violence.

Does anyone care that black youths are murdered by the thousands every year? Graphic: TPATH

TPATH has spent the last several days gathering data, mostly from the official FBI statistics web site. We will present this information below. But before we do, please consider the disregard for the truth and the disregard for the impending loss of life and property, if indeed it does materialize, all of which could have been avoided if it were not for the actions of elements listed in the first paragraph above.

There is no doubt there will be some unrest, some dead people, both white and black, as well as much destruction of property. Every single death and every dollar’s worth of ruined property or burned out businesses, every bit of it, should be laid at the feet of these groups of racial antagonists. Concerning these probable events, while they will be done by proxy, Americans should remember this; Every individual who had a hand in provoking hatred and racial unrest will be as guilty as those throwing the stones, igniting the gasoline, attacking an innocent citizen or the smashing windows of commercial establishments, are the true perpetrators. To them, we say, sleep well and enjoy yourselves as you remain insulated from the mayhem you have endeavored to create, instigated and then profited in. God may forgive you. But in that, He shall stand alone.

Alright so we know now that no one, save for his family, really cares about Trayvon Martin. As with every crisis with the left, misery is nothing more than an opportunity, a tool. We know that because hundreds of Trayvon Martins lose their lives every week in this country. Their bodies are hefted onto morgue gurneys, their young hopeless lives having ended without note or remorse. Those lives were as meaningless as the benefits they could never  produce for the racial hucksters and the shameless media.

If Trayvon Martin had been killed by an opposing gang member or even if George Zimmerman wasn’t a “white Hispanic”, the news and life ending events of that evening in Florida, would hardly have made ripple in the local morning papers.

Need some proof? Here it is.

In The Cities

In just 14 of the most dangerous cities in this country, more than 2,992 blacks were murdered since Trayvon Martin’s death. Keep in mind, this is not a nation wide count, just 14 cities. National counts can be seen further on in this report.

Black Murders From February, 2012 to July, 2013*
Chicago 756
Detroit 529
New Orleans 214
Flint, Mich. 98
St. Louis, Mo. 163
Baltimore, Md. 75
Birmingham, Ala. 112
Newark, N.J. 132
Oakland, Calif. 201
Baton Rouge, La. 97
Cleveland, Ohio 105
Memphis, Tenn. 227
Trenton, N.J. 91
Camden, N.J. 192

Now let’s run the numbers on these and apply the percentages provided by the FBI. These percentages are based upon just the cities listed above. Nation wide stats vary slightly and can be seen in the next category.

  • 90.4% (2,704) of those murders (shown above) were committed by other blacks
  • 4.8% (143) of those murders were committed by non-black -(Hispanics/whites/other)
  • The balance of about 145 were by unknown assailants
  • 39.9% (1,193) of these murders were aged 24 and younger

Nationwide, FBI Latest Complete Sample (2010)**

The data from the inner cities indicates that a higher percentage of blacks are murdered by other blacks as opposed to the National totals where black on black murder ratio is a little less.

  • Of all Caucasians murdered in this sample, 14.4% were murdered by blacks
  • Of all Blacks murdered in this sample, 8% were murdered by whites
  • Blacks represent 18% (a little less) of the total population yet more blacks than whites are slain each year
  • 50.4% or (6,500) murders of the (12,996) total, were black
  • 87% or (5,655) murders of blacks were committed by other blacks
  • 9% or (585) murders of blacks were committed by others -(Hispanics/Whites/Asians)
  • The other 4% are listed as unknown or unsolved
  • 6,444 Young blacks, 24 years of age and younger, have been murdered by other blacks since the death of Trayvon Martin.

As you read, digest and contemplate, if you can, the mayhem and danger the black youths in our inner cities have to live with, endure and survive in. And then, understand that all the attention given to just one tragedy, must surely possess motives ulterior to compassion. There can only be one message.  If you are young and black and your death won’t serve to empower or enrich anyone, your life, your existence and your brutal end, means absolutely nothing, to anyone.

The pictures of Trayvon shown above are not displayed solely to show the hypocrisy of the media. The real story here, if anyone wants to take the time to see it, is how a very sweet and innocent looking boy transformed into a hardened street tough. Not because he wanted to, but because he needed to. Unfortunately , for Trayvon, that was not enough.

Weapons And The Lies Of The Left

Because our Divider and Chief used the verdict in this trial to further his attack on gun owners in this country and we were already on the FBI website, we thought our readers should see some of those facts.

First though, this; Obama’s intimation was – If only governments had firearms, Zimmerman would have been unarmed and Trayvon Martin might still be alive today.  Conversely however, unspoken and in all likelihood, Mr. Zimmerman would not be.

So who kills?

Do we need gun control or killer control?

According to the DOJ (before Holder), felony defendants in large urban counties are represented thusly:

  1. 58% of all murderers had at least one prior felony conviction
  2. 70% had other convictions
  3. 81% had multiple arrest records

While misdemeanors and arrest records are not the no-questions-ban of a felony conviction, they are serious impediments to legally buying guns. Particularly in large urban counties which tend to have stricter gun laws, and, ironically, more gun violence. Obviously, these 60-80%, despite strict gun laws, have no trouble arming themselves.

What kills?

Weapons used by murderers are rarely the weapons your typical leftist legislator spends all his time and effort trying to ban. In fact of the 12,996 murders in FBI 2010 report, a rifle of any kind, which includes, bolt action, lever or magazine fed were used less than 2.6% of the time.

Compare that, if you dare, with the fact that 17% of all murders were done with knives and clubs, which by the way, aren’t capable of loading extra capacity magazines. Since semi-automatic weapons, constitute less than 5% of all rifles, if you were murdered in 2012, God forbid, you were 130 times more likely to expire as a result of an ax, baseball bat or a kitchen knife, than the nasty old so called, assault rifle.

Illegal Vs. Legal Weapons!

These statistics are some of the most controversial, misrepresented and manipulated by gun control advocates. In arguments, which are based purely on emotion and what feels right, their goal is to show that even legal guns and owners are a threat to society. You see, they aren’t really trying to disarm Americans, as you may have been told. Their whole agenda is saving just one life. Well, unless that one life is part of the 7,000 blacks being slaughtered each year because judges refuse to put and keep criminals in prison.

They always include in their percentages, guns purchased legally, but used illegally by persons other than the lawful owner. Again, as always, they blame the gun, not the gunner.  This way, they can show legal guns are a danger and they need to be controlled, curtailed or even confiscated.  Meanwhile leftist organizations provide criminals with names and addresses of legal gun owners in case they need to steal some.

The accurate numbers are these, only 9.7% of homicides or wrongful deaths are committed by legal gun owners using a legal gun. That means that over 91% of intentional homicides, are perpetrated by persons illegally in possession of a firearm. The gun control legislators have been operating pretty much in reverse of how they should. Over 98% of gun control laws effect the legal ownership of firearms while the criminals, gangsters and drug lords are ignored.


Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub

*These murder counts may not be 100% accurate because there is much obfuscation of them by various agencies. TPATH has gathered this data from several sources and used averages where discrepancies existed. We are certain that percentage calculations reflect, as near as possible, the picture of the mayhem that thrives in the cities of this country.]

**Many of the statistics taken from the FBI web site, See It Here, are based upon 2010 statistics. While in some areas, murders have decreased slightly during 2011 and 2012, in the inner cities that decrease has not been realized. Some percentage calculations have been produced using stats from 2010 and applied to 2012 numbers. The FBI has not as of this writing posted complete data for 2012 or even 2011. Every effort has been made to produce percentages and numbers to accurately present a picture of reality. We are sure we have done just that.

Note: The murder rates and numbers do not include justifiable or defense related deaths.  Nor do they include deaths relating to police action or arrests.


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