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Third Option: how to implement it



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

In Parts I and II of this series on the Third Option (available here and here), we discussed the deterioration of not just America’s economy, but along with it, our culture, education and work ethic.  We delineated several long lists of treasonous actions and apathetic responses which have been trending towards what will eventually lead to the end of American freedoms or, God forbid, some level of armed revolution or civil war.

Both those scenarios are not acceptable to any American who loves this country and his fellow man.  But…something surely will happen. The pressure cooker will continue to heat up and will eventually explode, unless there emerges a way to vent the mushrooming discontentment and anger which, everyday and relentlessly, fans the flames beneath the smoldering cauldron.

That venting is what we are calling the Third Option.  Not the collapse required of option one, nor the war and bloodshed of option two, but the gradual release of pressure by the people themselves as they see there may be a way to confront and stop our demise.  They will either leave areas under the control of leftists who are insatiable and ungrateful or fortify in terms of new laws and political structure of the towns and counties where they live and intend to stay.

Third Option: how communities spring up

Comparing and contrasting a failed city and a likely Third Option cityAs discussed in Part II, there will be a natural migration to and from places where the takers overrun the makers. As certain areas become known for work, freedom and respect for family and individual rights, those locations will gradually pass new laws and regulations which will solidify their conservative fabric.

When the leftist utopias find their cities and towns overrun with takers and their coffers as vacant as their ideology, the squeals permeating from empty office buildings, dried up farms and decaying neighborhoods will begin to pierce the ears of Federal Bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

Keep in mind that the Third Option will not be a one party system in these conservative towns and counties. Democrats, Republicans or any party will be welcome as long as they present leaders and politicians with Constitutional and conservative values.  TPATH foresees a National organization such as Team USA that will vet candidates of all parties and then inform the people.   Those politicians who fail that vetting will be invited to return to the progressive land of free stuff from which they came. Or should we say, fled?


Attack of the Feds

Here’s the rub and the potential problems the Third Option will have to deal with.  The takers and those who assist in the taking, across this nation, after having destroyed their communities or states, will demand that the Federal Government do something about these new and unfair laws being passed which will prevent them from bringing their damaging agenda with them to prospering areas.  They will call for the government to stop those selfish and evil people passing selfish and evil laws.

The Feds will quickly and resolutely begin to take action.  They may try to pass laws preventing makers from moving businesses or selling homes, they may threaten legal action against communities with new and restrictive “move in” laws.  They may institute new taxes on the Third Option areas to be redistributed to the taker areas.

And as we have seen just this week, one of Congress’ biggest fools, has called on the Federal government to hold up funds to any state which will not revoke the stand your ground law.  This is exactly what they will do to weaken states or counties that will be operating under the work or leave agenda of the Third Option.

Third Option Alliance

Now will come the confrontation, bloodless we pray, but dangerous for sure.  Any Third Option location, either state, county, city or township, will need to stand up and defend their beliefs.  They must be willing to battle in court or on their borders.  They must be willing to accept the loss of money from Washington and they must be ready to retaliate in kind, financially.

Once the overgrown Federal Government begins to target Third Option locations they will very easily pick them off, one by one, until the leaders are either subdued, incarcerated or fertilizing a pasture.  For that reason the Third Option will only succeed if all those areas form an alliance.


The Third Option Alliance will:

  • Form a financial agreement which will protect each member from being isolated and persecuted.
  • If a member area is denied payment which is due it, resulting from non-compliance with a new Federal regulation perceived to be detrimental to Constitutional rights or an effort to punish that member area, an equal amount will be deducted from tax payments, from that area, to IRS.
  • Also the agreement will declare that any money which is withheld from any member area, to prevent that area from being isolated every Third Option member will also withhold an equal amount from their payments to the IRS.
  • Resist paying any new taxes from Washington which will be deemed as redistributing wealth from the Third Option areas to the socialist utopias.
  • Refuse education funding by the Federal Government and outlaw Common Core.
  • Private and charter schools will be encouraged and failing public schools will be closed and the allotted money for them will be made available to charter and public school parents.

The above are examples of issues which will be needed to form a strong and lasting alliance. Many more will need to be enacted.

Be it plain and clear, the Third Option is not a revolution and while some of the things it may be required to do, will run contrary to Executive Orders or regulations put forth by unelected leftist sycophants, nothing proposed by the Third Option will violate the United States Constitution.

The Constitution, so decreed by the 10th Amendment, allows for State’s Rights.  It gives states the right to ignore or not comply with laws or regulations that run contrary to the Constitution or to the rights of that state.  It is important to note that there is no stipulation in that Amendment, which gives authority to any particular branch of government in that state.

This means that any executive or elected official, within a state, legally representing constituents, concerning a said law or regulation by the Federal Government which does not fall under its lawful authority under Article I, Sections 8 and 9, can be deemed, by that area authority, to be unenforceable under the Constitution, and therefore illegal.

Short of anything violent the Third Option will be the natural flow of society.  Relocations will see birds of a feather flocking to their own ideology and culture. We see this everyday, it is happening right now. The reorganization trend will continue to grow and increase in volume.  The vilified and impugned “makers”, across this country are fleeing leftist imposed serfdom for areas where their work and enterprise is welcomed, not punished.  While Detroit my be one of the most noted and progressively devastated cities in the country, it is just one of many and bodes well the growth, the trek, towards the Third Option.


No one wishes for conflict or bloodshed. Though many of us are ready to do almost anything to preserve the greatest country God has ever blessed.  The Third Option will save our country.  It will take time and it will need to endure multiple contentious confrontations as well as require the backbone to stand one’s ground, for many, many years to come.

The Third Option can best be described by referencing an old adage:

Sow or sleep!

You will reap what you have sown.

Next, Part IV.  What would a Third Option state, county or township look like and what new laws could be Constitutionally written to preserve and grow them?


Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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