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Race mongering: how to divide a nation



George Zimmerman as he appeared that night

Editor’s note (paraphrase from Dwight Kehoe at TPATH): The Attorney General of the US seems to think white people are cowards on the subject of race relations. So does the (de facto) President, in the middle of making race relations worse. Here, “The Eagle” says that if they want a conversation on race relations, now they’ve got it, and in spades – pun definitely intended.

It’s time for a “black reality check.” Let’s start with this:

Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

First, put the blame for Trayvon Martin’s death where it belongs. Stop whining and blaming whitey. The media which never fails to enjoy racial tension, and the judge for the Zimmerman trial prevented America from knowing just who and what Trayvon Martin was. So here it is. Trayvon Martin was nothing more than a two-bit punk hoodlum. At 17 he already had a long history of drug abuse, suspensions, assaults, possession of stolen jewelry and burglary tools.  He was not the 12 year old everyone in the media loved to portray. Trayvon was an experienced fighter and even held his own street fight matches where he would referee.  And Trayvon was 3 inches taller and 35 pounds heavier than Zimmerman. Trayvon was sent to his father to live because he could not be handled or controlled by his mother.

Race and special treatment

The true faces of race relations in America todayIt is important for all to know, being black doesn’t entitle you to any special treatment. Being young and black does not entitle you to smash the skull of even a white Hispanic. White Hispanics, just so we understand each other are not entitled to special treatment either. But they are entitled to prevent someone from killing them.

Speaking of special treatment, you’ve been here for four hundred years.   Are you saying you’re not real Americans? What’s with this “African American” garbage?  You’re Americans and you should be proud of it! When was the last time you heard other races or nationalities running around saying, I’m an Italian, Polish, German or  Irish American?   Wake up you idiots! Color, race, or nationality should never divide us as a people, and that’s what the establishment has been accomplishing. Everyone of you who allow yourselves, your race and your color to be used by the racial hucksters and savage media are as much to blame as the perpetrators.  As long as you offer up your lives as fodder for those evil groups, you will remain oppressed, even if only in your hearts.  Perception is reality.  How long will you remain there?

All Americans celebrate Dr. King, but fail to understand the dream


…I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but the content of the character.

Many of you shame Dr. King’s legacy.

The same could be said, concerning the esteemed men and women from the black communities that escaped poverty through hard work to realize the American dream in every profession. Instead of trying to emulate the successful black, the race Nazi’s title them “Uncle Toms” and then the intentionally uneducated buy into their crap. Understand there is a profit in misery and despair. There will be a very special place in hell for those inciters of riots and death.

The attempted Zimmerman lynching, reached a new low for blacks as they once again failed to prevent their race from being used like pawns as this government endeavored to further divide us as Americans. You can thank the media, and the race-baiting reprobates in the White House. The Zimmerman case was not the first time Obama pulled this garbage. Remember the Louis (racists) Gates incident, when without any facts Obama accused a white police officer of “acting stupidly” for doing his job. Obama claims his son could have been Trayvon. Take a look at what Trayvon really looked like, and not the twelve year old depicted by the whores in the media, who just love to stir the pot, and turn us against each other.

If America is so intolerably racist explain how blacks that comprise 14-percent of the population elected Obama President? It’s time you stick your racist crap where the sun doesn’t shine.  The fact is it was ‘White’ Americans who put the lying, deceitful Obama in the Oval office. Blacks, even if there were massive voter fraud, simply would not come close to getting Obama elected without a very large percentage of white votes. It’s time now for some other facts.

A Black Racist Cesspool

The reason the Black Community is in poverty is because of your useless racist leadership, especially the Congressional Black Caucus, (CBC) NAACP, and the progressive controlled Media that are aiding and abetting in dividing us as a people. The CBC repeatedly sells out the black community; as they bow to their white-liberal/progressive masters who want to keep you on the government plantation.


One of most racists Presidents in American history, (Outside of Obama) was Lyndon B. Johnson who created the “Nanny State” and destroyed the black family that existed for a hundred years following the Civil War. Fathers became optional and unnecessary as the State became the sugar daddy. The Democratic Party, even back when they were fighting to prevent the Republicans from passing equal rights laws, were formulating their sinister plan to keep blacks uneducated and dependent on them and voting Democratic. Evil is as evil does.

Thereafter, the Progressive/Democrats instituted the 3-D’s plan for American blacks; Keep them ‘Dumb, Dependent, and Democrat”. Yet, the CBC refuses to see what their Democrat/Marxist puppet masters are doing to their communities.

Discussion on race you say?  Okay! A few more facts?  Your school districts are run by the Progressive/Marxists Teachers Unions and corrupt school boards. What did Obama and the CBC do in the very beginning of his reign of destruction?   They ended the voucher system in Washington D.C. which returned your children to drug and gang infested substandard schools that the charter system had allowed a few to escape.  Keeping your children away from real education will ensure they remain voting Democratic.  Shame on you for not only allowing this desecration of your culture but actually working to ensure your children will spend their entire lives in abject poverty. Yes, shame on you.

These same CBC carpetbaggers support amnesty for illegals ignoring the fact that one out of seven blacks are already unemployed?  Did any of you hypocrites in the CBC read the bill?  If you had, my question is how can you accept a bill that allows a corporation to be fined $5000.00 if they employ an American over an illegal granted amnesty? As low paying, low skilled jobs are being given to illegals, black American citizens will be the ones who suffer as corporations take tax breaks handed to them on a silver platter. May it be that you in the CBC are products of the nanny state education system and you can’t read? If that’s the case, call someone who graduated from a charter school and have them read it to you. Oh yes, and you might call Rubio and Ryan to join the read in. It appears they can’t read either.

It’s not racist to say that blacks will be the most effected by the loss of low to middle income jobs.  It is a fact and it is proof that the Democratic Party has been very succesful at keeping your community uneducated and unskilled.  Congradulate them the next time one of them passes you by in their stretch limo.


Black unemployment is approximately 14- percent, which calculates to 6-percent higher than the national rate? Why did the CBC turn its back on the “Black American Leadership Alliance” that marched 3000 strong on Pennsylvania Avenue to protest amnesty and how it will hurt all Americans, especially the black Community?

If you think the black unemployment rate is high now, wait until corporations start replacing you with newly legalized illegals. The Amnesty bill exempts corporations from paying medical coverage or the ObamaCare fines if they hire those given amnesty. Wake up. Obama doesn’t give a hoot about your community? By legalizing 11 to 20-million illegals and seeing to it that they get your jobs they kill two birds with one stone. Hispanics will be greatful and vote Democratic and you, the black American citizen will remain dependant and vote Democratic. Great little game they are playing with you, your children and their future. How long will you continue to play?

Frauds on parade

The CBC’s own Charlie (the Tax cheat) Rangel, a master of lip-service says he recognized that violence in black neighborhoods existed, but used that same racist excuse. The only way to solve it he declares – is equal opportunity. He goes on to say:

I don’t know why young people shoot each other, but I do know one thing, those who do not shoot each other are young kids who are inspired. They have education, they have families, they have a country that is the wind beneath their wings. And too, they want to make a contribution to this great country.

Well Charlie, the CBC, to which you belong, has done nothing to implement those concepts. Nothing. It has however, in cahoots with teacher’s unions, sold out your children’s opportunities for a better education.

You’re not alone, Charlie. Listen to your idiot colleague, CBC Rep. Yvette Clark:


The lives of black men and women are not accorded the same value as the lives of white Americans….

This of course is confirmed continuously, by her and the rest of the CBC as they sit by while hundreds of blacks are slaughtered in liberal cities each and every day. She may be onto something. The white community would not put up with their children playing in a slaughterhouse. Ms. Clark may have to ask herself, why does she put up with it? Why is one young thug’s life, killed by a White Hispanic, more important to her than the 11,000 blacks murdered by each other since Trayvon’s death. To whom does she address her question? Perhaps a face to face with a looking glass would be appropriate.

Black blood, at the hands of black perpetrators, flows like a river down the gutters and washes out of sight and out of existence without a tear or a word of sorrow, but let a policemen make an error or a white person defend himself and out of their rat-holes comes the purveyors of hate, Jesse (the extortionist) and Rev. Al (the instigator) Sharpton (Rev. my backside). Only the lives of those who can pad a racist’s coffers have value. The others, be damned.

Did you know Obama’s Justice Department funded these two has-beens with taxpayer dollars to organize and protest? I would be remiss if I failed to mention this intellectual mental midget Anthea Butler, Professor of Religious Studies at University of Pennsylvania has the audacity to say ‘America’s God is a White Racist.”

Trayvon Martin was a violent street-hardened thug, depicted as this poor little innocent boy that just came from the candy store after buying his candy and an ice tea. Bull! Trayvon had just purchased ingredients to create morphine type drug, when you combine Skittles, Robitussin DM cough syrup, and let’s not forget the Arizona watermelon fruit juice cocktail. Voilà, not only a cheap high, that also makes the imbiber paranoid and aggressive! Trayvon’s autopsy showed his liver was damaged from abuse of dextromethorphan (the “DM” in “Robitussin DM”).

Now a few things about George Zimmerman that have been kept from the public:

  • Zimmerman is of Hispanic origin and not white.
  • He was raised with two black children.
  • He battled the authorities for six-months to have a police officer’s son arrested after accosting a black homeless man.
  • He was the first to welcome new black families into their multi-cultural community.
  • Witnesses attested that Trayvon accosted Zimmerman and was brutally beating him.
  • Color had nothing to do with Zimmerman’s justified action.

Because an innocent man wasn’t convicted, your communities resort to uncivilized behavior; running in packs like animals, rioting, looting, beating and killing innocent white individuals without justification.  And where’s the outrage, you disgusting phony frauds?  Where is the media coverage, where is the Department of Justice?  Are these not hate crimes?  This is not the kind of behavior any of my black friends, and I have many, would ever condone.  Civilized people adhere to the law.  Again, put the blame where it belongs; the Media and the absence of moral leadership by our elected officials; lack of disciple and curriculum in our schools, silence from the pulpit concerning involvement in government.

The United States ranks 3rd in per capita murders worldwide. If the cites of Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, and New Orleans were not counted, the United States would rank 4th from the bottom.   What else do these murderous cities have in common?  They have the toughest Gun Control Laws in the United States.  Interesting, every one of these cities are controlled by Progressive, liberal Democrats who spend all their energy and time preventing law abiding citizens from protecting themselves while continuing to ignore criminals and gun crimes.

Other murder meccas are Trenton, Newark, Philly, and L.A.  And as with previously mentioned cities they too have common connections.

  1. They are run by liberals.
  2. They are predominately black.
  3. Guns are not legal.
  4. Blacks are killing blacks with guns.
  5. No black leader or politician gives a damn.

As I stated above Obama and the Progressive Media want to divide us as Americans. Racial strife has become a profitable enterprise and a cover for the numerous (phony) scandals plaguing this corrupt administration.

What is needed are honorable men and women of character to be elected to political office. Sadly most of you in the black community will continue to vote for the party that worked in the past to enslave you and worked even harder to keep you from enjoying the benefits of true freedom and are working today, just as hard as ever to keep you addicted to the milk of the government teet.

So, how was that for a discussion on race?  Brave enough for you Mr. Holder?

The Eagle


Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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You mentioned, “…and killing innocent white individuals without justification”

When did this happen?

Terry A. Hurlbut

We’ve seen quite a rash of that lately. The Mainstream Media won’t report it, but a number of alternative outlets do.


Can you please point me in the direction of those outlets? Some quick Google searching has turned up nothing.

Terry A. Hurlbut

An example.


Those are indeed examples of horrible crimes committed. None of those are examples of innocent white individuals being killed due to the Zimmerman verdict. Actually, that article only mentions Zimmerman due to the racial slur used by Trayvon Martin. Those crimes appear to have nothing to do with the case or verdict at all.

Fergus Mason

“When was the last time you heard other races or nationalities running around saying, I’m an Italian, Polish, German or Irish American?”

All the time actually. In fact I had a boss in Bosnia who claimed to be Irish. Not Irish-American, just Irish. He was from Illinois, as I recall.

I also know someone who claims to be African-American on the grounds that he’s from Salisbury (as was) and his father was a Major in the Rhodesian Light Infantry. He’s whiter than I am.


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