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Chris Christie of New Jersey: did he learn anything?

It’s time “We the People” of New Jersey send a message to the establishment, that we are sick and tired of politics as usual. A vote for Chris Christie or Barbara Buono is a vote for the corrupt establishment. Neither political party has served “We the People” of New Jersey with honor. Make no mistake: the foundation in New Jersey is crumbling day by day. Whether the Republican or Democrat wins, they and their cronies will fill their pockets with your tax dollars, and continue on the path of progressive socialism. It’s time to dismantle the political establishment and make a strong statement.

To restore confidence in government takes leadership, resolute in the face of overwhelming challenges Diane Sare, candidate for governor is that lady! She exemplifies with the characteristics of Margret Thatcher, a true patriot whose message has been silenced by the lap-dogs in the media. The only way to return to sanity is to place in office those candidates of high moral character, Diane Sare fits that bill.

I ask you read this article with an open mind and you may understand why I’m voting for Diane Sare.

The people of New Jersey that believe a two-party system exists are living in Disneyland. New Jersey is a one party establishment cesspool overflowing in corruption Lets begin with counterfeit Republican incumbent Chris Christie, who would be better classified as the “Democrat-lite King of the opportunists. In short, a vote for Chris Christie is a vote for more politics as usual and a continuation of the same corruption.

Please, all you disillusioned Republicans, don’t tell me a vote for Diane Sare is a vote for the Democrat. Wake up! They’re one in the same. Christie and Buono are progressives, and Barbara Buono is just more open about her socialist stances, while Chris Christie is a self-serving political chameleon. Whoever wins the election, you can expect the same progressive policies. Both these reprobates have marginalized freedom, trampled on Christianity, education, moral values, and individual freedoms, and have augmented your tax burden. What is even more discouraging, both have openly condoned New Jersey’s corrupt judiciary to enact law by judicial fiat.


Chris Christie, Charlatan at large

Chris Christie violates parental and adult rights by banning homosexual conversion therapy.

Chris Christie holds a town hall meeting in Hillsborough, NJ, on March 2, 2011. Photo: Bob Jagendorf, CC BY 2.0 Generic License

Especially Governor Chris Christie, charlatan at large (no pun intended) who repeatedly speaks out of both sides of his mouth, thereafter blaming the Courts for every unconstitutional progressive decision rendered by liberal Supreme Court of New Jersey, using the same worn out “I don’t agree, but the Court has spoken”. He doesn’t agree, but he will abide by their decision ignoring their decisions in most instances violate the United States Constitution, and in many cases the New Jersey Constitution. That being said, God forbid he institute a legal proceeding. You see, he doesn’t want to upset his cronies across the aisle! I opened this article insinuating that Governor Christie should be characterized as Democrat-lite, and a progressive. I’ll let the record speak for itself. You can decide whether I’m speaking the truth concerning this Quisling.

Chris Christie first refused to join any action against Obama-care. Ask yourself why. That is if you’re a legal resident or a working stiff. To temporarily appease Republican/Conservatives, Chris Christie publicly insisted he would not implement the Obama-care Insurance Exchange. Then he took a short walk on the beach (literary) smiling arm-in-arm with his hero Mr. Obama. Thereafter, Chris Christie capitulated and threw New Jersey under the bus by agreeing to institute Obama’s Insurance Exchange. Make no mistake: a future tax-burden in the 100’s of millions is forthcoming in New Jersey. Chris Christie, unlike most other State governors, blatantly ignored a U.S. Supreme Court holding: no State must implement this Democrat/socialist Insurance Exchange boondoggle. Ask yourself: why did Christie agree to side with Obama? When the hell will someone question him when the evidence is overwhelming that Obama-care will kill the economy and the best medical services offered worldwide.

Sell Out of the Year

Remember the demise of Senator Lautenberg, once again Christie demonstrated he has no alliance with either Republicans or Conservatives. In fact Christie is anything but a Republican, as Governor and leader of the Republican establishment of New Jersey. Instead of appointing a strong Republican Conservative to fill the vacant seat, Christie appointed a puppet, Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa to fill the vacant Senate seat, who repeatedly sold out Republicans voting in lock step along Democrat Party lines, on Obama-care and Amnesty bills. By the way did you know New Jersey is the only State in the Union not to sign on to the RNC platform doesn’t that tell you something.

If that wasn’t bad enough Christie the Quisling called for a special election, to be held on October 16th not November when a regular election is scheduled. This cost the taxpayers an unnecessary $20,000,000.00 dollars. And, this Quisling expects to get the Republican nod for the 2016 election for President. God forbid!

Tomorrow’s installment will be a short synopsis of Governor Christie’s fabricates and exaggerations. Judge for yourself whether Governor Christie’s repeated betrayal of his suburban base deserves your vote? Examine Governor Christie’s proclivity to roll over to the progressive-liberal agenda.

Since the lap-dogs in the media refuse to inform the public, it’s up to us “We the People” to become an information center. Forward this to everyone you know. Let the truth be told!


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