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Breaking: has Obama’s luck run out?



The Obama birth certificate. Why is this still accepted as valid? The Birther movement still matters, for the precedent.

It appears that the Divider N Chief, the Usurper, the forger and the liar posing as an American President is very soon to be discovered and uncovered.   Our friends at Give Us Liberty, long in the struggle to expose Obama for the Communist fraud he is, has posted information from PP Simmons that surely has Obama and his criminals in a panic.

With aid and support from Conservative talk show hosts, the Republican establishment, the Socialist Democratic Party and its Propaganda wing, the Main Steam Media and the corrupt justice system, one might be lead to believe that Obama has successfully shut up and shut down any attempt to expose his felonious activities.  But, one might be wrong.

Something big is about to break

Obama: has his luck run out?Something monumental and far beyond the scope of forgery and arrogance.  Mike Zullo has not been shut down, he has not been cowed into silence and he has not stopped his investigations.  These past two weeks information and facts to back up what he has uncovered, have been solidified.  In the words of PP Simmons, monumental!  Here is his exact quote:

This entire affair is now much bigger than the birth certificate. It is much bigger than you ever imagined…This is monumentally huge.

Why is TPATH reporting this now, before Zullo comes forward with what he has?  Well for one thing, good Patriots have had a rough several weeks, a little morale boost, something to look forward to, in the words of Jackie Mason, “couldn’t hoit.”

The real reason for the Obama forgeries?

Even as we witnessed a phony conservative get re-elected in New Jersey, another Governorship stolen by the Socialist Democrats in Virginia, the embarrassing implementation of the “Unaffordable Health Care Act”, Iran being given a green light to complete its nuclear weapons program, the signing of a UN Treaty designed to further collapse our Constitution, and Israel being threatened with sanctions, Mr. Zullo was hard at work, very dangerous work, which will explain why the forgeries had to be propagated. We have always been told, “the cover up is worse than the crime.”  Not this time. Whoa! Not this time.

This could be fun as all of us who cared about the Constitution, all of it, watch the pundits squirm back into the picture trying to explain why they ignored and belittled, We the People, for so long.


Stay tuned Patriots, stay tuned.

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Matt Farag

Want to know why Obama is hiding his birth certificate? Go to link to and link to


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