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Tea Party: another dangerous encounter



PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

Anyone, left, right or middle, extreme or moderate, who is able to exhibit even a minuscule amount of honesty, would be very hard pressed to deny that everything conservative groups, such as the Tea Party, have been warning about the Unaffordable Health Care Act (ObamaCare) and the devastating impact it would have on America has come true and in spades.

Which reminds me of a brief encounter I had earlier this year with the typical uninformed leftist and do-gooder in an establishment where we are both members.  Consistent with what we find in most people who purchase their compassion for others from any pocket but their own, this gentleman was as clueless as a bucket of dead clams.

Tea Party – dangerous to whom?

Tea Party: a dangerous encounter? To whom?Lack of knowledge played no deterring role in his extollment of Ted Cruz’s stance against the healthcare bill.  I listened while he ranted on about how Cruz didn’t care about 40 million Americans who have no healthcare.  He continued to dutifully inform the equally uninformed cadre of blank faces, how  Ted Cruz had no right getting involved in  the healthcare issue because, after all, he was not even in Congress.  Temptation got the better of me so I decided to present this orator with a stealth question or two.  After all, I needed to find out more about this topic and who better to inform me than this guy?

So I asked him, “Mario -this may or  may not be his real name- Mario, can you tell me what is the difference between healthcare and healthcare insurance?”  The blood drained form his face and his eyes betrayed his attempted expression of being the scholarly professor as he realized that that role was about to challenged .

Not quite grasping the intent of the question or for that matter having any idea as to how to answer it, he repeated his point about the 40 million people conservatives, such as Ted Cruz, and no doubt now, your’s truly, didn’t care about.

Not that it was my desire to bury him deeper into the hole of ignorance in which he was standing, but I did shovel this next question at him.  “Is ObamaCare intended to insure insurance or insure healthcare?”  At this juncture I thought it was probably not a bad thing that ole’ Mario was most likely an anti 2nd Amendment guy, and hopefully law abiding one.


Having just finished, as work for TPATH, compiling an extensive breakdown and analysis of the Unaffordable Health Care Act, unfortunately for our professor recently turned student, much of what we had done was right on the tip of my shovel, so to speak.

As class began, Mario scoped the room for an escape route.  Two of my associates, quite aware of what Mario was about to endure, quite unintentionally, managed to block the only egress.  It’s priceless to dwell in the dread a liberal feels when he senses his cloudy ideology is about to be confronted with the clarity of fact.  That’s a scary thing dude.

Moving on, he was informed that the 40 million people number he presented was a very inflated number but even if it was accurate it only related to people without healthcare insurance and not people who could not get healthcare.  In fact, there are no Americans who can not get health care if they need it.  As in none.   There are state and federal laws which prohibit hospitals and other facilities from withholding treatment from those who can’t pay.

Then there is that 40 million number of uninsured.  It has been determined, whichever total one uses, that half of those who are uninsured have chosen to be so.   They have decided that they would rather drive a new BMW or take an extra ski trip to the Alps instead buying something they most likely will not need in any one year period.  They have made this decision knowing they had assets that were being put at risk.  Until ObamaCare, that was a risk they could take, if they so chose.

Sensing he might have been supporting the concept that tax payers may end up paying for some rich guy’s BMW,  Mario seemed to recall a meeting or an appointment he needed to attend, as he checked his wrist for the time on a non-existent watch. But as the roadblock persisted, so too did I.


So now there remains the other half who do not have healthcare coverage or the means to  pay for it.  By Mario’s count,
it was standing at 20 million. It just so happens we had rounded out our estimate of 17.75 million people to the 20 million count.

Knowing that that number included family structures rated at approximately 3.2 persons per family and even the very liberal NBC had calculated that the cost of a moderate coverage per family was about $16,000.00 per year, we decided to see what it would cost the tax payer to pay for the coverage of those families.

Obamacare statistics

For those reading this, the following is how we reached the numbers and the conclusion about what ObamaCare is and what it isn’t.

Total number of uninsured = 20 Million divided by 3.2 person in a family unit = 6,250,000 Families

6,250,000 Families X $16,000.00 = $100 Billion


The annual cost of ObamaCare, using the CBO numbers which were manipulated by the administration, in the beginning would be just under $1 Trillion per year.   Now no one is saying that insuring the uninsured for a cost of $100 Billion a year is not a huge amount.  But when you compare the cost of that with the cost of ObamaCare, we get this astounding difference.

First: ObamaCare costs $900,000,000,000.00 more each year to cover 20 million people than if we just bought them a policy.  Known at the time by ObamaCare supporters, but withheld from the people, after the implementation of ObamaCare, at least 20 million people will remain uninsured.

Second: The $100 Billion plan would actually cover the uninsured.

Having the numbers ready for Mario I asked him if he would mind paying $100, 000.00 for a car that only costs $10,000.00.  And oh yea, by the way, you don’t get the car.

As the human road block mercilessly separated, someone informed Mario he was just schooled by the Tea Party.  As if he already did not have reason enough to escape, with a wave of his hand and a bee line towards the exit, he dismissed all he had just learned because the information came form the extreme Tea Party.


He could be heard mumbling to himself,  “Tea Party, I know as much about the Tea Party as as I do about ObamaCare”.  For the first time that day, I couldn’t have agreed with him more.

SUMMARY: ObamaCare is about one thing and one thing only.  That is, putting as many people dependent upon government subsidies and voting for those who would not take them away. And that would be the Socialist Democratic Party.   It has nothing to do with healthcare or healthcare insurance and everything to do with insuring there will be no shortage of Democratic voters.  Thank you Justice Roberts.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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Why not call him “Strawman”? Same difference, and more accurate.

Terry A. Hurlbut

What – are you going to deny, after your long record on this site, that you take precisely the attitude “Mario” took? Why do you think I bother to approve your comments? So I can throw them right back up to you when you dare spout off about “straw men.”


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