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Barack Obama in a happier, more brazen, time for him.

Over these past six years this country has witnessed the most unbelievable “sticker shock” imaginable.  As we awake this morning and face yet another new day filled with more unemployment, America’s health care system eroding to third world-ism, the danger of growing Islamic terrorism, despots and Communist dictators threatening and invading their neighbors, even those whom drank the first few batches of Kool-aid are beginning to ask, why?

The WHY question should not be directed at the news media for their failure to properly vet the most incompetent, inexperienced phantom ever to run for the US presidency.  Their actions, or lack of actions, have been and continue to be ruled by the color palette.  Brown complexion, red politics.

The WHY question need not be applied to the Socialist Democratic Party which has long ago expelled God and replaced Him with a new religion of power, control and political skulduggery.  Everyone and everything has become expendable in this “creed of greed”.

Why won’t the courts act on the evidence?

The Obama birth certificate. Why is this still accepted as valid?

Obama’s long-form birth certificate, as released by the White House. This is not evidence. Obama’s own lawyers admitted that it is not evidence. Screen capture by CNAV from White House image.

The WHY question is evident when applied to the Judicial system and those impostors posing as the protectors of the rule of law.  Intimidation, extortion and fear of an all too powerful government, has transformed those entrusted with balancing the scales of justice with balancing on the edge of a metaphorical or physical precipice.

The WHY might also be wasted when presented to the GOP, so-called Conservative commentators and talk show hosts.   Clearly, all their bluster and all their rantings are performed under the close supervision of those empowered to keep the boat from rocking, while ignoring the iceberg for which the ship of state is headed.

So if the WHY is known and understood for the above referenced entities, where then should it be asked?  Let us start here.  Barrack Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama,  WHY?

  • WHY was the Social Security number you have used the most (you have used others) rejected by the US Government’s E-Verify System?
  • WHY did you forge or cause to be forged a Selective Service document?
  • WHY have you spent millions of dollars in the struggle to prevent anyone from seeing the original birth certificate you say is on file in Hawaii?
  • WHY is the only person to have ever seen your birth certificate also the only person on a plane which had to land in the sea, now dead?
  • WHY did you hide the real name of the Communist Frank Marshall Davis in the books Bill Ayers wrote for you?
  • WHY have the Federal travel logs been deleted on the microfiche reels been deleted during the time you may or may not have traveled to and from the United States with your mother?
  • WHY have all your writings, if there ever were any you actually wrote, hidden from the public by your first Executive Order?
  • WHY did you commit a felony by forging or causing to be forged a birth certificate* which you then illegally posted on a government website, also a felony?

Why?All of these things are deceptions, lies and manipulations of fact and history.  A few of them are crimes, punishable by huge fines and long terms in prison.  What is it then?   What could be dwelling in this impostor’s past that is so bad, that he would risk breaking all these laws and possibly going to prison for, in order to hide?

Talk show hosts, judges, politicians and the whole miserable lot of enablers and traitors, the WHY may be on menu.

Beware, the Ides of March.

* Proven to be forged. Zero doubt.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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