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Third option – has it begun?



Statue of Atlas, that became the cover illustration for Atlas Shrugged. Is the Third Option a variation on this theme?

Several months ago TPATH posted a three part series on the several directions this country might be headed.   The articles described how America is being purposely divided by race, by religion, by lifestyle and by financial status.  It seems quite evident, to anyone paying attention, that the tension between these groups is being willfully inflamed.  If this divisiveness continues, rioting, bloodshed and major civil unrest will be inevitable.

However, Part-III of that series entitled  “The Third Option”, discussed the likelihood of internal borders and zones for those who choose to live in the prosperity of conservative values or the misery of liberalism.

Third option – how it would play out

Statue of Atlas, that became the cover illustration for Atlas Shrugged. Is the Third Option a variation on this theme?

A statue of Atlas, that became the cover illustration for Atlas Shrugged

This re-organization of the country would not be by decree or law and it would not involve the secession of States from the Union.   As natural as cream coming to the surface and sewage flowing downhill, the migration will begin, first slowly and then it will pick up speed.

Conservative States (meaning locations, counties or entire States) will pass laws which will help the needy but force the lazy to work. Either work, go without or move out.

The socialist States will, in the beginning before total calamity hits,  continue to offer a safe haven for sloths and illegals until those cities and states all resemble the decay of Detroit.

Constitutional States will pass laws making Federal intervention and infringements on Constitutional rights illegal.  Those states will not prevent its citizens from protecting their property, their families and themselves from criminals and terrorists and as a result they will live in secure and safe communities.


Socialist Democratic States will restrict its citizens rights of self-protection, adopt and enforce every Federal law and illegal Executive Order.  Each night will bring new and increasing terror, the police will arrive to help just in time to zip up the body bags, and the survivors will face yet another day of work-less boredom and the dread of another sunset.

The free enterprise States will flourish and grow as taxes and government confiscation of personal wealth is kept to a minimum.  Property values will rise and businesses will be created, grow and prosper.

Tax and spend, regulate and control States, will find no businesses to regulate, no property of value to tax and no one left who could pay the bills.  The cart will be stationary and overflowing with riders as all those who were pushing it will have fled.

The third option seems to have begun

In the months since we posted the above referenced articles,  there has been quite a flurry of occurrences which, even though we predicted them, have surprised us as to their rapidity and development.

  1. Conservatives in California are in the process of getting petitions up which will break that state  into as many six separate states.  There is no doubt they will be able to get more than enough signatures to do this.
  2. New York state is in the process of and taking steps to separate into two states.
  3. Colorado is dividing counties into several independent states.
  4. Several southern states have passed legislation protecting its citizens from Federal laws and regulations.
  5. The liberal governor of New York has told conservatives they are not welcome there and many are taking him up on that. Working people, famous and not so famous are beginning to migrate from oppressively taxed states.
  6. Illegal immigrants, lazy pajama boys and the perpetually unemployed are devouring what’s left.
  7. Manufacturers of firearms are leaving Colorado and New York for conservative states like Wyoming, Texas, Tennessee and Alabama and taking construction and full time jobs and associated revenues with them.
  8. Several states are defying the Federal government’s effort to prevent fair and honest elections.
  9. Common Core is being run out of conservative states and academic standards are being returned to the local school boards.
  10. Progressive states continue to embrace Common Core and the Federal the dollars that come with it.  Dumbing down of liberal children in these states is growing as their society is taught social justice with little or no concern about being able to read or do math.

We Plan to Endure - and the third option might be part of thatThese are just a few examples of the separation of two ideologies which is steamrolling across the country.   After time, for sure the liberals will see the carnage and destitution they are living in.   As always, it won’t be of their doing, but none the less they will begin deserting the nightmare they created.  They will show up at our borders, with their meager bits of property, begging to be let in.  They will be, but under a new set of rules.  Those who wish to only ride and never push will find no Obama phones, flat screen TVs or an endless supply of food stamps.

Of course for the Third Option to really become reality, there will be many legal battles, confrontations with the Federal Government and leftist court rulings.  Threats will be made to withhold government funds and reciprocal tax payment retention from the prosperous states will be a very possible likelihood.  It will get nasty, very nasty.  But at least it won’t be bloody.


The alternative to the Third Option would be a nightmare of grand proportions.  That alternative would be the continuation of divisiveness which will inevitably lead to battles in the streets, shortages of food, money and services, and the imposition of Martial Law.   Amid this chaos  protecting one’s family and possessions will be the only item on our agenda.

While the Third Option is most desirable, it is also the most unlikely.  The future we face will be a hard and bloody one.  Only those who understand this and prepare for it, will survive.

NEXT: WPE (We Plan to Endure) and TPATH will provide information that may well save your life, the lives of your family and help you endure what we fear is ahead.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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