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PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

Having been involved with the Tea Party movement pretty much from its inception and as a result having had the honor and privilege of meeting and getting to know so many wonderful, selfless and dedicated human beings, I had found myself honestly bewildered at the vitriol, hate, and verbal assaults those blessed people have been subjected to.

Then recently I listened to an old interview with Rick Santelli, and it hit me.  Rick, rightly or wrongly, has been accredited with firing up the sleeping masses with an on air rant that went viral and gave birth to the Tea Party movement.  In that interview Mr. Santelli said something very profound, and looking back at it now, it has become clear just why the Tea Party and its mission is hated and despised by the juveniles running our country.

Rick Santelli, who introduce the phrase

Rick Santelli.

The Santelli Quote:

The United States Constitution is the Rule Book.

This remark rolled off his tongue, to our ears and settled into our psyche.  Even he  may not have understood the profundity of it.

Value of the Rule Book

Everyone who has ever participated in or watched any sporting event or other competition, understands the true value of the Rule Book.  Without it, there would be chaos.  Without it there would be no way to determine legal moves or to achieve an outcome.  Without the rules, in very short order, there would be no game and the only winners would be those with the least morality coupled with the most aggression.

Whether it be children at play or professional athletes at work, there needs to be an enforcer of the Rule Book.  That enforcer could be the school yard patrol or the on field referee.  And while the school yard youngsters may not consider how important the protector of the rules is, the professionals surely do.  But even knowing and understanding this, all groups are leery of the referee and are never shy about displaying contempt for him.  From the sidelines and benches, to the fans in the stands, how often have you heard the most degrading and nasty remarks flowing from Moms and Dads, directed at the protector of the rules? The very least of which is, “Kill the Ref”.


For decades and decades the most important Rule Book ever written has been interpreted and manipulated or totally ignored by politicians, congressmen, senators and presidents. Even those assigned by that rule book to play the part of Referee have deserted their country and joined the teams on the field.

The Tea Party is the latest referee

The Tea Party as refereeThe Tea Party movement, being disparate in how they organize and which paths they take to accomplish their mission, are completely aligned with abidance to the Constitution.  The Rule Book of Our Liberty.  In short, those who have chosen to stand up for American values and the founding documents have in a sense chosen to be the grownups on the play ground and the Referees on the playing field.

The Tea Party has filled the adulthood void in politics.  They are the protectors of the Rule Book and therefore despised and feared by the children who break the rules.

The Tea Party has accepted the challenge.

They accept the slings and arrows and accept the job of protecting the Rule Book of Liberty, the United States Constitution.

To all those chanting “Kill the Ref” or “The Tea Party is Dead”, know this:


The game can’t be played without either of them.

And: neither of them are going away.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub.

Postscript: Many have asked TPATH to inform them on the latest of the Obama eligibility investigation by Mike Zullo, leader of the Cold Case Posse under Sheriff Joseph Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona. The below-embedded video gives the latest report.



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I see the Republican as right wing, the democrat as moderate right wing, and the tea-party as very right wing.


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